what are the best built in refrigerators

How to choose a good built-in refrigerator

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If you decide to redecorate and re-equip your kitchen, not everything will always seem simple in accomplishing this task. This is because you need to choose some suitable built-in devices that fit properly in the space you have available. For example, a built-in refrigerator can be of several types, so you may have difficulty selecting a suitable model.

Besides the fact that all variants, regardless of typology, must have certain standard dimensions in order to be integrated, you must not omit the functionality and options that you generally prefer.

To make it easier for you to decide, determining where others who go through the same dilemma as you can find built-in refrigerators at a good price, we advise you to consider a combination of simple factors, as follows:

what are the best built in refrigerators

Refrigerator type: it can be simple, just a freezer or a refrigerator. Don’t be fooled when it comes to the term “refrigerator”, because although it is widely used, it normally only includes devices with space to store food at low temperatures, but those models do not necessarily include a freezer compartment. .

If you already have a separate freezer, choose a simple refrigerator and take care of yourself. You may also be in the situation where you want to buy a appliance with all the built-in utilities, and then you will orient yourself to buy a refrigerator-freezer, because it offers you a safe area for a refrigerator and a freezer.

There is also a third situation, in which the one you miss is the freezer. In this case, we suggest you look for a specialized part for freezing, eliminating from the equation the other possible variants.

Dimensions: mainly involves the width of the product and its storage capacity. You should know that the standard width for any built-in refrigerator is 54cm, and any other larger size indicates that you are not dealing with a built-in piece, but with a classic, stand-alone one. Regarding the loading capacity, on the market you can find all kinds of models: with a reduced, moderate or extended capacity.

If you are just two, three people sharing the house, the amount of food stored cannot be very large at all. Therefore, a stored volume of around 100 – 150l is enough for simple refrigerators, maximum 100l for freezers and 200 – 250l for refrigerators.

When you have a large family, it is only natural to opt for a larger model, around 200l in the fridge, 300l in the combine and 150l in the freezer. Only devices used in food or in commercial spaces must have a higher charging volume than that.

Functionality: it is the list of options guaranteed by the chosen part and can combine: No Frost function, thermostat, thermostat control panel, defrost system, quick freezing option, along with the list of accessories that accompany the product: shelves, special compartments, parts certain tasks.

If you want to avoid the formation of ice on food, you will choose something with a built-in ventilation system and the No Frost function. This option circulates the internal air and eliminates the possibility of ice crystals, but the models that include it are a bit more expensive.

If you only want the basic functions, you are satisfied with a static refrigerator and you will find enough options at excellent prices. Every commercial product includes a thermostat, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Those who prefer to sanitize the device less often will rely on one with antibacterial function or gasket, elements that stop the development of microorganisms inside the device. Take a look at the list of accessories and make sure you have shelves, a few support shelves on the door or a vegetable compartment.

what are the best built in refrigerators

Manufacturer: is considered important enough, especially by many opinions about the best built-in refrigerators. If you want to be sure of the quality, choose a well-represented brand in Romania, because that’s how you can find easier service, in case of failure.

Here are some notable names: Electrolux, Whirlpool, Bosch, Beko or Zanussi. Other more recently recognized names are: Gorenje, Teka, Hotpoint, Pyramis and Hansa. Don’t forget to check what type of guarantee you receive, in relation to the investment required.

To help you find out where to find built-in refrigerators at good prices for enough buyers, we have put together a short list of the best and most popular offers available online. If you order the product from the internet, you have all the chances to find a cheap and good one, because many prices are lower than those found in stores.

Recommended models in 2021

Teka TKI2 300

what are the best built in refrigerators

For users interested in knowing which are the best built-in refrigerators, we bring to the fore the benefits offered by the Teka TKI2 300. Even if the purchase price is slightly higher than other similar products, it should be mentioned that it is justified by the generous space, insured for storing a large amount of food. Thus, the device has a total net volume of 310l, enough to meet the needs of large families.

However, it remains a built-in model, measuring 1771 x 540 x 545 cm, designed to easily integrate into kitchen furniture. It is an optimal compartmentalized refrigerator, with resistant shelves, made of safety glass, transparent drawer for fruits and vegetables, bottle holder and egg holder. It allows easy use, being provided with electronic panel, adjustable thermostat and interior lighting. It benefits from an antibacterial protection system with silver ions, which prevents the development of microorganisms.

Thanks to this treatment, the food maintains its freshness for a longer period of time. The No frost function maintains a constant temperature inside and contributes to the defrosting and periodic cleaning of the device. Permanently controls the humidity and eliminates the risk of ice forming on interior walls or on food. This product from Teka is focused on the lowest possible energy consumption, needing only about 146 kWh per year. During operation, it records a noise level of 41 dB. The design is simple and elegant, with a single door.


It offers an extended storage capacity of 310l, suitable for the needs of a large family.

Excellent energy efficiency, with a consumption of only 146 kWh / year.

The No frost function permanently monitors the humidity level and prevents the formation of ice on the interior walls and on food.

Product protected with an antibacterial film, which prevents the development of microorganisms.


Does not include freezer.

High price.


Bosch KUL15A65

what are the best built in refrigerators For those looking for a cheap and good Bosch built-in refrigerator, we recommend this compact and elegant model. Beyond the advantageous purchase price, which does not involve considerable financial efforts, the product offers optimal yield and remarkable performance. It is part of one of the best energy classes, ie A ++, which denotes the manufacturer’s care to provide users with a device made in accordance with environmental standards.

Thus, the model registers an annual consumption of 140 kWh, the level of noise produced being low, of only 38 dB. It has the dimensions of 82 x 60 x 55 cm and can be easily incorporated even in small kitchens, with limited space. However, the device offers a total gross volume of 131l, which also includes the freezing area. The refrigerator has two safety glass shelves, 3 door holders, vegetable / fruit compartment, bottle holder, egg holder and ice trays.

It is equipped with interior lighting and a system for automatic defrosting. The freezer has a net volume of 15l and a freezing capacity of 2kg / 24 h. This product from Bosh offers autonomy of 12 hours after the interruption of the electricity supply. For the simplest possible use, it is provided with a single door, the opening being on the right side. If left open, at a maximum angle of 20 degrees, the door closes automatically.


Compact model, with small dimensions, easy to incorporate in confined spaces.

Includes space for keeping products cold, but also for freezing them.

It offers increased energy efficiency, as it is part of the A ++ class.

It has a very good compartmentalization, with all kinds of shelves, drawers, supports and trays.

The SoftClosing Door system allows the automatic closing of the door, if it has been left open at an angle of maximum 20 degrees.


The device is not equipped with an anti-bacterial filter or other system that prevents the formation of microorganisms.

The freezer must be defrosted manually.


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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Whirlpool ARG 861 / A +

Analyzing the benefits offered by the Whirlpool ARG 861 / A + model, you will surely consider that it is the best built-in refrigerator available on the market. Beyond the advantageous purchase price, which offers you the opportunity to make a significant investment, the product guarantees increased performance and efficiency. It is a fairly spacious and well compartmentalized refrigerator, with a total net volume of 191l.

Thanks to the built-in 6th Sense for Freshness Control technology, users can be sure that food will maintain its properties and qualities for a long time. Following the studies, the manufacturer claims that the products will be kept as fresh as on the day of purchase, up to 4 times longer. This means that the device constantly controls and adjusts the temperature to create the best food storage conditions.

In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent air filtration system, which removes bacteria and any unpleasant odors. The model is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and records a low consumption, being included in the energy class A +. Includes a system for automatic defrosting of the refrigerator. The device has a compartment for vegetables and fruits, 4 glass shelves and as many supports on the door. Whirlpool ARG 861 is equipped with a small freezer, with a volume of 18l and a freezing capacity of 2 kg / 24h. Overall, the design of the device is simple and pleasant, white. It has a single door with standard opening, to the right. Its total dimensions are: 122 x 54 x 55 cm and weight 38 kg. It is a quiet model, recording only 36 dB during operation.


Quality offered at a great price.

The built-in 6th Sense technology keeps food fresh for up to 4 times longer.

The air filtration system protects the food, removing bacteria and unpleasant odors.

It records a low consumption, as it is part of the energy class A +.


The freezer is not very spacious.

Beko CBI7771

Those who want to buy a built-in no frost refrigerator at a good price, it is good to consider this model from Beko. It is an extremely tender product in terms of space offered, both in terms of refrigerator volume and freezer capacity. The device has total dimensions of 177.6 x 54 x 53.5 cm and enjoys a simple, compact and elegant design.

It can be incorporated into furniture and is a perfect choice even for less spacious kitchens. Beko CBI7771 provides users with a total net volume of 238l, of which 190l is allocated to the refrigerator. It is equipped with all the necessary accessories: 3 resistant glass shelves, 3 plastic supports positioned on the door, fruit and vegetable compartment, to which is added an egg holder, bottle holder and ice tray.

The freezer offers a volume of 48l and has a safe and useful partitioning system. The 3 drawers are closed separately, so that the food can not come into contact with each other, keeping its flavor. The door gasket contains a series of special additives, which ensure the tightness of the device and prevent the formation of bacteria inside. The Beko No frost refrigerator-freezer maintains an optimal level of temperature and humidity, so that the food is kept cold, but without freezing. It registers an autonomy of 13 hours during the power outage. It is part of the category of cheap and good refrigerators, available for an affordable price.


Very good ratio between quality and acquisition costs.

Very well compartmentalized model, which offers generous storage space.

The freezer with 3 closed compartments, allows the separate arrangement of the products, depending on their origin.

The No Frost function prevents the formation of ice and ensures an optimal food temperature.

The door seal contains special additives, which prevent the growth of bacteria.


The presence of an air filtration system would have been useful.

Electrolux EUN1101AOW

Here is a high-performance and inexpensive model, according to users who need ample space to keep products frozen. Even if it can be purchased for an affordable price, Electrolux EUN1101AOW does not give up quality or the series of functions that increase its usefulness. The freezer offers a total net volume of 94l, sufficient capacity for a conventional model, addressed to not very large families.

The optimal compartmentalization makes the available space as efficient as possible, offering 4 spacious drawers, with a transparent front part, for easy observation of the stored products. In addition, each drawer is equipped with a convenient handle, which ensures optimal handling when you want to open them or move them to another place. This Electrolux freezer is equipped with an intelligent system, extremely useful for freezing food instantly.

The faster fresh foods are frozen, the more vitamins, flavors and other nutritional qualities they retain. Responsible is the FastFreeze function, which allows the temperature to be reduced to the optimum degree of freezing and then returns to the initial settings. The appliance has a freezing capacity of 16kg / 24 h. It offers increased efficiency in terms of power consumption, as it is part of the energy class A +. This means a consumption of 16 kWh in 24 hours and a little over 200 kWh per year. Without electricity, it has extended autonomy of 20 hours. The product has a simple and elegant design, with small dimensions, easy to incorporate in the kitchen furniture. In terms of accessories, it includes an ice squeegee. The series of advantages is completed by the guarantee offered for a period of 24 months.


Good ratio between quality, benefits and purchase price.

The drawers have a transparent front and comfortable handles, for easy handling and optimal accessibility to all foods.

The FastFreeze function helps to freeze products as quickly as possible.

Quiet device that records low noise during use.


The defrosting procedure is performed manually.

The model includes only a freezer, without a refrigerator.

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