Top 7 appliances with which to cheaply equip your kitchen


Blender, mixer, hob, coffee maker – are just some of the useful and efficient appliances you can buy at affordable prices to equip your kitchen. Carefully assess your needs, set priorities and you can easily cover all food preparation operations with low-cost tools.


Do you like to cook and do you want to equip your kitchen with everything you need for your favorite recipes, but does the budget keep you in place? You can solve the problem if you change the approach a little. The same functions that complex and expensive devices perform can be achieved with equally good and useful alternatives, but simpler and more affordable. Here are some of them.



Electric or gas stove is generally a simpler alternative than a full and more efficient stove, especially if you are not going to use the oven. Standalone versions are usually cheaper than built-in ones because they are available in smaller formats. You can, for example, buy a model with one or two meshes, which provides enough space and enough power to be able to easily prepare your food.



We all dream of a high-performance food processor that covers a multitude of operations, but, in fact, only a few of the functions are essential and difficult to replace with a manual alternative. One of them is the blender, which you can replace only by passing and passing through a sieve, an alternative that means a lot of time and effort.

Top 7 appliances with which to cheaply equip your kitchen

So carefully set your priorities and replace the robot with a hand blender for now, simple, efficient and considerably more affordable. However, avoid focusing on the cheapest ones. Look for a version with a stainless steel arm and bucket, because it resists better than plastic, and, as much as possible, orient yourself towards cups that are as shallow as possible.

Even in power, it is not good to be too easily satisfied. You need a minimum of 500W to make sure you can efficiently care for denser compositions.



Replacing the well-known tel, the mixer proves its best when you have to beat egg whites or whipped cream, greatly reducing working time. The best news is that you can buy such a product at prices starting from 35 – 40 lei, which will offer you the help you need to be able to easily prepare cakes, cakes, cakes, etc. We are talking of course about the hand versions, because the ones with support, which allow placement on the table, are a bit more expensive.

It is also good to know that at this price range, the chances of finding an option that has enough power to knead and dough are small. So even if the model is equipped with kneading vanes, most likely the engine can generate enough power only for light tasks (creams, foams, thin doughs such as pancakes, etc.).



You can buy an electric oven at prices starting from 150 – 200 lei, at a good enough quality to be worth the investment. It is an ideal option for those who rarely bake, but want to have this option for recipes that need this type of thermal approach.

Pizza, steak, baked vegetables and fish, bread, pies, straws, burnt sugar cream – the list of dishes you can't make without an oven are surprisingly many. When choosing such a product, especially limited by budget, it is important to take into account the amount of food you will have to prepare or the number of family members.

A version that is too small, even if cheaper, can be a big waste of time, if you have to approach the dishes in two rounds, to get enough food for everyone.



Can't you toast the bread in the pan or in the oven? Yes, but it takes longer and you will rarely get a uniform frying. In addition, you have to sit next to the slices for as long as they take, to make sure you return them on time and a toaster costs quite a bit. You can find models of toasters ( here and the list of models compared by us ) at prices starting from 50 – 60 lei. If you like to eat toast and frequently prepare sandwiches, croutons or toast with various sweet or savory combinations, you will feel very clearly the difference in efficiency between the version without toaster, and the one with.

Top 7 appliances with which to cheaply equip your kitchen


As in the case of the toaster, the coffee maker is an appliance whose need derives from the high frequency of use. If you are among those who consume coffee only on weekends or when they have friends visiting, you will do very well with the kettle, even if there are many people.

For households where coffee is essential in the early hours of each morning, the coffee maker becomes a necessity that saves a lot of time. You have a lot of models, from the simplest to the most complicated. We recommend that you choose a version suitable for the amount consumed, because the larger ones will use extra current, for no reason. The simplest variants with drip operation and collection cup are available at prices starting from 50 lei.

For those who are in the morning and need even more efficiency, we recommend the programming options. Entry-level models with this feature do not imply a very large price difference compared to those without this option.


Kitchen scales

The scale is a valuable help both for professional chefs who approach complicated dishes, and for amateurs who are just learning how to combine ingredients in a balanced way and need to be able to follow the recipe as accurately as possible. The most accessible electronic versions, with digital screen, are available from 25-30 lei. Carefully check the reviews and always look for models with good measurement accuracy.



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