Top 7 benefits of the kitchen scale

Simple, small and often neglected, the kitchen scale is one of the most effective tools you can use to protect your health and the family, ensuring a proper diet. The perfect approach to complex and delicate recipes and keeping calories under control are just some of the advantages offered by this product.


Are you still thinking about buying a kitchen scale, but you're not convinced it's worth the money? It will be much easier for you to decide whether or not to make the investment by analyzing the benefits it can bring you. We help you with a list that includes the most relevant advantages offered by this category of products.


Suitable portions of food

An important factor in weight gain, which not all people notice, is serving portions that are too large for each individual's food needs. We see this every day, both in restaurants and in canteens and in our own homes, often enough to consider that this should be done.

A properly sized portion avoids overloading the digestive tract, prevents excess fat, reduces the risk of indigestion and can even make food look tastier, especially for the little ones, who are sometimes intimidated by the large amount of food.

For example, a person with a medium weight is enough: 200ml of Radauti soup, 150g of beef salad or 200g of stuffed peppers. In the dessert category it is enough if you eat or, it would be healthier to limit yourself to only: 80g, when you eat fruit tart, 130g if you prefer apple pie or 150g if you choose rice with milk.

You don't have to overdo it with salads either, between 150 and 200g representing a sufficient portion. A kitchen scale, no matter how simple and cheap, can help you serve your family the right portions, giving them the opportunity to eat in the most accurate way for the body's needs.


Top 7 benefits of the kitchen scale

Calories as needed

For people who decide to take a weight loss regimen, the scale is no longer an option, but a necessity. More important and effective than eliminating various foods and dissociated diets is to control the number of calories consumed per day. Establishing and respecting a fixed number of calories forces you to opt for healthy foods, because fast food products consume your budget very quickly.

The scale helps you accurately calculate the calorie intake provided by each serving of food. You can combine a simple scale model, which only displays your weight, and a smartphone application that helps you approximate calories. Or, you can opt for a digital scale version, slightly more efficient, which includes in the database the caloric content for the most popular foods and which can help you do the calculation much faster.


Develop a healthy attitude towards food

It is important to pay attention to the foods you eat, starting from their quality and the way you choose them from the store and up to the quantity you put on the plate and the actual action of eating.

If you do not pay attention to food, you will chew quickly, you will consume more and you will eat less healthy. Even if you can use those tricks to approximate the size of your palm to try to serve the right amounts at the table, we recommend that you consider a kitchen scale.

Its presence in the cooking space and the attention needed to use it every time you cook and put the dishes on the plate, plays an important role in what the whole family's attitude towards food means.


Successful recipes

Although in the case of steaks, soups, stews and other similar recipes, you can do without a scale, if we start talking about pastries and confectionery, the situation is completely different. Where the dough must be fluffy or crunchy, and the cream must have a certain consistency and a very well defined taste, a few grams more or less, of any ingredient, make a major difference.

For ladies who are venturing into this field, a kitchen scale is therefore indispensable and much easier to use and more accurate than cup-type measurements.


Top 7 benefits of the kitchen scale

Small and discreet

Even the classic, simple variants have small dimensions and are easy to store in the closet, without taking up too much space. The modern, digital ones are even smaller, with a slim format, taking up a little more space than a plate.

You do not need a special place for it, you can store it in any drawer or on any shelf until you need its services and for use, it can be placed on any available horizontal space that makes your work easier.


Very easy to handle

The simplest weighing models only involve activation by pressing an On / Off button and placing the food on the weighing area. For those who prefer more complex options, there are models with digital screen and functions that allow switching between several units of measurement, changing the value to 0 to be able to weigh only the contents of a vessel and many other useful options. The offer is therefore sufficient for each household to integrate the best kitchen scale for the needs of the house.


An affordable health maintenance solution

If you are looking for a low-cost version, we can tell you that you can bring such a useful device in the kitchen even with 10 lei. Even if you choose to invest a little more money, you do not lose, because unlike other solutions for weight loss, using the scale to ensure a healthy diet is probably the cheapest and most efficient.

A scale is just as useful for those who want to gain weight, to reach the level recommended by doctors and people who have to follow various diets due to chronic or acute conditions.

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