what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

The best built-in electric oven is the one you can rely on in any situation and which always offers good results. The price of the oven is influenced by the brand, finishes, additional functions and baking programs. Some may be small, rustic in style, may have a toaster, steam function, convection, self-cleaning, pyrolytic cleaning or smart functions. In 2021, they may have LED, LCD or budget displays that do not have a display. We suggest you to view this Bosch HBG633NB1 .

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

The best built-in electric ovens – TOP 10 new models

When you move to a new home, the built-in oven is definitely on your shopping list. Offers for the best electric or gas built-in electric oven can be found on Emag, Flanco, Altex and Dedeman. Some of the best built-in ovens are: Bosch, Grundig, Beko, Hansa, Electrolux, Samsung, Whirlpool or Arctic. In addition to the oven, these manufacturers also have hobs that correspond to the same style that the oven has.

Bosch HBG633NB1 built-in electric oven

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

This model of built-in electric oven from Bosch is a very efficient one and suitable for housewives who frequently bake various dishes. 4D air distribution technology helps evenly spread hot air inside. You can bake on the 4 levels simultaneously, and the result will be the same on each of them due to the uniform heat distribution.

It is a nature-friendly model, being 30% more energy efficient than other models. It is perhaps the best built-in electric oven. It also has an ingenious way of self-cleaning the back wall, which does not consume energy and is highly efficient.

Built-in electric oven Electrolux EOE7C31Z

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

This is a very successful model of electric oven from Electrolux , with catalytic selfcleaning . Comes with a full LCD display and many cooking functions (Quick Grill, Keeping Warm, Wet Baking with Ventilation, Slow Cooking, Ventilated Cooking, Turbo Grill).

With the fast heating function, you don't have to wait long until you can start cooking in the oven.

Samsung NV75N5641RS / OL built-in electric oven

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

This Samsung electric oven is perfect for those who want an elegant look and a lot of technology. It differs by the door and the modular structure through which you can cook several types of food at the same time. You can open the door in 2 pieces, or complete, depending on what you cook.

It is a catalytic electric oven as a cleaning technology. Due to the sliding shelves, it is very easy to take out and insert the food.

Arctic AROSC21130BD electric oven package + Gas hob

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

This package of Arctic built-in electric oven and built-in gas hob with 4 burners , is a best buy at the price. The oven has energy class A , 4 different cooking functions and a generous volume of 71 liters.

You can clean the inside of the oven by inserting a bowl of water inside. Very simple and efficient. The ignition is done from the button and the operation is very easy. Likewise, the hob comes equipped with ignition at the button and has a gas shut-off safety function, if the flame is extinguished.

Built-in electric oven Whirlpool AKZ9 6230

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

The good built -in electric oven from Whirlpool comes with a lot of technology. The 6th sense is something characteristic of Whirlpool appliances, which allows an easy use of the product. With this model, you can cook 3 different dishes at the same time in the oven.

In addition, you can start cooking without having to preheat the oven. If you have children, you may know that they are safe due to the control panel lock function . Perhaps the best built-in electric oven for this year.

Built-in electric oven AEG BES351110M stainless steel anti-fingerprint

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

The AEG built-in electric oven is distinguished by its steam cooking functions. Thus, you can add steam at the beginning of baking and thus the dough will be kept moist, and at the end soft and tender. Roast chicken, lasagna, grilled ribs – all can be cooked well with steam.

You look like you have a stainless steel antifingerprint to be able to clean the electric oven as rarely as possible and enjoy cooking more.

Built-in electric oven Indesit IFW 4841 Catalytic self-cleaning

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

Indesit IFW 4841 is a model of built-in electric oven for residential use that includes as main accessories the main tray and the grill. It has energy efficiency class A + and a maximum power of 1800 W.

In addition to several baking functions, it also has the possibility of a defrosting regime, but also a dedicated regime for Pizza. It has LED interior lighting , timer, ventilation and clock. The internal capacity of the oven is 71 liters, large enough for a family.

Built-in electric oven Beko BIR25400XMS

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

For those who want to get the most out of a good value for money, this model from Beko is a good choice. First of all, besides the attractive price, this model comes with a catalytic self-cleaning system, 12 different cooking functions, defrost mode, grill or pizza.

Moreover, it also comes with the function of maintaining the temperature, so the dishes will be hot exactly when you want to take them out of the oven.

Rustic electric oven Studio Casa Dolce Vita Vintage + Stove

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

For lovers of rustic style, we propose this model of built-in electric oven , plus the related gas hob. This oven from Studio Casa offers you 6 functions and ways of baking, timer and advanced ventilation.

Lovers of the vintage style will also fall in love with the 4-burner gas hob that fits perfectly in the same style that the electric oven has.

Hansa Scandium built-in oven BOEI69472

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

The energy class of this Hansa built-in electric oven is A. The electric oven model has 10 functions including grill, pizza program, and heating on different areas. You also have the option of quick preheating if you need something like that.

The catalytic self-cleaning system will make the cleaning and care of the electric oven a pleasure. The stainless steel finish makes it a universal solution for any kitchen.

How to choose the best built-in electric oven

When you want to choose the built-in oven, probably, like the rest of the people, you will think about the appearance of the kitchen and the way you would like it to look, the energy source (gas or electric) but also the price you pay. In addition to the appearance, whether you go for the stainless steel version or a black model, you must check the dimensions in such a way as to know if they fit in the place provided.

what is the best built in electric double oven to buy online

You need to honestly answer how often you will cook food in the oven at home and what you plan to cook. If you are not a passionate cook and prefer to eat in the city or order food through food delivery, it is best not to opt for a very advanced and high-performance oven, because it would not justify that high cost. you'll pay. But, if you have a special love for cooking, you know how to do it and you need an electric oven of high efficiency, quality and with a uniform heating, you can pay a little more for a model more good.

The actual temperature may vary inside compared to the one selected and displayed on the display, so it is good to check this aspect. But built-in ovens mean more than just cooking. The kitchen is a place of pride for any housewife, and for this reason, the aesthetic part cannot be ignored. Certainly a good-looking appliance will be more likely to do well in any kitchen.

Choose the informed built-in electric oven

In the above we have presented some models of built-in ovens that we consider to have a very good price-quality ratio. These are reliable, with quality finishes and a classic look that will go in any kitchen. The built-in ovens and hobs below will surely delight you.

When you need an electric oven, the first thing to decide is the type of oven. In this sense you can choose between a gas oven or an electric oven. The choice of a specific model is relatively obvious in the case of an electric oven. Although a gas oven could be cheaper then to buy and most likely during operation. However, there is a reason why most want an electric oven, even if there is a gas pipe in the house.

If you have the opportunity to test the built-in ovens, you can try to cook something to see which is better. You can cook and bake different dishes to understand the speed of heating and how evenly the heat is distributed. Besides how fast good built-in couplers heat up, see how they manage to keep the temperature constant.

It is no secret that good electric ovens have a greater diversity of operating programs and types of cooking, compared to a gas oven. The electric oven lets you set exactly and control the baking temperature. In addition, you have the advantage of baking without open flame, which brings you extra safety in the operation process.

The baking process

In the baking process, electric ovens are easier to handle and better for beginner cooks. If you are at the beginning of the road and do not have much cooking experience, and you would like to learn how to cook in the oven, opt for the best electric oven that allows you to focus only on the result and not on handling the appliance.

And to know, if you opt for a gas oven, you will have to provide a source of electricity for it anyway. Gas ovens are also equipped with built-in lighting, may have electrically operated grill or roaster and a convection fan. In the end, these options can still generate electricity costs.

The best built-in electric oven is a powerful electric appliance, which consumes from 2.2 to 4.2 kW when put into operation. For them you need a good socket, a separate power line to be equipped with grounding.

Selection criteria for the best built-in oven

When you want to buy a built-in oven you have to take into account several criteria. You have to make some decisions regarding the appearance, the number of functions, the type of power supply, the volume and the finishes. We try to make your choice of the best built-in oven as simple as possible. We present you some elements that you should think about before making the final decision.

Built-in oven feed type

When you want to buy a built-in oven you have to take into account several criteria. You have to make some decisions regarding the appearance, the number of functions, the type of power supply, the volume and the finishes. We try to make the process of choosing your oven easier. We present you some elements that you should think about before making the final decision.

Built-in electric oven

It is the most popular choice among household consumers, but also the most generous range of products present on the Romanian market. The advantages of this type of built-in oven are obvious: a more uniform heat distribution and a constant temperature in all areas of the oven. Energy consumption can be considerable for heavy use, but all in all it is the recommended choice.

Electric ovens are the most common among customers in Romania. On the market you will be able to find an impressive variety of models. Built-in gas ovens can be found, but in a slightly smaller number. There are several manufacturers that include them in their range of ovens, so it is not a problem to choose such a device.

But let's get back to our sheep. Electric couplers tend to perform better on the baking side. This is due to the appearance of how well the heat is distributed inside an oven. We know that even heat distribution is an essential factor if you want to cook successfully. So, the best electric ovens can easily beat the best gas ovens at this caper. On the other hand, a built-in gas oven can be cheaper to purchase and use if you opt for a high-performance one. Thus, if you want to save on this side, an electric built-in oven is not your companion.

Built-in natural gas oven

It is a variant that can prove more economical in the long run. The heat distribution is less uniform than in the case of electric ovens, suitable for those who cook in the oven less often.

Energy efficiency of the built-in electric oven

As with other appliances, the energy class of built-in ovens is classified alphabetically. The most efficient class is A +++, followed by A ++, but there are very few models that can be proud of these grades, and usually cost a lot. Most of the ones you will find on the market, at a reasonable budget are in class A + or A, which ensures a very good energy efficiency. To be avoided, however, are class B or lower models.

Exterior aspect

The market has created 2 major categories in terms of appearance: modern and vintage. The modern look is usually represented by classic colors (black, white or metallic), regular and straight shapes, with stainless steel inserts (some with anti-stamp stainless steel). The vintage look, however, is represented by more rounded shapes, vintage decorative elements or more extravagant colors (gold). The choice is made depending on the style of the kitchen you have chosen. Is it a modern style, with straight and clean lines, or is it a classic, vintage style with irregular, rounded and bohemian shapes?

Built-in electric oven size

When you have decided that you want a built-in electric oven , the next step is to decide on its dimensions. The normal size of furniture is about 60 centimeters wide. At the same time it is deep to be good for a built-in electric oven. There are also compact ovens on the market, but less often, and their price is higher. Compact ovens can have a lower height and depth than normal, to save space.

If you cook a lot and you need roomy electric ovens, you can also see larger, oversized ones that take up more space. The width of such a device will be larger, which will make the inner volume larger and you will be able to bake different dishes or some more voluminous at the same time. There are also double ovens on the market that come equipped with a large room and a small one. There are also some solutions for large houses, where a lot is cooked.

The most important aspect to look at is the useful interior volume. The working chamber volume of an oven can start from 45 liters and increase up to 80 liters depending on the model. A larger room allows you to cook more, or cook bulky dishes that would not fit in other smaller models of built-in electric ovens.

If you want to buy an electric oven that is in the house for any eventuality, and you are not a very skilled cook, opt for a standard, simple model, which will simply be able to do its job well when needed.

Display type and electric oven control panel

Built-in ovens can have various types of display: analog, digital (LED or LCD), or Wireless through applications (for smart ovens). In practice, however, they all show the same information: cooking time, time, selected program or temperature. It's just about budget, appearance and preferences.

The new generation ovens can have different control modes, such as wheel, built-in buttons, touch and classic button. The rotary ones are conventional rotary handles that have behind them a mechanical mechanism, relatively simple and known everywhere. The built-in ones are the same as the classic ones, only they can be hidden when needed. On the electronic systems side we have touch or button-based switches.

We find the mechanical, rotary control panels on cheap electric oven models. They allow you to quickly choose the cooking temperature, cooking mode and set a timer. But it is not necessarily a rule, so you can see a control system for more expensive models equipped with a convection system and a toaster.

In terms of electronic panels, such ovens have mechanical or tactile buttons that come bundled with LEDs or more advanced graphic displays. The display can be tactical or it can be classic. With an electronic control system, the user can select the values more precisely. In this way you can set certain automated cooking modes and you can set the cooking temperature very exactly. The manufacturers of the best built-in electric ovens always innovate in this direction and offer buyers many interesting options.

Advanced functions

Ovens have already appeared that have integrated video cameras and broadcast the live image on a mobile phone if you are at a distance. Others even replace the glass on the door with a display, to avoid heat loss and save electricity. In this way, these models of electric ovens have integrated wireless or Bluetooth technology for remote control of household appliances. These ovens are more for exhibitions and to attract the passionate consumer of gadgets, but in reality it is debatable whether all the innovations bring a real benefit to the baking process.

Good brands of built-in electric ovens

On the Romanian market we meet a multitude of brands of built-in ovens. However, they differ in the finishes used, the quality of assembly, the number of programs and functions available, the warranty and service.

Arctic built-in oven

I produce budget built-in ovens, with good and varied functions and programs. It is a popular choice among Romanian consumers. Most come with a generous 5 year warranty.

Beko built-in oven

The Arctic's sister brand produces ovens comparable to the Arctic ones, usually at a higher price. They can be differentiated by slightly better finishes, and some dedicated Beko technologies.

Bosch built-in oven

Quality German products at a much higher cost than the brand. But it is a justified choice for those who have a budget. You have very good materials, many and varied programs, guaranteed Bosch quality and a special elegance.

Electrolux built-in oven

It is a quality brand, with a history behind it and a wide range of models. You can rely on an Electrolux product due to the materials, the simple but functional technology. Although it comes at a reasonable price, you have functions such as grill, steam cooking or anti-fingerprint stainless steel finishes. They also produce built-in refrigerators .

Hansa built-in oven

This manufacturer offers a very good value for money. You don't necessarily have the latest technologies, or top materials, but it does its job. You can also find plastic on some elements from the Hansa range.

Whirlpool built-in oven

I produce quality ovens and hobs at a fair price. If you find them with built-in hobs and ovens, you can get a very good offer.

Additional functions of good electric ovens

Automatic cleaning – There are several models on the market that can clean themselves from cooking residues. Pyrolytic furnaces are equipped with a function operated at high temperatures to turn traces of dirt into ash by burning them. Catalytic furnaces, on the other hand, fight the deposition of impurities and grease on the walls of the furnace. In the end the result is the same, a cleaner built-in oven.

Touch controls – Touch controls usually allow you to set the temperature more accurately, with smaller and more accurate temperature ranges. They can save space and look better on most ovens.

Cooking Schedule – Such an option allows you to set the cooking time and alert you with an auditory and visual signal. The oven will turn on automatically, bake the dishes and turn off at the end.

Tray support – The tray support allows you to pull the shelves in a sustained manner, without having to lift them and push them back effortlessly. It is a pleasant oven cooking experience with such an option.

Steam option – There are also ovens that allow you to cook healthier, steam. For this you will fill a dedicated tank with water, which at high temperature will evaporate, gating the pieces. You can use them to cook vegetables, meat, fish and other delicious dishes.

Other good functions at the electric oven

Dedicated programs – Do you want to cook fish, meat, pizza or put a chicken on the grill? Just select the program and the oven will set the temperature, fan level and cooking time. It will do all these actions automatically.

Smart ovens – In the smart era, built-in ovens also allow you to control certain functions or check details about the cooking process. All this information can be displayed directly on your smartphone, with the help of a dedicated application.

Triple glass – Most good built-in ovens have two layers of glass on the front window. But there are also models with triple glazing, which allow the temperature to be maintained more efficiently and prevent the outer layer from heating up too much.

Other options for electric ovens

The advantage of a good electric oven compared to a gas oven is that it can heat up, down or even sideways. At the same time, the gas ones have a single burner at the bottom of the equipment. From here, there are many cooking options for electric ovens.

A chef can try new recipes and other ways of cooking, if he has an electric oven in his kitchen. Let's explore the options that an electric oven offers you when you want to cook by baking.

The best and most commonly used way of cooking is the convection which moves the air masses evenly with the help of a built-in fan. Good electric ovens also have a heating element next to the fan. The movement of hot air allows you to cook food evenly on all sides. Alternatively, many turn on the fan without heating if they want to get easy to defrost food.

With the grill option, you can cook various types of meat on the top shelf according to several recipes. It can be used in combination with a toaster. If you like grilled chicken and other similar dishes, you should also see those models that have a special motor for rotating meat dishes. These functions are also beginning to appear on more affordable built-in electric oven models.

The trays can be framed on some telescopic shelves that slide back and forth. Here you can pay attention to how much these telescopic shelves can come out of the inside of the oven. The longer it is, the better and easier it is to use. There are models that allow you to completely remove the tray from the inside, and this is a convenient one.

Classic and extravagant functions

Although fewer, there are electric salt ovens and they also have a microwave function. It certainly costs more to buy, but it saves you from buying a dedicated microwave. In addition, you gain space in your kitchen. Such a microwave oven can be used to quickly cook certain products.

The probe thermometer is an accessory with which the oven can be equipped or not. It is especially useful for cooking meat. It is used for basic food tracking and indoor baking. The most advanced models have a temperature probe related to the basic function, so they can turn off the oven when the temperature reaches a certain level inside.

Most new electric ovens also have a steam cooking function. For cheap models, the water evaporates from an inner container until the end of cooking. More expensive models can inject hot steam at the time selected by the user. Steam can help in the cooking process in several ways. It can make the food tastier, juicier and more fragile.

Dedicated baking programs at good ovens

Dedicated oven programs can help a lot the chefs who are at the beginning of the road or want to cook certain dishes more easily. To cook something basic without too much intervention, it may be enough to select only the type of product you are preparing and how to prepare it, and the appliance will automatically set the temperature and the type of cooking necessary for the chosen product category. Who knows, in the future, smart electric ovens may allow us to store our recipes in memory and they will take care of the entire cooking process.

A recent novelty in the market is a new type of oven – an oven with a separator that allows you to turn a work room in two. Such an engineering construction allows you to cook two types of products at the same time. Each of them, however, will be cooked at different temperatures and for a different time. In this way, you can turn your large oven into 2 smaller built-in electric ovens. In addition, for economy, if you cook a little food, you can use only half of the oven.

The list goes on, but we have to tell you that these features are characteristic of the best built-in electric ovens, and gas models probably won't have that. The built-in gas oven can have a fan, a timer, a grill and maybe a toaster and that's about it.

Self-cleaning type of built-in electric oven

Catalytic selfcleaning electric oven

Catalytic cleaning is based on the absorption of grease and dirt from the walls of the furnace and their subsequent decomposition, turning into fine ash. This is possible due to the ceramic enamel layer with which the inner walls of the oven are covered.

Pyrolytic selfcleaning electric oven

This type of cleaning is done through a special program from the oven equipment. This program raises the temperature for a short time to 400-500 degrees Celsius, burning dirt and traces of grease. Subsequently, a thin layer of powder is deposited to be wiped off with a cloth.

Hydrolytic selfcleaning electric oven

As the name suggests, this process involves the use of water. Usually insert a pot of water (or some are equipped with a special container), then with the help of a special program, the oven is heated and the water evaporates on the walls of the oven. With a cloth, it is very easy to remove any traces of residues.

EcoClean selfcleaning electric oven

As a principle of operation it is similar to the type of pyrolytic self-cleaning. The major difference comes from the temperature difference (a much lower temperature is required), and the lack of a dedicated cleaning program. Basically, the cleaning is done automatically with a minimum of additional energy consumption.

Other aspects regarding the cleaning of the built-in electric oven

For any housewife, cleaning the electric oven is one of the most relevant questions for those who plan to bake a lot and often. This aspect must be taken into account when choosing the cooking device. As I said above, there are many cleaning technologies, pyrolytic, catalytic and steam by hydrolysis. The best steam system is suitable for those who use the oven occasionally. Catalytic cleaning technology is good for those who cook almost daily, and pyrolysis is good for frequent reading.

How can we describe very briefly each of the above technologies? Pyrolytic self-cleaning involves heating the oven to about 500 degrees Celsius. As a result, grease and other impurities during this cleaning turn to ash, which can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Of the accessories and the door is cleaned manually with certain substances. When cleaning the pyrolytic, it will heat both the inside of the oven and all the air in the room. Additionally, a strong odor may be present for 1 or 2 hours during this process.

Catalytic self-cleaning assumes that the inside of the oven is treated with a special enamel that absorbs and breaks down grease residues and other dirt, even during baking at high temperatures. The part and the door must be cleaned manually with a damp cloth. We mention that this treated surface can wear out over time and may even need to be replaced after several years of intensive use.

Cleaning the steam oven

But steam cleaning does not have the role of cleaning, but of facilitating the softening of the walls so that it can be cleaned manually with a cloth. To clean the electric oven in this way, put a container of water inside and at a temperature around 90 degrees Celsius, it will begin to evaporate. When the program is ready, all you have to do is try to wipe the dirt with a cloth. The models of electric ovens that come equipped with such technology are cheaper, but the cleaning efficiency is not very high.

Don't forget that regardless of the built-in oven cleaning system, some areas will have to be cleaned manually. Because the door will have to be washed by hand, not only from the inside, but also from the outside, it is worth asking from the start if it can be removed and rinsed in good condition. Also pay attention to the number of layers of glass. If there are more, the better the thermal insulation inside. Most built-in electric ovens have between 2 and 4 layers of safety glass.

Mounting built-in oven

For installation you have 2 possibilities: either the oven is installed by the kitchen furniture assembly team, or mounted by the home appliance store team. In Bucharest, Ilfov, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Oradea, Suceava, Deva, Craiova and other big cities, you can easily find companies and assembly teams even from those from whom you decide to buy the built-in oven.

For the best electric ovens, there must be an automatic stop when overheating. For child protection, it is also worth seeing the childlock option or the control panel lock. Almost all new electric ovens use a cooling system that removes heat from the oven area with a fan, for. so that it does not overheat.

House and for any modern appliance, the presence of earth and a neutral wire in your home will be necessary. When mounting, a dedicated, resistant and good quality prose will have to be used to cope with the high electricity consumption.

In no way should you neglect the installation tips of the electric oven. If necessary, call someone specialized. Finally, the correct operation of the device is at stake, but also the safety and avoidance of a fire. Be very careful especially about the minimum distance from walls and other appliances.

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