Top 7 brands of good stoves for perfect cooking experience

For buyers of stove products, the brand matters more and more, because their manufacture is based on industrial rigor, state-of-the-art materials and technologies and impeccable design. We have compiled a short, alphabetical list of the most appreciated brands from us, because it is good to know not only what you buy, but also from whom.

If you want a stove, but find it difficult to choose because you do not know much about the name displayed on it, take a look over the lines below and you may identify the ideal manufacturer. Whether you want a Romanian product or one awarded internationally, you can find the most appreciated brands by consumers in our list.


Appearing in Berlin, on the initiative of Emil Rathenau, under the name Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft fur angewandte Elektricitat, the company continued its activity under the name Allgemeine Elektrizitats-Gesellschaft AG (General Electricity Company). In 1889, they presented to the world the first products with electric heating (including a lighter and an iron, but also an electric boiler).

The brand went through several transformations, including the merger of AEG-Telefunken, then its takeover by Daimler-Benz. Finally, its Home Comfort division was acquired by Electrolux.

Top 7 brands of good stoves for perfect cooking experience

The brand has kept its individuality, and its innovations still place it on the list of the most appreciated. AEG patented the first electric refrigerator and was the first to use heat pump technology to make tumble dryers. As you can guess, you can find products for the whole house from this brand, not just stoves. The product list includes gas, electric and induction hobs.


The Romanian brand is among the few that managed not only to survive after the fall of communism, but also to prosper. Founded in 1968, the company was the main supplier of refrigerators for Romanians, and now, due to its factory in Gaesti, it is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Romania and Europe.

After privatization and then joining the Arcelik group (2002) it diversified its production, and now you can find many products from this brand: refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, hoods and stoves. It produces around 20 stove models, most of which include useful functions such as integrated ignition and timer. They are recognized for reliability and competitive price.


The household appliance manufacturer Beko is part of a larger group of companies, along with Arctic and ten other brands, all specialized in the production of household appliances and having a long tradition in the country of establishment.

The company that owns the brand, Arcelik AS, is the first washing machine manufacturer in Turkey (1959), and Beko recently held the 2nd place in Europe in the sale of appliances, the first place in countries such as France, Poland and Great Britain. Arcelik has an annual turnover of over 4 billion euros, and Beko is the wonder brand that has managed to place itself in a continuous upward curve in the last decade.

Although it started with washing machines, there are few types of appliances that are not found in the Beko catalog now. From large appliances (refrigerators and stoves) to mixers, choppers, built-in heating drawers or toasters, you can find almost anything you are interested in for kitchen design and more. Also in their catalog are vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, washing machines and tumble dryers. You can buy electric, gas or mixed stoves from this brand.


The Swedish company Electrolux AB is known on the market as Electrolux and is the result of the initial merger between Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB. The development of the company is closely related to the sale of vacuum cleaners, promoted by one of the founders, but over time it began to expand its offer. In 1923 he began producing absorption refrigerators, then washing machines (1951) and dishwashers (1959).

Top 7 brands of good stoves for perfect cooking experience

At present it offers products for bathroom and kitchen, cooking and maintenance. It is one of the few companies that can provide professional kitchens, such as restaurant or hotel.

The stoves intended for household consumers of the Electrolux brand use gas, electricity or mixed supply. You can also find models with induction hob, if you want to expand your search.


There are other brands with this name, some famous and also dealing with the comfort of home. But when you look for a stove, you will definitely find the brand in question, whose logo is really inspired by the 4 burners of a stove, stylized in 4 red dots. This brand is a member of Amica Grup, in which the market leaders from Spain, Poland, Great Britain and Denmark are also affiliated.

It is noteworthy that this manufacturer is recommended as a preferred choice on Eastern European markets. The brand has a portfolio of over 2000 products and is present in over 50 countries, especially in the states of the former Soviet bloc.

The Polish manufacturer behind this brand, Amica, started its activity in 1945, and after the rebranding of the last decade it became strong and well known. Among other things, it has won 16 design awards, one for the range of built-in products, another for the Zen line range.

Because it has been 70 years since it was exclusively dedicated to the development of kitchen products, their product portfolio includes 59 types of stoves, in addition to ovens, hobs, microwaves or hoods. You will find a wide variety of functions and features to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.


The Star Light brand is one of the few on the Romanian capital market that competes successfully with the big manufacturers. Built under the Flanco and Emag umbrella, it opted for outsourced production and strict quality control. Production takes place in Turkey, but high standards keep the company in top sales.

Because it wants a good market share and is based on a good knowledge of demand, Star Light has come up with a wide range of products. Their list includes vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers, irons, but also an impressive number of kitchen appliances: espresso machines, fryers, bread machines, scales, juicers, refrigerators and hoods. Of course, the stoves are also on offer. You can choose from 13 gas or electric cookers. Top 7 brands of good stoves for perfect cooking experience


The Zanussi company was founded by the blacksmith Antonio Zanussi in 1916, in Italy. Focused from the beginning on the production of ovens and stoves, it reached its scale after the Second World War, the first stove model entering the Italian market in 1951. After this moment it began to increase its offer, producing washing machines. (1958), refrigerators (1959), televisions (1962), freezers (1964) and dishwashers (1965).

After a less profitable period it was acquired by Electrolux, and began a new stage in innovation and design, currently offering a series of appliances for the whole household: appliances for cooking, food storage, washing dishes and laundry and vacuum cleaners. From this portfolio, over 25 are stoves, and on the Romanian market there are 19 of these models, so it is possible to find the best Zanussi stove .

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