Top 8 bakery recipes you need to cook

The bread machine can be useful for making many types of dishes, not just bread. In addition to pizza and leavened dough, the device can have standard programs for jam, muffins or pies. In order to enjoy all these dishes, choose a high-performance device with several types of programs.

An automatic bread-making device can make your kitchen work a lot easier, especially if it has several predefined programs, which allow you to make various bakery products. Here are some recipes that may help you:

Rolls with sweet potatoes

To make 24 servings you need: 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes, so you get two cups of puree, ¾ cup of milk, 3 tablespoons of melted butter, 1 egg, 4 cups of flour, sugar, salt to taste and a sachet of dry yeast. Heat the water with a little salt, peel the potatoes and boil them.

After 20 minutes, take them out and pass them so that you get a mashed potato. Put the ingredients in the bread machine, in the order mentioned by the manufacturer. Then set the device to get a dough. When the kneading and leavening stage is complete, remove the dough, break it into approximately equal pieces and place them in a tray.

Top 8 bakery recipes  you need to cook

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and then bake for 20 minutes. When you take the rolls out of the oven, grease them with butter while they are still hot, and then enjoy the result.

Corn flour bread

In order to prepare the bread, you need the following ingredients: 1 sachet of dry yeast, 1 cup and a quarter of water at room temperature, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons butter, a little salt, ¾ cup corn flour, 2 teaspoons sugar ¾ wheat flour and ¾ bread flour. All these ingredients are put in the bread machine, in the order specified by the manufacturer. If the device does not have the baking function, take out the composition, shape it and leave it to rise for at least 30 minutes. Then put the bread in the oven for 30-40 minutes, at 180 degrees or until the product is browned.


If you have 120ml milk, 5 eggs, 200g butter, salt, 70g sugar, 650g flour, 3.5g dry yeast and chocolate flakes in the kitchen, we recommend these muffins. Put the ingredients in the baking dish, in the following order: milk, eggs, soft butter, salt, sugar and at the end, flour and dry yeast. Select the muffin program, then press the on / off button. When you hear the beep, lift the lid and insert the chocolate flakes. At the end of the program, take out the baking dish and put the muffins to cool.

Fruit cake

To prepare this dessert you need: 4 eggs, 220g sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons of brown rum, peel of a half lemon, 220g butter, 450g sifted flour, 1 baking powder , 100g raisins and 100g candied fruit.

Top 8 bakery recipes  you need to cook

Beat the eggs together with the sugar and salt in a bowl for five minutes, and then pour the composition obtained in the pan of the bread machine. Add lemon peel and juice, brown rum, softened butter, baking powder and flour.

Put the car bowl inside and select the right program and the degree of browning of the dish. When an audible signal sounds, add the candied fruit and let the preparation bake until the end.

Bread with green tea

Do you want to lose a few extra pounds? Try replacing classic bread with one that contains green tea. Besides 550ml of chilled tea, you need: 450g plain flour, 250g wholemeal flour, yeast, 100g dates and 20g sesame seeds.

First add green tea and salt, and then the two types of flour and yeast. Put the baking dish in the machine and select the right program, and then press the start button. When you hear a noise, open the appliance to place dates and seeds. Then restart it and wait for it to finish.

Savory bread

Do you like vegetables? Then try to prepare "flavored bread". For the composition you need: 500ml water, 200g rye flour, 30g onion, 40g mushrooms, 80g finely chopped cheese, a teaspoon of dry yeast, two teaspoons of salt and 500g plain flour.

Put, for the first time, in the baking dish: water, chopped onions, cheese, mushrooms and salt, and then add two types of flour together with dry yeast. After you put the baking dish in the machine, select the right program, the weight of the finished product and the texture of the shell, and then press the start button.

30 minutes before the end of the process, open the machine and check the dough. If it has a solid texture, put a few onion rings to decorate the dish. When the program is complete, stop the machine, remove the baking dish and taste the freshly baked bread.

Seed bread

If you have problems with digestion you could try to eat bread with seeds, because it is rich in fiber. To make it, you need: 2.5 tablespoons rapeseed oil, 405ml water, 2.5 tablespoons honey, 330g rye flour, 330g whole wheat flour, dry yeast, 100g flax seeds, 20g poppy seeds, 30g sunflower seeds.

Top 8 bakery recipes  you need to cook

Put the rapeseed oil, salt, water and honey in the bowl first, and then add the flour and yeast. After selecting the bread preparation mode, set the timer. When you hear a beep, open the machine and put the seed mixture inside, and then let the machine complete the baking process.

Pasta dough

Not all bread machines ( here is a list of compared models ) have a program to make pasta dough, but if you have the right settings, you can make the flour yourself, using: 830g flour, 130ml water, 5 eggs and a little salt. Enter the ingredients in the following order: flour, water, eggs and salt, choose the right program and in a few minutes the dough is ready and you can put it on the machine, so as not to buy pasta from the supermarket.

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