Top 7 usage tips for Zanussi gas cookers

If your appliances include those from Zanussi and you would like to use them correctly to extend their life, you can find here the most important tips for using stoves. There are rules to follow when using the open flame and maintenance measures that we remind you of.

We have become so accustomed to some appliances that we do not think it would require too much attention during use, however when you have a Zanussi stove that you can consider an investment, it is advisable to proceed as the manufacturer urges you, so you can enjoy it.

Install the stove correctly

Some of the stoves offered by Zanussi need power supply, while others, with a classic design, work without being connected to the mains. If your model needs electricity, it is advisable to place it in such a way that you do not need to use extension cords.

You may not have handy outlets, so try to use short, high-quality extension cords in such a situation. It is possible to have an old electrical installation, so make sure it can meet the requirements of the new stove. If you need changes to the electrical network, call a qualified person to execute them.

Top 7 usage tips for Zanussi gas cookers

Gas installation is also an operation that can only be done by a specialist. We guess you already know that, but we remind you anyway, because it's very important. Pay more attention to this detail, especially if the oven has in addition to gas supply and an electrical input.

Before first use

The way you have to prepare a stove for operation gives you the chance to cook tasty from the beginning. The hob generally does not require much preparation, you just have to make sure that you have placed the burner cover and crown correctly. Otherwise, you may encounter ignition difficulties.

The oven, on the other hand, still bears traces of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. That is why it is recommended to follow a few steps before putting food in it. First remove the foils and other objects from it and clean it well with products that do not damage it. Then heat it using the maximum temperature for about an hour (duration may vary from model to model), without placing anything in it.

During this first use all the elements will heat up a lot, more than during regular baking, and you will feel the smell of burning and specific chemical compounds. It is not permanently removed on this occasion, but a few uses after this inauguration you will find that the smell fades and disappears.

When using the hob

When using the hob you have a heat sensor (thermocouple). Some stove models also have a spark generator. You must hold down the spark plug button for up to 10 seconds, otherwise the burner may not stay lit.

It is important, for safety in use, to light the flame before placing the dishes on the grill, no matter how you light the fire. Use, for more efficiency, pots that have a volume suitable for the power of the burners. When you have finished cooking, turn off the burners first and only then lift the containers off the stove.

When using the oven

When it comes to lighting the oven, you have to be as careful as in the case of the hob. Make sure each time that the heat sensor has been activated and the flame has remained lit, and if it has gone out, turn off the gas supply at the button and try to re-ignite the fire after one minute.

Top 7 usage tips for Zanussi gas cookers

Use the accessories correctly, otherwise you risk damaging the oven and damaging the food. The shelves must be placed in the correct position, so that they sit horizontally without tilting and do not touch the back wall of the oven.

How to get good results

Adjust the settings to take advantage of the qualities of the stove. Compared to other stoves, it may seem that the temperature settings are not suitable. You will have to get used to it first. Try to set a lower temperature for the beginning, so as not to fail, then you will realize how much you need to increase the flame.

Even if you think that the recipe you are cooking will dirty the oven, do not try to protect it using aluminum foil, because the way the heat is distributed will be different and will affect the results. You can instead use a drain tray if the food is too greasy.

If you have to prepare pieces of meat under 1 kg, find the right methods, otherwise the meat may dry out too much. Also, don't forget to add water every time smoke starts to form in the oven. In this way you also avoid drying or burning the dishes and the formation of excess smoke.

Cleaning the stove

The hob is cleaned after each use, otherwise you risk damaging it. To have safe results, use a suitable cleaning solution, without abrasive substances to scratch its surface. Remove the grill when cleaning the stove and check the burners. Under them can accumulate dirt that affects the safety and efficiency of use.

Pay attention to the indications on the products that warn you about the interaction with enamel, stainless steel or aluminum. Some cleaning products may have an aggressive effect. Always try to use cloths and hot water before working with detergents, and for metals use simple, non-corrosive solutions.

Top 7 usage tips for Zanussi gas cookers


For any possible failure, first check the cooker manual to make sure you have used it properly and that you understand the problem. If you think it's a technical problem, then it's time to call someone in charge of such work.

A Zanussi stove has a warranty and you can find out if your product is still within that period. Repairs made at a service guarantee that the product works with original, quality parts.


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