what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

The best dishwasher – Our recommendations for 2021

As our lives become more and more hectic, the tens of minutes of the day spent washing dishes seem to be useless. A dishwasher can give you extra time spent relaxing or with your family. But, if you do not choose a model that suits your needs and your kitchen, you can wake up with an appliance that is impossible to use. And if you don’t have time to check out our little purchase guide, we offer you some high-performance examples from the start, according to the reviews they received online. The first is Bosch SMS46GI05E , which ensures economy in terms of electricity and water consumption, belonging to the energy efficiency class A ++. It has enough space to wash at the same time up to 12 sets of dishes, so it is effective for a large family, where dirty dishes are the order of the day, and is provided with an average of 6 programs to choose from to protect crystal or metal tableware, for example. If the above model does not delight you, an additional example, specific to compact kitchens, is Indesit DSR 57M19 AS .

Comparison table

This modern, large model has variation in terms of available washing programs and technologies used, being able to successfully clean any dish, while also demonstrating high energy efficiency through low consumption of electricity and water, having a good economic ratio for any family.

Because it is an efficient product, with diversity in the functions offered, the price will be one to match, so that a considerable budget will be required for the purchase.

It is recommended for those willing to invest in a modern, roomy and adaptable dishwasher, which shows its efficiency over time, through lower bills and time spent in the family.

Having dimensions suitable for integration in kitchens limited in space, this model manages to provide enough washing space, of 10 sets, while also having economical water and electricity consumption. At the same time, the diversity and ease of operation are ensured by the digital programming system with easy-to-read LED screen.

The water used may have impurities, because this model does not have a self-cleaning filter and cannot be attached to the filtered hot water provided by the boiler.

Taking into account its features and functions, as well as the sensitive points, the device manages to reach a convenient balance in terms of quality – price, satisfying any home with an average budget.

Because it has the Eco / Bio washing program, and seven other cleaning possibilities, including the popular half-load washing function, it is a model appreciated by home users who want to spend more time away from the sink and kitchen, encouraging relaxing with loved ones or on your own.

Although it is characterized by robustness, for many users the maximum supported volume of 10 sets of dishes, is not large enough for larger families.

How the sanitation of various types of vessels demonstrates the efficiency of the product and, taking into account the increased number of programs and functions available, it deserves the attention of any potential buyer.

How to choose a good dishwasher

Buyer’s guide

A relatively new product on the market, which until recently was a fad, quickly turned into a reliable help. In a minimum of 3 uses per week, the dishwasher helps you save your time in front of the sink, save surprisingly a lot of water and make sure that the dishes have been washed and dried in perfect conditions of hygiene and safety. . This device has been designed to really ease the circuit of dishes in the kitchen.

Easy to use and highly efficient, with a varied number of washing programs, dishwashers offer confidence from the first use. Although it is an investment at the beginning, you will find that it is a future one.

When you start your search for one of the best dishwashers, you need to consider a few features of this product:

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

Performance: here you can evaluate the effective washing efficiency of the dishes, and if you want to deduce it, pay attention to the main program of the model but also if the product has the option of an ECO program, saving water (or adjust consumption according to weight total of the vessels inside the car, or consume water in a very efficient way). To be truly useful, the machine must contain an efficient drying program and a number of different programs, because in the end, not all dishes are equally dirty.

It has never been easier to find one of the best dishwashers when you have the Internet. Most stores also have the option to purchase online, but there are also many large stores that are strictly virtual. You will benefit from price reductions, free shipping, technical support and, of course, the possibility of “refund” if you are not 100% satisfied with the product purchased.

Capacity and size: first of all, it measures the space available for the installation of a dishwasher, taking into account that you need a water and sewer connection. Buy a washing machine according to your needs. If you cook often and a lot, using pans of different sizes, you will need a car with a fairly large capacity, up to 12 sets and a height-adjustable dish rack.

The storage capacity of the dishwashers varies from 6-9 sets to 12-13. In addition, many products contain special baskets for cutlery, plates, pans or glasses, so judge the specifications according to the needs of your home.

Duration of the programs: the actual washing time must be relatively short or, ideally, the machine should include a quick program, which will wash the slightly dirty dishes in just 30 minutes. We also add here the temperature steps specific to each car, the temperature that varies depending on the program used and the degree of dirt. Some cars reach up to 70 degrees C. The higher the temperature, the higher the degree of sanitation.

Ease of use: the manual that accompanies the dishwasher must be easy to understand and apply. Along with the general ease of use of the car, there are two details that should not be neglected. Follow all the components and aspects of the product such as: the arrangement of the control buttons, the filling of the drawer with detergent, the opening angle of the door, the size and diversity of the shelves, the ease of loading and unloading the dishes, before and after use. Everything must be fluid, simple and easy.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

Consumption: takes into account current and water consumption. A good dishwasher, with an energy efficiency class A +, will have to consume about 1 kwh. In addition, water consumption should not exceed 15 liters per wash cycle. Most manufacturers have also developed an Eco washing program, a program that reduces water and energy consumption, but increases the duration of the programs.

Safety: most manufacturers have also implemented a safety system, which offers protection against floods during operation, but also at rest, in case of power outages. Pay attention to this detail of the washing machine, because you never know when it can be essential.


Recommended models in 2021

Bosch SMS46GI05E

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021 If you need a roomy dishwasher, standard size (84.5 x 60 x 60 cm) for the kitchen, this elegant and ergonomic stainless steel model, with detachable top, beautifies your home and helps you clean and dry dishes in -a record time.

It has six cleaning programs, including a car module and an intensive one, for extremely dirty dishes, as well as a quick wash function for maximum efficiency. And for water and electricity savings, you can use the Bio / Eco program that consumes only 9.5 l of water and 0.9 kWh per wash. The annual consumption amounts to 2660 l of water and 258 kWh, belonging to the superior energy efficiency class, A ++.

Inside, it has two baskets with adjustable height to fit different types of dishes, pots and pans, the total capacity being 12 sets, with special low temperature program (40 degrees) for glasses and the possibility of delayed programming up to 24 for hours. When it comes to safety, it is provided with flood protection and has buttons that are easy to recognize and understand, being easy to use for any age category.


The six varied washing and drying programs help to clean multiple types of dishes.

It has an economical program for low water consumption (9.5 l) and electricity (0.9 kWh).

Adjustable baskets allow the cleaning of knives, forks and spoons and small and large dishes.

Topical design, made of easy-care stainless steel, with large buttons and readable instructions.


Relatively above average price, which is justified by the construction material and the functions offered.


Indesit DSR 57M19 AS

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021 The limited space in the kitchen can benefit from a small appliance for automatic cleaning of dishes, such as the one offered by Indesit. With a capacity of 10 sets and two baskets, one of which is adjustable in height, it is “thinner”, measuring 45 cm wide, 85 cm high and 60 cm deep, so it will fit in tighter places, if needed.

Being provided with an LCD display to display the time left until the end of the wash and buttons that briefly describe the related functions, it is easy to use, especially if the instructions for use are followed. It offers a wide range of washing programs, namely 7, including the intensive set and one Eco / Bio, and has a prewash function, much appreciated by many users.

It is part of the cars with an average consumption of water and electricity, belonging to the energy efficiency class A +. As a design, it is part of the elegant, modern models, with a pleasant silver color, and a large door with handle. A slightly more unpleasant aspect is the noise level, 49 dB, annoying for some users.


Narrow dishwasher (45 cm) for small kitchens.

It has ample space for washing dishes (10 sets, 2 baskets).

The use is simple, thanks to the ingenious LCD screen and the buttons carefully positioned in the upper side of the front.

It does not consume many resources, being energy efficient (class A +).


It cannot be connected to the hot water pipe and does not have a self-cleaning filter.


Whirlpool ADP 522 IX

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021 For the moments when you don’t want to leave dishes unwashed from one day to the next, but you don’t have enough dirt to start the car, why not choose one with a half-load function? In addition to this program, this model has another 7, including intensive washing, special option for glasses or silent overnight and Bio / Eco for low resource consumption.

And you can choose one of the three available temperatures, depending on the type of dishes cleaned, using the intuitive buttons and the practical LED display. For the safety of the house, it is provided with protection against water leaks, and it does not have a high consumption of electricity (good annual consumption, of 211 kWh), showing its efficiency from this point of view through the A ++ energy certification.

A washing cycle generally requires 9 liters of water, so less than you would consume by hand washing. It allows the loading of 10 sets of dishes and has two baskets, one of which is adjustable, so you can also wash plates and pots. Being a narrower model (45 cm wide, 85 cm long 57 cm deep) and quieter (43 dB), it can be incorporated in any kitchen, having a pleasant and modern color, silver.


It allows to start the washing cycle when it is half filled, allowing the choice of the washing area (up or down).

It has a variety of cleaning programs, including Eco, for different types of dishes.

Easy control of functions via intuitive LED display.

Reduced water consumption (9l per cycle) and energy resources (class A ++).


The volume of 10 sets is insufficient for families with more than 2 people, according to some received reviews.


Hotpoint LFD11M121CX

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

The Hotpoint LFD11M121CX dishwasher is one of the masters of this field. With a capacity of 14 sets and a number of 11 washing programs, you can say that you have in front of you one of the best dishwashers this year.

The energy efficiency class of the A ++ product guarantees an energy consumption of only 0.93 kW per washing cycle and a water consumption of 9 liters. These are excellent values, below the general estimates of an economical dishwasher. On an LCD display you can choose a number of 11 programs that include: auto fast, intensive and normal, duo wash, Eco mode, express 30 and sanitizing. The washing temperature varies from one program to another from 40 to 70 degrees C.

The large number of programs allows you to wash a diverse number of dishes, which are in different degrees of dirt. For example, the Express 30 mode offers you the possibility of a quick and easy washing cycle for slightly dirty plates, completed in just 30 minutes. It is ideal to use it before dinner, when you only have plates and cutlery for the day, or if you have pre-rinsed in the cheerful sink. In order to find out more details about each program, you will have to study a little the washing machine manual, a particularly pleasant “reading” for us, because curiosity and discovery are part of the pleasure of shopping.

Additional features include a half-load option, a rinse pressure indicator light and a sensor system that measures your dirt and changes consumption accordingly. The half-load function saves you money and is ideal especially if you have a small family or a little cheerful. In addition, the sensors estimate for you the information needed for minimum consumption.

In the accessories of this product, you will find a height-adjustable basket (Lift Up), a cutlery tray, a lower basket with folding inserts and a sliding cutlery basket. Basically, you will receive the complete package, for any kind of dishes.

The height of the device is 60 centimeters and the rest of the dimensions are 85 x 60 centimeters. You can check if the dimensions match those assigned to you by this device and if it fits in the kitchen. If not, we advise you to find another place, because it is definitely worth it. Don’t forget that you will need a connection to a water and sewer source.


Energy efficiency class A ++, washing and drying A.

Increased capacity, 14 sets.

Low energy consumption of 0.93 kW per washing cycle.

Low water consumption, 9 liters per washing cycle.

Includes 11 washing programs.

Includes half-load option.

Contains the Eco program.

Consistent accessory list.

Digital control.


Pretty high price.


Bosch SKS51E22EU

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021 For those who have minimal space, but need automatic help washing dishes, this compact car can be exactly what they need. It measures only 45 cm high, 55 cm wide and 50 cm deep, and can be positioned both on the counter and in a closet or under the sink, to get closer to the water source and drain.

It has a low energy consumption (0.61 kW per operating cycle) and uses 8l of water per cycle (efficiency class A +), with 5 different washing programs, for various types of dishes or depending on needs, and five stages temperature (between 40 and 70 degrees). Here we mention half-load washing, the intensive program for very dirty dishes, the fast and efficient one, and the indispensable Eco program, longer but economical.

The control is done mechanically, with the help of a rotating button, so you will have to read carefully the instructions for use at the first use. It has a relatively small capacity, of 6 sets, and a cutlery basket, so that they do not scratch the dishes, and an average noise level of 48 dB, which can be perceived by some people. It weighs only 21 kg, being relatively easy to transport, and has a white color.


Compact machine for small kitchens.

It has a variety of washing programs and temperature settings, being efficient with various types of dishes.

Energy and resource efficiency is ensured by the energy efficiency class A ++.

Medium to small capacity, 6 sets, enough for a small family.


Setting the desired program can be difficult on first attempts due to the mechanical control system.

Hansa ZWM 606IH

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021 Here is a large car (84.5 x 60 x 60 cm), which can be incorporated especially in modernly furnished kitchens, thanks to the minimalist design in metallic gray stainless steel and the LED display, easy to read. The control of the functions is done mechanically, having specific buttons for each of the 6 programs, from which we bring to the fore the intensive washing, the Eco program and the half-loading option, as well as the hot air drying.

For the safety of the house in case of failures, it is provided with flood protection, and the end of the cycle is signaled by an audible message. It has a large capacity of 12 sets, with 2 useful baskets for plates, bowls, or pans and pots, so that you can clean all the dirty dishes during the day at the same time.

Because it is more robust, it makes noise, being marked with a level of 49 dB, which should not bother much. Energy efficient (class A +), it has a consumption of 1kWh per washing cycle, and requires 12 l of water per cycle, slightly more than the average of these appliances.


Large stainless steel car, incorporable in modernly furnished kitchens.

It has a standard capacity of 12 sets and 2 baskets for easy arrangement of dishes.

It features a variety of available programs, including intensive and Eco-friendly.

The AquaStop function stops the water supply in case of failures, to prevent floods.


Water consumption (12 l) and electricity (1 kWh) above average.

Beko DFS05011W

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021 Here is a classic, white dishwasher that has mechanical control based on a folding button, with LED bulb display. Being a narrower model, it can be placed even in kitchens limited in space, as the complete measurements are 85 x 44.5 x 60 cm.

Provides ample space for 10 sets that can be placed on the two spacious baskets, with a special set for cutlery. For complete cleaning, it has 5 programs at variable temperatures, including intensive washing, Eco and Quick & Clean, washing at 30 degrees or Clean & Shine. And the process can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance, working even when you are not at home, if you want.

As additional functions, it has sensors for detecting the degree of dirt and water control, drying the dishes with hot air and leaving them clean and without stains. It has a relatively good noise level of 49 dB, imperceptible to most users. When it comes to consumption, although we are talking about an A + efficiency model, the energy required for a cycle is 0.83 kWh, proving to be efficient, but the water consumption is above average, 13 l.


Classic dishwasher, at a good price.

Sufficient workload (10 sets with 2 storage baskets) for a family with several members.

Energy efficient, consuming around 0.83 kWh per cycle.

The 5 work programs at different temperatures ensure diversified preferential washing on the type of vessel.


Water consumption is above average, 13 l per turn.

How to use a dishwasher

If you are thinking of getting rid of the eternal chore of washing dishes, you are probably already planning to buy an automatic cleaning machine. However, make sure that you use it properly, so that you have shiny dishes, without shards and without grease stains.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

You need to know where to mount it

Installing a washing machine changes, somewhat, the place where you decided to place it. It is best to put it in the kitchen, near the water network, but if this is not possible, you can place it in a hallway or even in the bathroom. It will not be as convenient, considering that you have to transport the dishes, but the solution remains at hand. Also, look for specialized help, if the provider does not offer such a thing, especially if you do not know how to make network connections.

Know the instructions for use

Of course, to know exactly how to use it, it is good to read the instructions for use before starting it. Each car has its own way of working, with different temperature programs. If it is set in the right way, you will get excellent results no matter what dish you have cooked. Don’t expect, if you use a quick wash program on a set of greased pans, that they will be clean at the end of the wash.

Consulting the instructions is even more important to know what not to put in the tub, so as not to damage the container.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

Position the dishes correctly

First of all, before inserting the dishes into the washing basket, you must clean them of the remaining food scraps and only then start placing them inside. As a general rule, cups, glasses, pots and pans should be placed face down, and bowls, bowls, and other curved dishes should be placed obliquely. The shallow and flat plates are placed in special niches, as well as the cutlery.

If you have larger dishes, the shelves can be removed or adjusted to support trays of considerable size. The most important thing is to avoid joining the vessels on top of each other or overcrowding, because due to them, the water jet will not penetrate well between the objects and some will remain with stains on them.

Add rinsing solution

In addition to its own detergent, the car also uses a rinsing solution that ensures the shine of the dishes, so that your glasses do not have traces of drops on them, when they dry. Using the mentioned solution after each wash, you have glasses ready to use without investing in special wiping products. In addition, you will not have to make an effort to give them shine, if this aspect is important to you.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

Maintain it constantly

There are two simple things you need to do to keep your car clean and efficient for a long time: use only detergents recommended for it (not manual dishwashers) and softening salt. This protects the car from limescale deposits, is placed in the specially allocated tank and must be replaced every few months; usually the car will warn you when it runs out.

In addition to these two essential things, the car must be washed inside, the water sprayers must be kept clean so as not to clog, and the filters must also be cleaned to avoid clogging. It is recommended that after use, leave the door ajar to avoid the accumulation of moisture and unpleasant odors.

Popular brands:

One of the most popular large appliances that equip the kitchen is the dishwasher. With its help you will save a substantial amount of time, water and detergent and you will not even have to deal with unpleasant duties yourself. Here are the most appreciated brands in the field.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German company with a long existence. It was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart and currently has over 300 branches in more than 60 countries around the world.

The company’s fields of activity are diverse and extensive: design and manufacture of components for the automotive industry, design and production of household appliances, tools and other consumer products, industrial engineering services in the field of construction and more.

From the first low-voltage spark plug for gasoline engines manufactured in 1887, to the first diesel injection pump in 1927, the first drill in 1932 or the first electric control unit in 1979, the road traveled by the brand has been continuously upward. continues even today.

Other brands that are sold and manufactured under the Bosch umbrella are Blaupunkt and Junkers, both market leaders in their fields of activity. Buyers describe the experience of using the company’s products as a pleasant one, which gives them a sense of trust, marked by reliability and consistency, stating that they will remain loyal to the brand.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

With the full name Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, but known to the general public only as Hotpoint, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances, bringing together European and American capital. The herds are divided between the two main owners, Whirlpool and Haier.

Hotpoint was founded in 1911 in California, its name coming from the first electric iron. Its inventor laid the foundations of a new company that began to mass-produce these irons, later starting the production of electric cooking appliances, in 1919. Earls Richardson, because it is about him, also invented the first iron that stopped. automatically once the maximum temperature is reached.

In 1929, the company merged with the Associated Electrical Industries, becoming part of The General Electric Company, and Hotpoint continued to exist as a subsidiary. At the beginning of 2021 Hotpoint was initially taken over completely by Ariston, creating a single entity, known as Hotpoint – Ariston. In 2008 Indesit bought assets from General Electric and replaced both Hotpoint and Ariston. In 2014, Whirlpool bought the majority stake and decided to return to the name Hotpoint – Ariston.

Currently, the brand is known as the largest manufacturer of home appliances in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. With both Europe and the United States as its main markets, production is constantly expanding.

what is the best dishwasher to buy in 2021

AB Electrolux or simply Electrolux, as it is known to the general public, is a Swedish multinational headquartered in Stockholm, which ranks second in the world in the top of home appliance manufacturers, after the famous Whirlpool. Electrolux products are also sold under other brands and are intended mainly for household consumers, although there are also products for professional use.

The company was practically formed in 1919, from the merger of two other companies that existed at that time: Svenska Elektron AB and Lux AB. The name Electrolux was introduced only in 1957. If initially the brand sells vacuum cleaners in several European countries, soon the offer was enriched with refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and food appliances.

Some of the brands under which Electrolux products are sold are Faure, Progress, Voss, Zanker, Zanussi, Kelvinator and more. Regardless of the name, the products combine the qualities offered by the company for almost 100 years, one of the most striking being the attractive ratio between price and quality.

Currently, the Electrolux offer for Romania includes ovens, washing machines, hobs, food processors, refrigerators, dryers, stoves, blenders, dishwashers, hoods, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and the list can keep going.

»Here you can find recommendations from previous years

Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Whirlpool ADP450WH

With a capacity of 9 sets and a total of 5 programs, Whirlpool ADP450WH is also a candidate for the title of the best cheap dishwasher. It includes an intensive washing program that uses water at a temperature of 70 degrees C, a fast program with a temperature of 40 degrees C, a car program and one for pre-washing. In addition, the Eco program reduces water and electricity consumption by using a water temperature of 50 degrees C.

This product falls into class A of energy efficiency and washing and class B in drying efficiency. The energy consumption per washing cycle of 0.81 kW is one of the lowest in this category of products.

If you haven’t already measured the space allocated to your future kitchen help, it’s time to do it. The Whirlpool ADP450WH dishwasher has the dimensions (L x W x H) of 85.0 x 45.0 x 58.0 centimeters.

Although the great advantage of this product is the price and the number of programs, the Whirlpool ADP450WH dishwasher does not contain important bonus programs and options, such as flood protection, self-cleaning filter and half-load option. Does not include an LCD display or sensors to help you wash. It is a basic and good product, but, you can say, devoid of imagination.


Capacity of 9 sets, suitable for families.

Energy efficiency and washing class A, so it works economically.

It also contains a Bio / Eco program.

Includes 5 washing programs and 4 temperature levels, ensuring versatility in operation.

Reduced energy consumption per washing cycle of 0.81 kW.

The offer price is considered low.


It has no flood protection or self-cleaning filter.

Arctic ADFS45

A washing machine with a capacity of 10 sets, a number of 5 washing programs and a general efficiency triple A. Among the programs we find the prewash option, the express program 30, which offers you in just 30 minutes an efficient washing of dishes a little dirty, Eco 50 program and modules quickly and intensively. The device controls 4 degrees of temperature, between 35 and 70 degrees C. You can wash, sanitize and dry the dishes quickly and without consuming more energy or water than needed.

Additional options for the ARCTIC ADFS45 washing machine include a flood protection system. In addition, the half-load program comes to the aid of those who can’t stand to spend a few days with dirty dishes in the car, if you have a little crockery or a small family. With the help of the Eco program, the energy consumption of the product is 0.94 kW per washing cycle, and the water is 13 liters. Energy consumption is very good, as it is below the average of an efficient car, so only water could be an additional cost.

To check if it fits in the planned space, it is useful to know that the ARCTIC ADFS45 dishwasher has the dimensions of 44.8 x 57 x 85 (W x H x H) centimeters. Although it fulfills its functions brilliantly, this car is still a simpler one, with mechanical control, without digital display or sensors.


Washing capacity of 10 sets.

Contains 5 washing programs.

Triple efficiency class A.

Consumption of 0.94 kW per washing cycle using the Eco program.

Consumption of 13 liters of water per washing cycle, using the Eco program.

Includes 4 temperature levels.


It does not contain many accessories.

Quite high water consumption.

Indesit ICD661S

With a capacity of 6 sets, compact and easy to place, Indesit ICD661S is perhaps the best cheap dishwasher. It contains 6 washing programs that include an intensive program, but also its opposite (fast 30), which offers you the opportunity to wash the less dirty plates in just 30 minutes. It also contains the Eco program, created to save, whether we are talking about energy or water consumption, a daily washing program, but also a program specific to fragile dishes and glasses. An efficient, simple and complete package to meet the needs of any family.

The machine contains two safety systems in case of flood, one of them is the Water Stop system, which immediately blocks the entry of water into the washing machine in case of pressure fluctuation or rupture of the supply pipe. The Overflow system intelligently controls the amount of water used during the washing cycle and interrupts the operation of the machine and evacuates excess water, when necessary. However, you do not have to worry about dishwasher accidents.

The list of accessories is small and includes a cutlery basket and a glass holder, in addition to the standard dish grill. The general energy consumption of this product is 0.63 kW per washing cycle, transforming this washing machine into one of the most cost-effective on the market.

Its size is very small – this is a compact dishwasher, suitable for a couple or a small family. Weighing 27.5 kilograms, its dimensions are (lx W x H) 44 x 55 x 52 cm. Overall, the car is quite simple, classic, mechanically controlled and can sometimes become quite noisy.


Triple efficiency class A.

Capacity of 6 sets.

Contains 6 washing programs

Includes Eco program.

Low energy consumption of 0.63 kW per washing cycle.

Flood protection system.


Small list of accessories.

It can be quite noisy.

Bosch SMS40M52EU

The Bosch SMS40M52EU dishwasher is one of the best washing machines.   The total capacity of 12 sets and the special height-adjustable baskets for crockery, cutlery and glasses, allow the simple movement of the contents and the introduction of vessels of various sizes. This means that along with the plates you will be able to put the tall bowl from the blender and various other crockery items that can be washed in the car. This product includes 4 washing programs: an intensive program that uses a water temperature of 70 degrees C, a fast program and a car program that uses 45-65 degrees C and the Bio / Eco program that uses a temperature of up to 50 degrees C. Each of these programs can be used depending on the number of dishes inserted in the car and their degree of soiling. This means that you can minimize your consumption if you estimate how much and how dirty the dishes are. To “calculate” this cleaning difficulty, the manufacturers have also created a series of sensors, such as Aqua Sensor, which allows automatic adjustment of washing time, water consumption and temperature change according to the degree of dirt of the dishes.

It also has a loading sensor, a glass protection system and a visual aid that assists you in dosing the detergent. Everything is very simple and intuitive (and the manual will give you enough information), so you will immediately start washing the dishes by car. The car is also safe, presenting a flood protection system, called Aqua Stop, which offers maximum safety during operation, but also at rest or in case of voltage drops. You can worry that you forgot your car, or that you did not turn off the water when you went on vacation.

This washing machine falls into the energy efficiency class A +, with an annual energy consumption of 290 kW, and with the help of the Eco energy program, the consumption is 1.02 kW per washing cycle. The annual water consumption is 3360 liters, and 19 liters of water are used for a washing cycle. The Eco program also comes here to help, reducing water consumption per washing cycle to 12 liters. These significant differences offer one disadvantage, namely the increase in washing time. But if you plan to wash your dishes in advance, this will not be a problem. To check if it fits in the planned space, it is useful to know that the Bosch SMS40M52EU car measures 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm. If you consider the long list of advantages, you will be convinced that Bosch SMS40M52EU is the best dishwasher. It is an indispensable help in the kitchen, which will not “give you a hole” in the long-term budget and can be easily used by the whole family.


Energy efficiency class, washing and drying A +.

Contains an Eco program that helps reduce overall water consumption (12 liters per wash cycle) and electricity (1.02 kWh).

Includes 4 washing programs, with 4 temperature levels specific to each washing program.

Provides protection against joints (Aqua stop).

Contains sensors to assist washing programs (Aqua Sensor, Load Sensor, Dosage Assist).

The list of accessories includes a height-adjustable basket (Rackmatic), a cutlery basket and a special cup holder, but also a special large basket (silver XXL).

Digital control.


Increased energy and water consumption per washing cycle, without the use of the Eco program, of 1.6 kWh and 19l.

Electrolux Real Life ESF8620ROW

If you are interested in a model of high capacity dishwasher, Electrolux has an irresistible suggestion for you. This piece has a XXL tub and can be loaded with 15 sets of dishes, which will sanitize optimally. Since it is specified that it is part of the energy saving class A ++, the consumption will not be too high, and as washing and drying, class A clearly demonstrates some enviable performances.

With a consumption of 11 liters of water per cycle, we can say that in this respect the device is relatively economical. About the programs offered, we remind you that there are 6 of them and all of them will be set up by electronic control, very useful and easy. In addition to the temperature adjustment and the option of additional rinsing, which will ensure that the dishes are not only clean and disinfected, but also ready for use after removal from the tub, the car also offers other innovative technologies.

Of these, the DryTech system guarantees that the dishes will be perfectly dry at the end of a work cycle. Reliable solutions are also present, as the device is equipped with a flood sensor, automatic shutdown and a thermo-efficient system that insulates the temperatures inside. It comes with a folding shelf for cups and a basket, along with an ergonomic cutlery tray. It is slightly larger than other models with lower capacities, measuring 85 x 59.6 x 61cm, and when it is turned on it generates only 46dB of noise, so it is really quiet. Given the picture of these capabilities, the cost is more convenient than other commercial models.


It can wash large quantities of dishes at once, taking place for 15 sets.

It includes multiple adjustment and safety functions, so it works reliably.

It offers 6 work programs, ensuring diversified and preferential washing.

It saves resources, being everywhere in class A.

Electrolux washing machine at a good price.

Generates very little noise, 46dB.


It’s a little more voluminous, with a XXL tub.

It does not include washing on areas, for when you prefer to load it less.

Hansa ZWM 407WH

For those with more limited needs for sanitizing dishes, this piece from Hansa will be roomy enough, providing a capacity of 9 sets of dishes. The model is a simple one and is classified in class A for the energy and water economy it is capable of. The seven programs can be used as diversified as possible, allowing conventional, intensive or fast washing, along with options that give you the opportunity to load the car only halfway or wash Bio-Eco.

For glasses, you have a separate program. The device is equipped with flood protection, and as an additional method to make it reliable, the engineers have included a child safety function, which does not allow them to open the tank during operation. An LED display allows the visualization of the use parameters, but the control is done mechanically, by simple buttons. At the end, the dishes will be dried, based on hot air technology.

Last but not least, you can use the program with delayed start, in case you want to leave this device to work unattended. The supply cable and the drain hose measure both 1.5m and 1.75m each, allowing installation in a small kitchen. The model has two baskets inside and also has a salt compartment, in case you want to degrease certain parts. The piece is small, measuring 84.5 x 44.8 x 60cm and weighing a maximum of 40Kg.


Suitable for small and moderate quantities of dishes – with a capacity of 9 sets.

It can be washed and half loaded, saving water and energy.

It works with 7 programs and has an A rating as efficiency.

The investment required is moderate and even small.


The hose and the electrical wire have limited dimensions, so it requires integration in a smaller room.

Beko DFN 6833

The capacity of 13 sets and the efficiency class A +, make the Beko DFN 6833 dishwasher a real candidate on the list of future home purchases. From the 8 washing programs available, you can choose an intensive program, a fast and a car program, but also the Bio / Eco program, and the washing temperatures vary between 35 to 70 degrees C, depending on the degree of dirt on the surface. vessels.

They ensure the flexibility and versatility of the dishwasher, because no household is like another and in addition and our eating habits vary from day to day. The car is delivered together with a special basket for storing dishes and cutlery.

This car also includes three special functions. The first of these, Extra Hygiene, is specially created for increased hygiene, a program that guarantees a 99.99% destruction of bacteria. It is especially useful if you have small children and you are afraid of microbial contamination through dishes. The other two special functions are the Quick & Clean program, for a quick wash and the Active Wash program, for an efficient and safe cleaning of Chinese glass and porcelain. With this feature, you can be sure that the delicate dishes that are a beautiful family heirloom will not be hated and will not break in the dishwasher. The energy consumption per washing cycle is 0.94 kW, and the water consumption is 10 liters, consumption that will not increase your monthly bills too much. Of course, flood protection could not be missing from this list. Although the price does not make it the best cheap washing machine, it is still a very efficient device, and we believe that this investment will be worth every penny.


Capacity of 13 sets.

Energy efficiency class A +, washing and drying A.

Energy consumption of 0.94 kW per washing cycle.

Water consumption of 10 liters per washing cycle.

8 washing programs.

Flood protection.

Contains the Eco wash program.

Controls 6 temperature levels.

Special washing programs, such as Extra Hygiene and Active Wash.

Digital control.


Small accessories list.

Bosch SMS40C22EU

If you want to be spared from the effort put in when you sanitize the dishes manually and save precious time, Bosch SM40C22EU is a product that should not be missing from your kitchen. With a generous capacity, the dishwasher allows you to clean a set of 12 pieces, being perfect for anyone who frequently has guests.

The device also has a rotation speed sensor that, depending on the weight of the load, uses the right level of water to soften dirty dishes. In short, this feature helps you save water and electricity. Another plus is the presence of the electronic delay timer that schedules the sanitation process according to the requirements, at any time during the day or night.

The dishwasher is equipped with the AquaStop system, which offers 100% protection throughout its entire life against damage caused by water, while also benefiting from technology for the protection of glass, so that the porcelain does not suffer.


It has a LoadSensor for automatic selection of the optimal washing program.

The HalfLoad option helps you to sanitize a smaller number of vessels, saving water and time.

Allows loading of 12 sets of vessels for sanitation.

It benefits from flood protection.


It is not provided with drying program.

Electrolux ESF4200LOW

A dishwasher that includes 9 sets and 5 washing programs. Among the functions and options we find a control sensor, which detects the level of dirt and adjusts the water and energy consumption accordingly, a program that delays the start of the washing cycle by up to 3 hours and a quick washing program for dishes easily dirty, ready in 30 minutes. In the list of programs we also find the Eco option, but also the intensive, normal and quick plus mode.

In total, the ELECTROLUX ESF4200LOW washing machine uses 4 temperature levels, from 50 to 70 degrees C, incorporated in 5 easy-to-activate washing programs. In this way, you can modulate the functions of the car according to what you put inside, without ever feeling sorry for the water, detergent and electricity.

The energy efficiency class, washing and drying is triple A, and the energy consumption per washing cycle is 0.87 kW, a very good value for such a device. Water consumption per washing cycle is also quite low, up to 9.5 liters. The annual water consumption estimated by the manufacturer is 2660 liters, with a total of 220 washing cycles. This will not be felt too much in the monthly budget, taking into account that you would have consumed a lot of water washing the dishes by hand anyway. But the time saved is priceless!


Capacity of 9 sets.

Contains a number of 5 washing programs.

Contains the Eco program.

Triple efficiency class A.

Energy consumption of 0.87 kW per washing cycle.

Water consumption of 9.5 liters per washing cycle.

Includes 4 temperature stages.

Lower price than other products of this type.


Does not contain flood protection or additional accessories.

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