Top 8 advantages of using a toaster

Do you like toast, but aren't you sure it's worth spending money on a toaster? Read in this article what benefits the presence of such an appliance in the kitchen can bring you, especially if you are among those who consume daily dishes that involve frying slices of bread.


Whether or not to buy a toaster – a dilemma many people face when planning to equip their kitchen with appliances, especially because of the simplicity of this product and its seemingly limited uses. Beyond appearances, an appliance that allows uniform and fast frying of bread slices can be extremely useful, regardless of whether it is purchased by a student or a large family with children. Here are some of the concrete benefits it can offer you.


Lower electricity consumption

Due to the design which means a small space that requires heating, using a toaster you will consume up to 6 times less current than if you choose to prepare toast inside the electric oven. In its case, the heat is directed directly to the slices, compared to that of the oven, in which it is necessary to first heat the entire interior space.

If for those who only occasionally consume toast, this difference is not felt at all, in homes where toast is the order of the day and is the main breakfast dish or the most popular quick snack solution, the savings can be substantial. .


Top 8 advantages of using a toaster

Uniform and fast frying

Yes, it is true that you can easily fry slices of bread in the pan, on the grill or in the oven, but in each of these cases, the exposure to heat is not done evenly, which leads to areas where the bread is burnt. and others in which it is barely dry. Moreover, you must be careful to set the fire to the right intensity, so as not to burn the slices and to check them frequently. In addition, to get toast on both sides, it is necessary to turn them at least once, to ensure exposure to heat on both sides.

By comparison, quality toasters include systems that ensure the positioning of the slices, always in the center of the space being heated, at equal distances from the hot fuses. Thus, the slices will always come out evenly fried, without burning points.

Frying is done on both sides at the same time, without you having to intervene in any way and, in addition, the slices jump out of the appliance when they are ready, so you can leave it unattended to prepare for work or make coffee or tea.

Most options also offer the option to control the frying level, even if it's only 3 steps or more. You can thus get crispier or slightly tenderer slices, depending on the recipe for which you prepare them or the preferences of each person in the house. Older people or people who have problems with their teeth will always opt for less fried slices, while children will definitely love a structure as crisp as possible.


Possibility of defrosting and reheating

Besides the fact that they allow the toasting of bread, most toasters will also provide you with the possibility of reheating the remaining slices from last night or in the morning, releasing the heat to a less intense level. The same function makes it possible to defrost the pieces of bread stored in the freezer, in order to keep them better. You can of course perform these operations with a pan or in the oven, but again, the current and time consumption is high for such a simple process.


Top 8 advantages of using a toaster

Short waiting time

Bread made in a pan or in the oven involves a waiting period in which the surface on which the slices are placed must reach the temperature necessary for frying. By comparison, a toaster needs only a few minutes between pressing the button and finishing the slices, acting much more directly and efficiently.


Easy to maintain

The design of these devices is provided in most cases with crumb trays, which is usually detachable, which means that all you have to do to keep it clean is to remove the tray, shake it and put it back.


Heating horns and buns

Yes, you read that right. If you are planning to buy such a device, it is good to know that there are models that allow more than working with slices of bagel or baguette. These options include in the design a metal support, detachable or not, which offers you the possibility to position frozen or just cold buns or croissants, above the frying slots. The warm current that rises during operation transforms any pastry of this type, into its fresh, soft and fluffy version.

So you can periodically replace toast recipes with avocado, peanut butter or mozzarella, with buns in which you put a hot dog, mustard and ketchup or hot chocolate croissants, perfect for coffee.


Small and easy to store

Toasters are among the most compact appliances you have in the kitchen, especially in the two-slice versions. It does not take up much space, being easy to place on the worktop or even on the serving table when used, the only condition being the possibility of easy connection to a power source.

At the same time, the small size allows you to store them in the closet, during periods when you notice that you do not use them much, to avoid crowding the space.


Top 8 advantages of using a toaster

Affordable at the price

Although you will also find quite expensive models, the vast majority of toasters are very affordable and you will definitely be able to purchase one that fits your budget and offers you the desired efficiency. It is also one of the effective appliances that can help you prepare food quickly, from a few simple ingredients that you have at home, whether it is a surprise for you or your guests.

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