Top 9 trends you should addopt for your kitchen equipment

Because fashion is guiding our choices more and more, it can be difficult to arrange your kitchen in such a way that it remains topical for a longer time. Because the trends have already been set for the current year, we put you in the theme, in short, with the most important trends, from the appearance of the furniture to the types of finishes or models of appliances.

Even if the visions of famous designers do not match your kitchen, you can be inspired by each trend and get the best out of it to turn your kitchen into a more modern one. Here are the fashionable ideas for it:

Color instead of white

The perfect white has been removed from the rights, and the current trend is to use light, pastel colors, pale shades of yellow and blue. Or you can opt for shades of jade and turquoise, combinations inspired by an aquatic theme.

Even more determined, some went completely from the immaculate area to the dark drama area, with black furniture and floors in dark shades. However, variants in dark colors, navy blue, emerald green or magenta-pink (plum color) are also expected.

Top 9 trends you should addopt for your kitchen equipment

More wood

For large doors covering pantry cabinets or for flooring, wood is in high demand. In general, walnut wood remains in the top of preferences, but the shades vary depending on the kitchen as a whole. For open storage spaces, now more common, the wood of ash is preferred, which better matches the colored furniture in light shades and brightens the atmosphere. Primed wood is also worn, which allows the natural fibers to transpire.

More porcelain

Because it can be decorated very elegantly and because it is very easy to clean and maintain, porcelain will probably surpass marble in a short time in the ranking of materials for kitchen countertops. On the other hand, easier to maintain than marble or granite, but with the potential to last forever, the demand for quartz is growing. Added to this trend is the possibility to apply patterns on quartz slabs, suitable for fibers and wood shades.

Sinks become workstations

Because much of the kitchen work revolves around the sink, some homeowners are beginning to take it more seriously and look for sinks that are deeper and can incorporate various other kitchen utensils so that they can be can also be used for cleaning food, storing dishes in land holders, shredders and sieves.

Other sinks, in kitchens with less emphasis on the functional side, are made to stand out through fittings that individualize them, and thus become stylish.

The metal mix is worn

If until now it was necessary to match as accurately as possible the type of metal used in the kitchen, whether it was stainless steel, aluminum or brass, now it is not only allowed, but even fashionable to mix different metals. For example, it is becoming more and more trendy to use brass kitchen faucets, as much as possible with an outdated, patinated (not shiny) appearance, together with a black, matte flow arm and in cohabitation with the stainless steel of household appliances. You can also add chandeliers and lamps made of other types of metal.

Top 9 trends you should addopt for your kitchen equipment

The hood is the focal point

Becoming overnight stars of the new kitchen, telescopic hotels ( here is a list of some compared models ) are now seen as a point of maximum interest around which the style of the new kitchen is organized. They can be seen from any point of the room, so they can set the tone for the unitary style you set out to follow.

To save money, some owners choose the simple option and apply color on the wall hood, leaving the cabinets suspended in the original white. Once the grade has been set, there is no need to take care of each piece of furniture. Usually placed on the background of a rich wall decorated with stone, brick or, preferably, ceramic, the wall hood can be painted in the striking colors of the room or, as it is increasingly worn, in shades of copper, according to more especially if you used the same accent for the sink faucet.

Technology, more technology

Because the eco lifestyle has taken deep roots, including home appliances are complying with new rules. Although classic electric or gas ovens remain a viable standard, more and more people are opting for fast ovens or steam ovens. Fast ovens have a smaller volume and offer the possibilities of a microwave oven, actually fulfilling both functions. Steam ovens are a healthy alternative that does not dry out food and does not remove nutrients from it.

Other appliances, such as drawers with vacuum function or refrigerators that display the age of the products on the shelf, are also increasingly sought after. The drawers with vacuum function look like any drawer in the kitchen, only they are equipped with a vacuum and sealing device. Their multiplication in kitchen design is brought by the trend of food prepared by the Sous-vide method.

Top 9 trends you should addopt for your kitchen equipment

Big islands

If until now the islands were often improvised because they were not provided for in construction, now they are large and are transformed into a central multifunctional space. Most of the house activities take place there and the whole family gathers. Food is prepared, dinner is served, children do their homework and friends stay with you and relax.

Some designers are in favor of dividing the central island into several segments, part of the same piece, but which should be given a distinct utility. But others predict that it will retain its monolithic appearance, acquiring instead much larger dimensions and a more favorable arrangement for non-gastronomic activities.

A connected kitchen

Probably the most futuristic aspect of the new design is the ability to connect as many appliances as possible in one centralized application. In other words, the ability to control the settings of the refrigerator, oven and food processor (ideally all appliances) with a click on the phone. This goal is only possible in certain cases, assuming that your products can be connected to and belong to a single brand, in order to be able to register them in a single application.

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