Top 7 advantages of electric oven cookers

Quick installation, which can be reduced to simply plugging in the plug, safe operation, predefined programs – these are just some of the advantages you can enjoy using an electric oven. Find out from this article what other benefits you can add to the list.


Electric ovens are a relatively recent alternative to classic gas-fired options. Modern design, better temperature control and easy installation are just some of the advantages that such a device can offer you, if you decide to replace the gas oven. For those who are tempted to switch to electric, but are not yet convinced, we detail below some of the most important benefits that such a choice can bring in the kitchen.


Easy installation

Unlike the classic gas variants, which require the connection to the network, the stage that must be provided by a specialist to guarantee a correct and safe operation, an electric oven only needs to be plugged in.

It is true that even in this case you may need to call an expert, but only if the capacity of your electrical network can not meet the power requirements of the oven and you need an upgrade.


Top 7 advantages of electric oven cookers

Safe operation

If we keep talking about the installation aspects, let's not forget that in any home where there is a gas oven, a quality detector must be installed, because there is always the risk of dangerous leaks, even if it happens quite rarely.

If the gas pressure drops, the flame in the oven can go out without you noticing, leaving the gas leaking into the room, with harmful effects on health and high risk of fire. This is why gas options must always be closely monitored, especially in winter, when low temperatures affect network flow.

By comparison, electrical options are much safer. If the power is interrupted, the appliance is also switched off, without negative consequences or risks. All systems of this type are definitely provided with overheating and thermostat, which keep the temperature within safe limits, turning off the oven in case of failure or overload.


Automatic shutdown

How many times did you have to sit in the kitchen to watch the oven or commute between the kitchen and the bathroom, living room, bedroom or any other room where you had work to make sure the dishes didn't burn? With an electric oven this concern is eliminated, because most of them include timer, which allows the setting of the baking time. When the set minutes or hours have passed, the oven turns off automatically and the food does not burn, even if you forgot about it.


Uniform heating

Many of the old recipes for the oven include at some point an indication that advises you to take out the tray and turn it upside down, to obtain a uniform baking. With an electrical version, it is no longer necessary to take such corrective measures. Almost all energy-efficient ovens include fans that recirculate hot air inside, ensuring permanent temperature uniformity. Thus, the dishes are always cooked in the same way, no matter which corner of the tray you taste.


Easier cleaning

It is good to know that electric models are easier to maintain, because they include self-cleaning systems, which help to remove dirt more easily. But not all are the same. The simplest are provided with hydrolytic or steam cleaning, which you can recreate in a gas oven, inserting a pot of water and letting it boil inside. The differences arise in this case from the fact that electric versions that use hydroelectrolytic self-cleaning are usually provided with a special program, which already has the temperature and time of exposure to steam set.

The most efficient method of self-cleaning is the catalytic one, which involves the presence of panels covered with a special layer of ceramic that absorbs the drops of fat, even while preparing food, thus avoiding burning and fixing them on the walls. However, the models provided with this system are a bit more expensive and it is important to check how many of the interior walls the respective layer is present in, because the rest will need traditional cleaning.

Another self-cleaning option is the pyrolytic one. In short, some electric ovens include a work program that heats the interior at a very high temperature, effectively incinerating everything that means residue on surfaces. The result is the transformation of dirt into a fine ash, which you can then easily remove. Because this combustion generates toxic gases, the program is always used with the window open and taking care that neither children nor pets are around.


Top 7 advantages of electric oven cookers

Predefined baking programs

When you opt for a mixed stove with electric oven , you get extra help with cooking. Some of the models on the market include many predefined programs that you just have to choose to get bread, steaks, baked vegetables, pizza and other well-known dishes, in optimal conditions of temperature and exposure time.

It is a set of functions designed especially for those who want to cook healthily, but have neither the time nor the inclination to study in depth the recipes and working parameters. In addition, if you are used to a gas oven, it will take you some time until you learn to know how the electric one works. Ventilation, the presence of several heating elements and even heating with electrical resistance, which affects the humidity inside, changes quite a lot the effects obtained in such an oven, compared to one on gas, at the same temperature and working time.


Backup for gas hob

Most of them focus on the combination of electric oven and gas hob, because in this way you have a spare option, regardless of which power supply would have problems. If you live in an area where the gas does not always reach the required parameters, then it is good to use an electric oven to heat or prepare food when the gas pressure is too low or the supply is interrupted.


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