what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

If you want extra vitamins, you will have to look for the best fruit and vegetable juicer in Romania. You will find tomato, citrus, pomegranate or carrot juicers. They are of different types, so you can choose between those with cold pressing, snail (worm shaft), centrifugal or professional. See for example this Philips Viva Collection HR1855 if you want a recommendation for 2021. Depending on what your needs are, user recommendations and opinions are essential when you want to find the best price offer.

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

The best electric fruit and vegetable juicer – TOP 10 new models

In any kitchen, a good vegetable and fruit juicer will be very helpful. Besides the fact that you will get the necessary intake of vitamins, you will be able to cook tasty meals with healthy drinks. You can squeeze carrots, citrus fruits, pomegranates, bananas and vegetables. You can make energizing juices for beautiful mornings.

A top juicer can be either cold-pressed or centrifugal or worm-shaped. We will talk about each one in the following article, about the advantages and disadvantages but also the prices they have.

No matter where you are in Romania, Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj, Arad, Iasi or Constanta, in all stores such as eMag, Altex, Media Galaxy, Flanco, Careffour or Auchan you can find such multifunctional devices. You no longer have to wait to get a black friday offer, you can enjoy good prices, discounts and discounts at any time.

Philips Viva Collection HR1855 fruit and vegetable juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

Juice squeezing power 700 W
0.8 liter juice container
1.2 liter pulp container
XL supply tube

Tefal Easy Fruit ZE610D38 800W juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

Total power of 800 W
2 adjustable speeds
1.2 liter juice container
2 l pulp container
Stainless steel finish

Bosch MES25G0 700 W fruit and vegetable juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

Maximum power of 700 W
Wide feeding tube
Stainless steel screen
Washable in the dishwasher
1.25 liter juice container

Biovita SJ5000 snail fruit and vegetable juicer of 240 W

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

Power of 240 W
1 L juice container
Stainless steel finishes
Slow juicer type
Cold pressing technology

Biovita Nutrimax cold press juicer with screw

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

150 W motor power
Silent model
800 ml cup for juice
For fruit, vegetable and herb juice
Includes a cleaning brush

160 W Concept CE-3520 citrus juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

160 W
Compatible with all types of citrus
750 ml vessel
Made of stainless steel
Weight of 2.3 Kg

Albatros NatureMix 1000 W fruit and vegetable juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

Power 150 W
Stainless steel
Slicing size: 0-15 mm
Blade diameter: 190 mm
Increased safety

StarW Light SJB 240W screw fruit and vegetable juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

Power: 240 W
1 liter juice container
80 mm supply tube
Cleaning brush
Slow Juicer

Small and portable juice juicer Pinlo PL-B007W2W 350 ml

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

350 ml container
1800mAh battery
USB charging
Stainless steel
Rated power 70 W

Professional fruit juicer with cold pressing Kuvings EVO820

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

240 W
Juice container with volume 0.4 liters
Cold pressing fruit and vegetable juicer
Recipe book
Tritan container

Which is the best fruit and vegetable juicer

what are the best fruits and vegetables to juice for weight loss

You may be wondering how a fruit and vegetable juicer works. Before going through the complexity of the successful technology of the different forms of juicers available, let's clarify this aspect.

Fruit juicers are simple, so to speak. They need to do a quick job of squeezing the juice from fruits and vegetables. They can drain the juice by spinning or pressing. So to do this, there are several technologies. Fresh juice is an excellent alternative for seasonal fruits and vegetables.

An excellent solution to have fruits and vegetables compressed in a single glass. In fact, without putting too much pressure on your stomach, juices encourage you to get more vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Make sure, however, that you reduce the amount of fructose when squeezing. Too much fructose leads to extra fat, which directly leads to weight gain. Basically, based on their technology, there are three key types of fruit and vegetable juicers.

Centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer

Basically, with these juicers, with the help of a tube, put the fruits or vegetables in a closed container. In the container there is a rotating blade that grinds fruits and vegetables.

The centrifugal force comes into play and throws the juice from where it is forced into a jug, which comes bundled with the device. There are two forms of centrifugal juicers. The most famous of these is the storage that removes the juice constantly. The other form of centrifugal squeezing requires stopping the system and removing the pulp from the spinning basket until the squeezing operation is resumed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a centrifugal juicer

The most popular form of juicer you will see in department stores is centrifugal. Sometimes they have a vertical, cylindrical structure. After inserting the fruit pieces, they remove the juice from the fruits and vegetables, using a sieve to filter the juice from the pulp at high speeds.

The best centrifugal juicers are much finer, so they are more useful for making juice. They usually have larger input containers, so you don't have to cut the fruit into small pieces, which means less effort in cooking. Sometimes they are easier to clean than other types of juicers. On the market, there are a huge number of centrifugal juicers that can be obtained on any budget.

Usually, centrifugal juicers do not work well when making juices with lettuce or very soft foods. If you are concerned with the production of such juices, then look for snail juicers or cold press juicers. When the juice is removed from the pulp, centrifugal juicers are not as effective and can create foam in the juice. This consequently accelerates the oxidation.

Juice juicers with auger or auger shaft

Among the forms of juice juicers are those with mel or worm shaft. This fruit and vegetable juicer has a snail that spins at 150 revolutions per minute and chews virtually all vegetable and fruit fibers. This method of squeezing is much slower than the technique of centrifugal squeezing. This is because more nutrients, vitamins and fiber are followed in these juicers. It also helps to extract more healthy enzymes.

There is only one gear in these devices, which has a spiral shape or the shell of a snail. This device is found in the local market in a fairly large number. The squeezing process is a long one, because the juice is removed slowly. To catch the pulp and juice, there is a collection tub that is under the drive shaft.

Advantages and disadvantages of screw juicers

Snail juicers use a screw-type screw shaft to grind large fruits, berries and greens. Distribute the juice in different containers and remove the pulp.

When extracting large vegetables and leafy vegetables, snail juicers do a much better job than centrifugal juicers and produce a drier paste, making sure they collect more nutrients. Usually, these types of juicers are very durable and will last you many years from purchase. For the production of sauces, baby food, homemade pasta or other denser juices, these juicers are very good.

However, with these juicers you have a narrower loading mouth. Fruits and vegetables should be sliced smaller and diced when squeezed. In these machines, the production of juices takes longer than it does with a centrifugal juicer. There are several small parts to these snail juicers and it takes a little longer to clean them afterwards. While state-of-the-art centrifugal juicers can cost the same as mid-range snail juicers, the good ones cost more than centrifugal juicers.

Cold pressing fruit juicers

Pressed juicers are equivalent in many ways to the storage devices mentioned above. The difference is that because it divides the juice into phases, this device is a bit more complex.
The initial process involves the action in which vegetables and fruits are crushed and the juice is extracted by squeezing them.

In this way, the best fruit and vegetable juicers can extract more fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals from the pulp, giving you extra health. Because they are able to slow down the oxidation process, these juicers are somewhat more advanced in technology. This will help you keep drinking the juice later.

The advantages of cold-pressed juicers

Cold press juicers are state-of-the-art juicers and are considered the best juice juicers on the market. They work similarly to a screw juicer, unless the engine is running slowly, retaining optimal nutrients and facilitating productive squeezing. To collect the juice, they also have generous containers.

The best thing you can get is the efficiency of such a device. These are the most effective juicers, and the largest volume of juice and nutrients is collected. As a result you have less nutrients lost with the pulp. Like honeycomb juicers, they are very good for denser juices, sauces, tomato juice or fruit purees for children.

Although these are very efficient devices, the really good models come with a pretty high price. They are not as fast and easy to use and a certain force is required to drive the fruits or vegetables through the gripping and twisting tools.

Citrus juicers:

Citrus juicers specialize in harvesting citrus juices such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit and clementines. They are obviously not ideal for producing fruit juices. Citrus fruits can be turned into juice with any other type of appliance mentioned above. So if you have one of these other units, it is not important to get a separate citrus juice extractor.

Choose the best juice juicer

If you want a balanced diet drink, the fruit and vegetable juicer is definitely fantastic. To produce as many juice recipes as possible, they offer efficient functions and features. In daily use, they are all effective for working in the kitchen, to start the morning with a good fruit juice.

How to choose the best juicer

With a good juicer, you have several criteria to look at. A spin juicer is right for you if you have very little time. If you are the type who likes to gain more value from a dietary point of view, it is advisable to choose a cold-pressed juicer. The question may also arise as to which fruit juicer, in terms of value for money, is the best. Because there is a very wide range of vegetable and fruit choppers of this kind on the Romanian market, this can be a difficult question.

Squeezers with auger or auger should rise to a high level of juice quality, especially if you are looking for a good value for money appliance. The decision will be made depending on your needs, available budget and purpose. If you are looking for speed, your preference should be clear fruit juicers by spin. Although a little more expensive, they are very fast in terms of obtaining juice.

Things to remember before buying a juicer

Settling with any product to be purchased can be a challenge, but much harder if you do not realize what features you want. If you are a first time buyer of juicers, here are some key things you should understand before you buy.

Not all juicers are the same. If you examine the specifications of some electric juicers, you may quickly realize that not all juicers are the same. For every detail about the speed, power and accessories settings, you need an understanding of what it stands for.

There are several main divisions of juicers, as I explained in the first part of this article. Fruits and vegetables are easily squeezed for better juice production through a screw juicer, often known as a cold press. Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, grind fruits and vegetables at higher speeds for a more fun product. Cold press screw juicers are quieter, but usually expensive.

You have to realize that kitchen juicers, even non-professional ones, can be expensive. Depending on the model and characteristics of the juicer, the purchase can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand lei. You will want to take into account offers and discounts for the greatest possible benefit.

Choose a good juicer that is easy to clean

You wouldn't want to waste substantial time cutting your fruit and then washing a lot of containers if you're a busy guy. Thus, in action, you must look for a practical solution. As you save time cutting oranges, press storers are easy to use. A device with a faster extractor will give you an easier process, but you will not be able to keep the juice for a long time.

Slower juicers will give you high quality juices because they do not suck up huge volumes of oxygen. Instead, twin-engine juicers are a little harder to wash. A horizontal deposit with a auger or auger shaft is stronger. Some storers are safe for the dishwasher, but you still need to be vigilant with plastic containers. Often among the accessories, you will find a cleaning brush that can be very helpful when washing.

The difference between a centrifuge and a cold press juicer

In snail juicers, there are two rough surfaces inside the unit that separate the inside of fruits or vegetables to help remove the juice.

With a juicer of this type, you can grind and chew the vegetable fibers between two hard surfaces at a much slower rate to get some juice out of them. Besides the taste of the drink, the nutritional value of the juice is even better. Instead of removing the juice from fruits and vegetables, it is squeezed. Anyone who uses fruit and vegetable juice in a nutrition-based recovery regimen would probably consider using a similar juicer.

In essence, cold pressing and screw juicers are the same. Cold press juicers go by a number of different names. In addition to screw juicers, they are also known as soft juicers or press juicers. To crush the products and squeeze the juice inside them, these juicers are based on a rotary auger.

They are available in two main variants, vertical and horizontal juicers. Vertically configured versions are smaller in footprint, but are vulnerable to clogging due to the location of the pulp ejector. To prevent this dilemma, you will need to cut your fruit into small pieces in time.

Because they do not generate as much heat as centrifugal juicers, this is why they are called cold press juicers. This is due to the lower number of revolutions per minute that these juicers run. As a result, the juice is not exposed to the same amount of heat and air, making it more nutritious and durable.

Choose a good juicer of citrus, tomatoes, carrots, oranges and pomegranates

As you set some budget limits, the type of juicer indicated for your needs will be outlined. Cheap juicers could give up quickly if you use the device often. Now, it depends on how often you plan to squeeze the juice. You would not want to save if fresh juice is part of your regular diet. It is better to opt for a model with good opinions and recommendations from users, than to choose a cheaper but clearly inferior one. The best ones will be able to go with the freshly taken fruits from the freezer .

Another major aspect is the noise level. You wouldn't like to wake your neighbors with the whistling noise of your stockpile every morning. But if we say it directly, fruit and vegetable juicers are a bit noisy by nature, so be careful.

The benefits of freshly squeezed juice

Most vegetables and fruits have beneficial effects on health. The juice can improve the energy level and general physical condition of people. Buy a juicer so that fruits or vegetables can be easily turned into juice.

For extra flavor, add some herbs to vegetable juices. They can also be used to mask the overly strong taste of various other vegetables. Electric juicers and squeezing tools are very good at creating invigorating drinks.

If you have health problems such as diabetes, follow a diet based on vegetables, but also talk preventively with your doctor. Consumption of fruit juice can significantly increase blood sugar levels. You need to monitor the use of fruit in the juices you make to be reported to the medical condition.

When picking vegetables that you use for juice, make sure you choose some that you want to eat. The juice is very good and you will definitely want to keep this habit as long as possible. Especially this is true in season, when you have a multitude of fruits and vegetables to choose from.

Cleaning a fruit and vegetable juicer

Finally, buyers not only need to know how to use a juicer correctly, but also how to take care of it, just like all other kitchen appliances. On the cleaning side, the situation is similar to that of a good kitchen blender . Customers who spend little time in the kitchen should keep an eye on appliances with detachable accessories that can be washed in the dishwasher. Also, some models have materials that are very easy to wash, while others do not. Check the specifications indicated by the manufacturer.

Conclusion about good juice juicers

The main components of the daily diet should be fruits and vegetables, because they contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins. They also serve to improve our immunity, suggesting that if you do not eat them regularly, you may have certain vitamin deficiencies. However, we are prone to neglect them because of our busy lives and even changing lifestyles, which is very risky.

Juice is the most efficient and fastest way to consume large amounts of fruit. It may seem a little easier to buy packaged juices, but the fact is that these juices are not the safest in terms of health, because most of them are made using preservatives. Many calories and water are still found in packaged juices compared to fresh fruit juices. Choose to prepare fresh juices with the help of the best electric juicer.

You should invest in a better juicer to be safe and save on extra juices every day. You will eliminate minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits with these devices and you will turn them into a drinkable form. They are effective at extracting juice from your favorite vegetables or or delicious fruits.

Why buy a juicer

Because they produce a good blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables, juicers can be said to be essential devices in modern kitchens. The tastiest juice comes from mixing the right ingredients as a whole. Juicers for any home have become a necessity. The use of manual hand juicers has been suppressed by mechanical juicers, and the industry has replaced them with electric ones.

Nowadays, no one has time to squeeze fruits and vegetables by hand. Everyone is in a hurry, but still need to supplement the amount of vitamins in the body left. The juicers came to the rescue. There are a lot of manufacturers that can supply the right devices, from which you can choose exactly the medals that can suit your needs.

It is not a big deal to buy a juicer, because almost all juicers can collect juice from raw fruits and vegetables. But there are many types of juicers that do their job in the industry.

When fruits are combined with water, juicers work differently than when fruits are just juice. When the whole fruit is cut into pieces without combining water, you get an excellent juice. This technology is known as cold pressing. And others can extract the juice from very thin fruits without mixing the pulp with the juice, and even without having to cut them into pieces. Juicers with cold pressing technologies suggest that the fruit juice is extracted slowly and is removed extremely fine. Later it can be easily stored in the refrigerator and consumed over time.

The juice squeezing process

Some juicers come with a feeder or a cylindrical tube that can push the fruit. The blades inside filter the fine fruits from the stainless steel mesh and the juice is drained through a channel. In centrifugal juicers, the whole process is merged. Mixer jars and grinding jars are also combined with these juicers.

There are two steps you need to take when collecting juice. The fruits are crushed and squeezed in the first stage and the juice is collected, but the rhythm of these types of juicers is very slow.

To remove the juice from fruits and vegetables, these juicers require some extra time. However, they are effective in squeezing leafy vegetables and removing a decent amount of juice. Such juicers are called crushing juicers.

Speaking of some kitchen equipment, cleaning can be the key issue that can bother you. With juicers, because no one wants to waste hours washing sieve filters, you need to consider some basic cleaning strategies. Here, in order to clean them completely, some juicers must be kept only under running water. Some should be washed with a damp cloth, and others should be dried with a sponge.

Guarantee for the best juicers

Taking an item, you can first see the warranty time. Regardless of whether or not the version you want to buy has a long warranty period. Many manufacturers offer a minimum warranty of 12 months in the case of the juicer.

Currently, companies also offer additional product warranty for a few months just to attract customers. Some goods also have a 24-month warranty for their engine, which may be a better choice.

Choosing a well-known and reputable manufacturer can be a good deal, as they have a minimum warranty of 24 months. Some even offer a demo at home to help you understand how the juicer works. However, because most brands offer incredible deals, discounts and limited deals that you can never get in offline stores, we suggest you buy online.

The main items to check before ordering a juicer

Due to the large number of juicers available today, the search for the best juicer in Romania can be very daunting. This implies that there are very high risks of purchasing a low quality product, especially if you do not consider a particular product or if you do not have clarity about the features you can check when buying. We will present the main points in this segment that you can review while purchasing the best juicer in Romania.

Ease of operation of the juicer

Juice extractors are available in different styles, making it easier to find the right model. You should make sure you understand how each part works before you buy. To ensure that the unit can complete your kitchen decor, you should also review the general configuration.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some juicers are able to retain all the nutrients and enzymes in the juice, while others are not. Slow juicers, for example, spin at a reduced speed, resulting in less heat, which in turn inhibits the oxidation and degradation of nutrients. This is how the natural enzymes of the juice are kept. So, if you want to drink a healthier juice, make sure you opt for a cold-pressed juicer.

Another important thing you can check is the noise level produced, as some are very noisy. Centrifugal juicers are more powerful than the others, as you can see. If you are looking for a quieter style, you can aim for a cold press juicer. You need to make sure you are comfortable sitting on your kitchen counter before you buy a juicer. Based on the free space you have, you can buy a juicer.

Reliability and quality of vegetable and fruit juicers

When preparing juices, centrifugal juicers produce a lot of heat, which suggests that they may wear out faster than other versions. Most have a 12 or 24 month warranty because of this. Cold-pressed juicers, on the other hand, are made of durable materials, which ensures greater durability. They also run at lower speeds than centrifuges, which means less heat is produced. Further minimizes the chances of wear.

The devices are available at different prices, just like most products. Centrifugal models, for example, are the least expensive compared to other versions. However, they have the lowest yields of juice production. Cold press juicers, on the other hand, are more expensive, but produce larger volumes of juice. This means that if you make a lot of juice, they are the best. They deliver more juice for consumption than centrifugal juicers.

Buy the best fruit and vegetable juicer in the world

A juicer is simply a household item built to remove fruit and vegetable concentrate, a perfect way to get the five amounts of vegetables and fruits a day. Almost every juicer has at least two simple bottles that go together, one to collect the juice and one to gather the fiber. Remember that it is not so cheap as a decent juicer, because fruit juice is quite difficult to motorize, and a high quality juicer is made to last.

In reality, two different classes of juicers are available – chewing juicers and centrifugal juicers. Distinguish between juicer styles, how much you need to invest to have a better one and what additional aspects to look for in this guide. The most popular form of juicer is an inertial juicer. To quickly grind fruits and vegetables, the blades rotate quickly. By grinding the substance into a paste and then filtering the liquid from it, they work.

But by still storing more fiber, it collects extra juice that can also be used to produce fruit, nut and seed sorbets and baby food. Because it removes fairly good resources from the vegetables that are fed into it, it continues to work harder. It is also well suited for leafy vegetables. A modern juicer is at the beginning of the road – a juicer in which fruits or vegetables are subjected to minimal heat. Almost no oxidation, making cold pressed juice fresher and richer in nutrients.

There are certain elements that user guides and marketing materials may not yet inform you about, such as how long it might take for the juicer to generate a container full of delicious juice, and if it is a washing and storage disaster.

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