Top 9 kitchen tools that help you when you diet

Remember that cooking should be fun. Today, we all strive to eat the healthiest foods possible. Indeed, many make sure they cook untreated products and favor homemade food. Therefore, kitchen utensils are our allies so as not to spend too much time in the kitchen, cutting, preparing and processing food.

As long as you pay attention to your diet, you will know for sure that industrial dishes, fast food menus and semi-prepared meals are dangerous for both your health and your waist. Here are 9 of the main tools you base on in the kitchen to successfully follow a balanced diet:

A steam cooker

This essential appliance in your kitchen is the one that will make you want to eat vegetables. Whether it has one, two or three floors, it will cook cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, fish to perfection, keeping the vitamins, but also the authentic taste of the food. Your choice will obviously stop at the most suitable device for your family. Do you eat alone at the table? You do not need to buy a device of up to three floors.

However, the criteria that will make the difference are the quantities, and this chapter is up to you. No appliance is ideal if you cook the whole package of pasta or lentils when only 100/150 g of flour foods are enough for your diet.

Top 9 kitchen tools that help you when you diet

Pots, pans and pans suitable for your portions

Prefers a pan with a diameter of 20 or 24 cm. The same goes for containers, if you are alone or in pairs at the table, a pan or a tray of 14 or 16 cm is enough.

Do you find it difficult not to eat the whole pie at once, or even in two portions, for fear of losing the rest of the cake, or for fear of drying out or something else and having to throw it away? So you feel compelled to finish it?

To avoid this dilemma, consider small trays and pie pieces already packed in portions. Do not hesitate to freeze the extra portions that you can then defrost depending on your menus.

Do you work and take a lunch break with you? Again, buy boxes that fit the right portions, to avoid eating more than you need. A new and very practical creation is the lunch boxes with compartments, so as not to mix the food.

A wok to enjoy the benefits of Asian cuisine

Apart from frying, Asian cuisine uses very little fat. The secret lies in the fast and vital cooking of the wok, a kind of large pan with high and flared edges, which allows you to quickly prepare food. Thus, it retains all its vitamins, minerals and flavors.

The wok is especially suitable for cooking meat (especially white meat, such as chicken, turkey, etc.); fish (salmon, cod, etc.) and seafood (shrimp, squid, etc.), but also vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, etc.).

A non-stick pan to reduce fat

As the name suggests, the non-stick pan prevents food from sticking to the surface. Therefore, it makes it possible to considerably reduce the dose of fat needed for cooking. However, a small amount of fat is needed to distribute heat well and brown the food.

We offer you an additional tip: if the pan is not non-stick, use a sheet of baking paper that you will place on the bottom of the pan.

Top 9 kitchen tools that help you when you diet

A fruit juicer that completes your menu with vitamins

To make homemade fruit or vegetable juices, use a fruit juicer, either electric or manual, in the case of citrus fruits. There are two main categories of juicers: centrifugal or cold pressing. The extractor makes it possible to recover between 10 and 30% more juice than the centrifuge.

Due to its gentle rotation, it retains the maximum of vitamins from fruits or vegetables. In the case of centrifuge, the centrifugal force produces heat, which has the effect of destroying some of the vitamins.

This extraction method allows the juice to oxidize less quickly. A juice made with a centrifuge must be drunk immediately; a juice prepared with an extractor can be stored for up to 24 hours.

A spray to better dose the oil

When cooking, it is often difficult to dose the oil, and therefore you risk putting too much. However, you should know that a single tablespoon of oil (olive, rapeseed, sunflower, walnuts, etc.) provides 90 kcal. To reduce its daily consumption, there is a small, very practical tool: the spray.

The oil spray can be used for seasonal salads, to grease a tray or a pan, but also for browned meat, cookies or biscuits.

A sing

The scale is the essential basic tool for the correct dosage of ingredients. If you follow a weight loss recipe, it will allow you not to exceed the amounts, and thus not to add calories. Because we often put a little too much sugar, a little too much butter, a little too much fat, etc. in our preparation, our dishes quickly become too rich in calories and fat.

With this tool, you can reproduce recipes to the last gram, which is crucial when you want to get a result worthy of a real party.

Top 9 kitchen tools that help you when you diet

A Romertopf ceramic vessel

A Romertopf is a clay pot with a lid that allows fat-free cooking and ensures natural cooking, without the addition of fat, which preserves all the flavor of food. It also has the advantage of not burning, so you do not have to sit near the oven. If you make the steak, the meat is cooked in its own juice and remains tender, according to your preferences.

Another benefit is that you will keep your oven clean, and when you invite to the table, Romertopf decorates your table with a vintage note. You can find such vessels in different sizes and shapes.

A multifunctional grater

If you want to cook delicious food, from simple to more elaborate dishes, including preparing good salads as a starter and fruit salads for dessert, here is the ideal cutting tool.

Indeed, in order to make good-looking, tasty and healthy dishes at the same time, it is necessary to equip yourself with the best multifunctional grater. The major advantage of this small kitchen utensil is the ability to prepare food in a short time, such as cold appetizers, salads, raw vegetables, vegetables, fruits. It is ideal for people who do not have time to cook or who prefer to eat healthy. With the help of a grater you can cook evenly and efficiently.

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