Top electronic and household appliances essential for your new home

Are you moving to a new house and you still don't know exactly what you need? In the chapter on electronics and appliances, we help you quickly with useful and relevant recommendations. Central heating, refrigerator, stove, stove – are just some of the essentials for a comfortable, modern and efficient home, whether you are single or have a large family.


Have you finally found an apartment you like, moved into another city or is the house bought in red finally ready? After the first moments of enthusiasm you will realize that there is still a lot to do until you can call that place "home". Among the most important is the choice of appliances essential for your comfort and that of your family. Here is a list of products we think you should consider when budgeting.


Thermal power plant

The cold season always comes faster than you think and, because sometimes the adaptation of the installation and the installation of the heating system takes time, it is good to think about this aspect in advance. If you move into a new house, you will have to buy everything from scratch, and if you take over a rented apartment, it is good to find out the date of the last revision and to establish with the owner the evaluation period of the installation, unclogging the radiators and switching the boiler to winter program. Don't forget to check if you have a thermostat and which one (wired or wireless) and possibly consider purchasing a wireless model.

If you have to buy a new boiler, carefully evaluate the power you need, talk to the builder to find out how well insulated the house is or call a specialist to make an assessment of your caloric needs.


The refrigerator

Yes, the refrigerator in front of the stove, because, for better or for worse, you can do it for a while with semi-finished products, but, once opened, even the most trivial can must be kept cold. Those who are going to live in rent cannot do much about it if the refrigerator is already there. Be careful to defrost and clean it, because you do not know how those used it before and it will be more effective if it does not have ice-covered walls.

Top electronic and household appliances essential for your new home

The purchase itself must take into account the number of people who will use it and here you must take into account your medium-term plans. If you currently live alone and don't cook much, or eat often in the city, you can manage with a small model, of 50-60 liters, almost a minibar, which will consume exactly as much as you need, without unnecessarily charging the current bill.

Do you think that there is a possibility that two people will live in your apartment in the coming months? Go a little higher to an 80-90 liters, and if you are already a big family, be generous and look for a tailor-made version that can easily keep a lot of food. It is good to focus on A + or A ++ versions, which are really a bit more expensive, but will save significantly along the way.


Stove, oven, stove

In any form you approach the problem of cooking, you must have in the house an appliance that allows you to prepare at least a coffee, tea, a boiled egg or scrambled eggs, french fries, etc. The offer includes from simple hobs, with a burner or twice microwave oven and to a classic stove or professional, large ovens.

If you are worried about consumption, we recommend the gas versions, the fuel variant that still has low costs, or to opt for the best induction hob for your needs, this being the only category of electrical product that keeps almost as the bill, the with gas.

Don't forget to carefully and correctly evaluate the power you need, although in this case you can overbid, because regardless of the chosen model, you will use the hob only as much as you need. Also pay attention to the design and opt for a built-in model, if you want a modern and spacious kitchen, and keep in mind how big the pots and pans you use are. You will want it to fit well on the stove.


Washing machine

Unless you are a fan of manual washing as a method of relaxation or saving electricity, we recommend that you consider, when your budget allows, an efficient washing machine. Evaluate in advance the space you have available for its location and do not forget that you must connect it to the socket and take the drain hose to the nearest drain (usually the bathroom).

It is important to clarify these elements so as not to wake up with the cable and hose in the hallway or in the middle of the house. Choose carefully the type of opening and the design, because you can opt for high and thin versions or wider and lower. Don't forget to consider power and capacity.


Bathroom fan

Yes, we know that it was probably not on the list and also that it is possible to have a large and generous window in the toilet room, which ensures your ventilation. If you are willing to keep it open in winter, especially if you dry your laundry in the bathroom, you can give up the fan.

However, we recommend that you first compare the costs of such a device, quite affordable, with those created by the thermal power plant that will work as long as you keep the window open to ventilate, trying to bring the temperature to the one you set.

Top electronic and household appliances essential for your new home

Room fan or air conditioner

If we still make sure we are ready for winter, it doesn't hurt to do the same for the warm season. In a small apartment, studio type, and for a small budget, we recommend in this case the classic fan. It is an efficient and accessible option, ideal especially for situations where you cannot make structural changes.

For large homes and where the installation of an air conditioning system is not a problem for the association or neighbors, a quality air conditioner is better.


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