Top 6 small appliances, useful in any kitchen

The mixer, grinder, pressure cooker, electric grill are just some of the small appliances that can turn your work in the kitchen into a pleasant and effortless activity. Find out in this article what other devices fall into the same category.


Do you enjoy cooking, but don't have enough time to manually make each step of the appetizing recipes you want to try? You can easily use some efficient appliances, small enough to be easily integrated into the kitchen, but powerful enough to greatly simplify the preparation process and help you get very good results.


The foot mixer

Unlike the hand mixer, a foot version completely frees up your working time when preparing creams or doughs. This type of design allows you to position the mixer on the counter, add the composition and turn on the appliance, without you having to sit next to it and without having to support it.

It is ideal for those who love to prepare cakes, croissants, donuts, cakes, brownies, whipped cream, tiramisu, bread, cakes, etc. But be sure to carefully check the included accessories and what food processing possibilities each model offers you, as well as the engine power. For a version that also includes dough spirals, always opt for a power of at least 1500W.

Some variants include, in addition, heads that allow the use of the device for peeling and cutting vegetables.


Top 6 small appliances, useful in any kitchen

The vegetable chopper

The shredder is a cheaper alternative to the blender, meant especially to grind, and less to pass. It is designed especially to eliminate the need to manually cut onions, peppers, cabbage, vegetables, etc., an operation that usually takes quite a long time, is meticulous and has the risk of accidental cutting.

Shredders are very easy to use devices. All you have to do is insert the coarsely chopped vegetables or greens to fit in the container, and press the start button. Some versions are equipped with more speeds, so you can easily adapt to the degree of shredding you need.

You can also use a good chopper to grind and mix cooked, soft vegetables, such as chickpeas for hummus or peas if you want to make puree. But it handles something harder with harder foods, which it usually fails to turn into a homogeneous paste.


Coffee / spice grinder

Any coffee enthusiast knows that the aroma is more intense if the beans are ground as close as possible to the moment of infusion. The same goes for spices, which keep their essences better when stored in the form of dried berries or leaves, than in the crushed version.

An electric grinder helps you to prepare every time, easily and quickly, exactly the amount of coffee or spices you need at that moment. You can, for example, grind peppercorns, coriander, mustard, rosemary leaves, etc., in the required amount for each preparation. You can of course grind them in a mortar, but they take a little longer, while, using a grinder, everything is ready in just a few minutes.

Unlike other devices, the power of the motor is not the most important aspect in the case of the grinder. Specialists even recommend avoiding high power variants, if it is a model with rotating blades, because it can lead to hot coffee and change in taste. But it matters a good speed and especially the ability to control it in several steps.



If you still don't use a kettle , you don't know what you're missing out on. Automatic shutdown system, which eliminates the need for monitoring during heating, thus releasing precious minutes, and a short time required for heating relatively large amounts (up to 1.7 liters) of water, are just two of the advantages offered by this type of device.

It is one of the most effective solutions for lovers of aromatic tea, hot, sweet and creamy chocolate, cappuccino, ness or even instant soups. The products are available in models with a capacity from 0.6 to 1.7 liters, so you can easily choose a version suitable for the conditions of use, and can be purchased regardless of budget level, being available at prices starting from 30 lei.


Top 6 small appliances, useful in any kitchen

Electric pressure cooker

This device replaces the classic pressure cooker, being provided, in addition, with integrated heating elements. In short, all you have to do to use it is plug it in and turn it on. In detail, these devices are equipped with a variety of predefined programs for different popular types of food, which you can choose just by pressing the correct button.

Among the functions offered is of course the possibility to customize the cooking parameters (temperature, duration of thermal processing) so that you can prepare dishes that are not included in the list of the device.

It is not one of the cheapest kitchen appliances, most models exceeding 400-450 lei, but it is probably the simplest way to prepare beans, rice, game meat, stews and other recipes that involve a longer cooking time.

The most important advantages offered are: a healthy thermal processing, steamed, without oil or only with very little fat, if the recipe requires it, and a reduced cooking or baking time, for hard and dense foods.


Electric grill

Do you like to cook grilled meat or vegetables from time to time, but you have no choice in the apartment? You can easily prepare these dishes using an electric grill. Such a device is provided with plates or grills, usually with non-stick surface, on which you put the food you want to fry. It connects to the mains and the grill heats up, starting to cook the food.

Electric grills are very easy to use, the design usually includes trays in which the juice from the dishes can drain during cooking, and are available in a variety of models, larger or smaller, depending on how many people need to be. usually served.



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