what is the best filter coffee machine to buy

Coffee Filters – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you like to drink fresh coffee and do you really want to replace the kettle with a quality coffee maker? These efficient and ingenious devices are available in enough technical combinations to meet all requirements, risking even confusing you if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. For those who prefer simple and quick decisions, we directly propose some of the most popular models on the market, along with a series of relevant criteria for a correct choice.Philips HD7435 / 20 is a compact, modern and efficient version, dedicated to those who care more about quality than quantity. If you want to replace ready-ground coffee with freshly ground beans, we recommend Russell Hobbs 22000-56, with integrated grinder, as an option.

Comparative table

Compact version, ideal for minimalist kitchens and small spaces, designed for homes with 1 or 2 coffee consumers. Includes automatic shut-off, aroma smoothing system, graduated glass carafe, and allows cleaning with the dishwasher.

It is a small capacity model, designed for own consumption, less suitable for offices, events or homes where many guests often gather.

Modern and efficient coffee maker, for those who need to quickly get up to 7 cups of coffee and are looking for a small technical option.

Medium capacity filter and additional functions, which allows fresh beans to be ground each time you make coffee, program the process for the desired time and keep the liquid warm for up to 40 minutes. It works quietly and prepares, for a single use, up to 12 cups of coffee.

The grinder’s operating system requires the addition of water for at least 4 cups, even when you only want coffee for yourself.

Modern option, type 2 in 1, with grinder, provided with timer, function of keeping warm and anti-drip system.

Modern, special design that fits very well in modern kitchens, while offering a quick and easy to use solution to get a sufficient amount of coffee for up to 15 cups. It is a programmable model, with function of selecting the intensity of the aroma, and detachable tank.

It is slightly more expensive than standard versions of similar capacity and does not come with a paper filter, which requires a separate purchase.

Modern and high-performance coffee maker, for those who want to have a few functions in addition to the classic options, for increased comfort and more control of the brewing process.

In-depth reviews about the best coffee filters

Are you preparing for a demanding stage at work and you think it would be good to have a coffee maker at home that will reduce the time you waste in the morning with making coffee? If you do not know exactly what to choose, we invite you to consult some models that enjoy the appreciation of people who already use them.


Philips coffee maker:

Philips HD7435 / 20

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy If you are wondering what a Philips coffee filter with a capacity of only 0.6 liters can do for you, we will tell you that it is the perfect option for those who love to consume fresh coffee and live alone or as a couple. The volume of water is enough to prepare 2 large cups, over 250ml or up to 7 cups of 80ml.

The coffee maker is equipped with an anti-drip system, which allows the extraction of the carafe when the coffee is still being prepared, without splashes and stains, and stops automatically, after 30 minutes from the end of the thermal process. Includes system for homogenizing the infused liquid, to ensure uniform intensity in the collection container. The latter is made of glass, with a transparent surface and auxiliary gradations, for an impeccable service.

It has a power of 700W, enough to quickly prepare 600ml of coffee, and the LED integrated in the base of the device tells you if the device is turned on or not. For easy use and easy maintenance, the tank is equipped with an indicator for filling level, and components that require cleaning can be included in the dishwasher.



Coffee filter with grinder:

Russell Hobbs 22000-56

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy With a power of 1025W and a capacity of 1.25 liters, which means up to 12 single-use cups, this version of the coffee maker is recommended for use in offices or homes occupied by 3-4 or more coffee consumers.

It includes a glass carafe, with gradations that tell you how much coffee you have available at any given time, and the tank is provided with an indicator of the volume of water, for easy loading.

What differentiates this model from other versions is the quiet operation, which recommends it for homes where family members have different waking hours and easy sleep. At the same time, it is a model of coffee filter with digital grinder, which allows fast grinding of beans for fresh and aromatic coffee. In addition, you can choose the degree of grinding, from coarse to fine, and schedule the start time of preparation for the next day.




Bosch coffee filter:

Bosch TKA6A041

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy The Bosch TKA6A041 model takes you to the next level as a single-use brewing capacity, providing a 1.2-liter tank and carafe, both with auxiliary graduations, which allow you to obtain up to 15 cups of coffee. Do you always have a full house and can you keep it for days at parties and meetings with friends? This version suits you perfectly.

The design chapter is not left out either, this variant of Bosch coffee filter being made to impress and attract the eye. The format is completely different from the classic one, almost creating the impression that it is designed from two distinct segments. The water tank is detachable, so that the filling becomes an elegant and simple gesture, and next to the stop / start button you will find an additional option that allows you to set the intensity of the aroma.

It includes a limescale removal program, which ensures a longer lifespan and a more pleasant taste of the coffee obtained, stops automatically, without caring, and is equipped with anti-drip system, which maintains impeccable cleanliness in the space in which you use.




DeLonghi coffee maker:

De’Longhi ICM 2.1B

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy Easy to fill with the right amount of water, thanks to the graduated tank and transparent indicator of water volume, this DeLonghi coffee filter can fill, in a single use, up to 10 tasty and fragrant cups. It has a capacity of 1.5 liters and a power of 1000W, which means that it quickly goes from crushed coffee and water to the energizing and hot liqueur you need every morning.

It is recommended both for home use, as well as for offices or events, and the carafe is provided with a robust, ergonomically shaped handle, which helps you easily transport the hot liquid and pour it accurately into cups.

Unlike most models on the market, Delonghi ICM 2.1B automatically shuts off 9 minutes after the infusion process is completed, to reduce power consumption, helping to protect the environment. It is also equipped with a washable filter, easy to clean, which eliminates the need to repeatedly purchase disposable paper versions.



Star-Light coffee filter:

Star-Light CTF-900SS

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy If you want to buy a coffee maker model that offers you medium to large capacity, with high-performance functions, at an affordable price, we offer you, among the cheap and good coffee filter options, the Star-Light CTF-900SS product. It is among the versions provided with digital display and timer that allows programming the coffee brewing process, which means that you can set the device the night before, to activate at your waking time.

The design is modern and robust, which combines the elegance of black with the sophistication of metal inserts and a format that balances straight lines with curved ones. So that you can use it easily, the tank includes an indicator with a transparent segment, with gradations, which allows the observation of the water level.

It is also equipped with a washable filter, the components that need cleaning can be inserted in the dishwasher, to save time, and in terms of capacity, it can prepare up to 15 cups of coffee thanks to the 1.5 liter tank.



Coffee filter cup:

Philips Daily Collection HD7462, HD7459, HD7461

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy Are you used to the comfort and performance offered by your Philips coffee maker and are you determined to replace the damaged carafe only with an original model? For the HD7462, HD7459 and HD7461 versions from the Daily Collection series, we offer you this compatible carafe, produced to Philips standards, which will perfectly complement the appliance in your kitchen.

Like the original version, it is made of glass and provided with gradations, so you can always know how much coffee you have available and how many cups you can fill. It has a capacity of 1.2 liters, which means up to 12-15 cups, depending on their size, the robust handle ensuring a good grip and casting with safe and precise movements.

The lid is provided with a system for uniformizing the intensity of the aroma, in the form of a tube, which penetrates almost to the base of the carafe. It is one of the details you need to be able to enjoy all the functions offered by the versions with which this coffee filter cup is compatible.



Universal coffee filter cup:

EVO Universal Cane 55268

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy Although in most cases it is preferable to replace the carafe with an original version, it is not always possible. From the high price to the difficulty of finding a compatible version for an older model filter or a brand less present on the Romanian market, the situations in which you have to use a universal coffee filter cup are multiple.

If the original accessory has been damaged and you need a quick and easy replacement, we recommend you try this version from EVO, made of heat-resistant glass, with plastic handle. It offers a large enough capacity to infuse coffee for up to 12 cups, and the transparent walls allow the observation of the amount of liquid accumulated, without being provided with auxiliary gradations.

The diameter of the base is 9.6 cm, in the largest area it has a diameter of 12.2 cm, and its height is 12.8 cm. It is compatible with most types of coffee makers.




Coffee filter:

Davidoff Café Rich Aroma

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy For those who pay attention to every detail of the taste, who are looking for a filter coffee with shades dedicated to connoisseurs, we recommend as an option Davidoff Cafe Rich Aroma, made from roasted and ground beans. Regarding the raw material, we can tell you that it is about grains from East Africa and South America, 100% Arabica, which means a fine taste, less bitter than the Robusta species.

Also in terms of taste and aroma, you will definitely notice that it offers you a fairly intense coffee, with a slightly above average acidity. These qualities are due to the degree of frying, which in this case is a light to medium, which gives the taste shades that will make you think of unripe hazelnuts, rather than caramel or chocolate.

It is a ground version, available in a vacuum pack of 250g and can be used both for filter coffee and for espresso and boiled drinks, offering an energizing effect and an unforgettable experience.




Coffee filter paper:

Lebensbaum gr. 4 LB6304

what is the best filter coffee machine to buy Have you chosen a coffee maker that uses a disposable paper filter, and do you want to buy a set large enough to last you a few months? This is also the purpose for which we have included, in our list of coffee accessories products, the Lebensbaum LB6304 package. From a technical point of view, these are filters made of natural paper, unbleached, produced in Germany, the dimensions falling into the category of type 4 filters.

In terms of number of products, it is a medium-sized set of 100 pieces, designed for those who do not want to go weekly to the store to stock up on replacement filters, but are not yet loyal to a brand and want the chance to change. the brand in a few months, if necessary. It is also suitable for people who occasionally consume coffee and who will use such a set for half a year or even longer.

As a format, it is a round design coffee filter paper, and the box is compact enough not to take up more space than necessary, in the pantry or closet.




Buying guide

Coffee machines in this category include a filter with fine holes, into which ground coffee is infused, and through which passes only the concentrated and aromatic liquid, without staining. Beyond this common principle of operation, on store shelves you will find a variety of coffee filters, at good prices, which require some basic knowledge to differentiate and a correct choice.

Use the recommendations in this guide to make sure you get the best product for your investment.


what is the best filter coffee machine to buy

Ground coffee or beans: Are you among those who carefully look for, in every city they arrive, the cafes where the best coffee is served? Then you will definitely get along best with a coffee filter, at a good price, which allows the use of freshly ground beans. Which means you need a combo version, which includes the grinder.

It is true that 2 in 1 options are usually a bit more expensive, but if your taste buds are sensitive to the subtle nuances of different brands of coffee, you will definitely appreciate the advantage offered.

If you like to drink a good and aromatic coffee, but you don’t have time to wait every day for the few extra moments necessary to grind the beans, you will get along perfectly with the standard models. It is also good to focus on this category if you do not want to invest too much.


Washable or disposable filter: When it comes to this accessory, the choice is quite simple: time or money. For those who want to buy a coffee filter, cheap and good, just to save money spent daily on this natural energizer, we recommend models with washable filter.

Most devices are equipped with a system that allows the support to be rotated outwards on which the filter is fixed, thus helping to easily remove and mount. In addition, the filter itself, made of plastic or metal, is very easy to wash under the water jet from the sink.

Would you rather fall into the category of people who set out to reduce the time spent with small household chores? Then it is easier to choose a version with a disposable filter. You can buy these accessories in sets of 3 to 1000 pieces, so that you have for a longer period of time. They are made of paper and have different shapes (round, square) and several sizes, so carefully check the specifications of the device to find a compatible set.


Capacity: The volume of coffee that can be prepared for a single use depends on the capacity of the tank and the carafe. In general, it varies from 0.6 to 1.6 liters, and the choice usually depends on the number of people in the home (or office) who consume coffee.

Considering that a cup means between 80 and 150ml, the best coffee filters, for those who live alone or with just one more person, are the ones of 0.6 – 0.7l. But if you prefer to make coffee once and drink several cups in the same round, you can opt for a larger capacity version, provided with a reheating hob.

In homes where there are 3-4 consumers and in offices with several people, for meetings or parties, you will definitely need a version over 1l.


Power: Power varies between 0.7 and 1.5kW. For those who are not in a hurry in the morning, this indicator is not very important, as long as you are looking for a coffee filter, at a good price, of at least 0.5 – 0.6kW. But if you are focused on efficiency and speed, we recommend you go for at least 1 – 1.2kW or, if your budget allows, to opt for the versions that offer the highest level of power for the desired capacity.


Useful features: Numerous opinions about the best coffee filters recommend the orientation towards a timer model, which allows scheduling the coffee brewing time the night before. This simple option gives you the opportunity to remove the worry of starting the coffee maker when you wake up.

In the safety category, it is good to look for a variant with automatic shutdown, overheating protection and anti-drip system, which prevents coffee from leaking on the stove when you take the carafe.

Do not underestimate the silent operation, especially if the appliance “wakes up” in front of you and take into account the usefulness of the reheating function. For those who want to have more control over the brewing process, there are high-performance models that allow the selection of the processing temperature and / or the intensity of the coffee obtained.


what is the best filter coffee machine to buy

Accessories: Transparent glass carafes allow you to easily visualize the amount of coffee available, and the best coffee filter will provide you with gradations for the correct estimation of the volume that can be poured. However, these models are more vulnerable to mechanical shocks and provide less efficient thermal insulation. The stainless steel versions are opaque and do not let you see inside, but they are much more resistant and, especially in the double-walled versions, they keep the coffee warm for longer.

If you live in an area with hard water, it is good to know that you can choose a device with a water filter.



Frequent questions

How many teaspoons of coffee are put in the filter?

The number of teaspoons of coffee depends on the amount of water used. The basic rule is to say 60 grams (7 – 8 tablespoons with a tip or 15 – 16 teaspoons with a tip) per 1 liter of water. If you are referring to classic cups, you will need 1.5 – 2 teaspoons of coffee for a cup, depending on the desired intensity.


what is the best filter coffee machine to buy

How to clean a coffee filter?

The coffee filter is always cleaned off and unplugged, without inserting the plug, the power cord or the appliance into the water. The elements that must be washed, with water and a little dish detergent, after each use are: the filter holder, the filter (if it is washable), the carafe and its lid. It is also advisable to wipe periodically with a damp cloth, case and hob.


Dedicated or universal model of coffee filter cup – what to choose?

It depends on the coffee maker model. If you bought, for example, a version of Philips coffee filter, with anti-drip system and AromaTwist technology, you will not be able to enjoy all its functions unless you use a carafe specially designed for this model.

Even with a simple device, with basic functions, if you are moving towards a universal version, you must be careful to find the dimensions and design of the lid, so that it fits as well as possible with the anti-drip system. Beyond these impediments, it is possible that in some cases you will not find an original replacement or it will cost too much and then the universal cup is your best option.



Tips for an excellent filter coffee

Most of the time, the interest for the perfect filter coffee recipe is maximum in the first days or weeks after purchasing a new coffee maker. If you have just brought the new product home, take advantage of these moments and find out how you can get, for sure, a tasty and aromatic coffee.


what is the best filter coffee machine to buy

The right coffee

The taste and aroma of a coffee starts from the variety of beans and the way they are roasted, and ends with the degree of crushing and the quality of the packaging that keeps their qualities. So don’t be satisfied with any product and learn to choose exactly what you like. For example, light roasted beans give a slightly more acidic coffee and a taste that makes you think of hay, raw and rooted hazelnuts, while medium roasted options are closer to caramel and chocolate .


Choose, as much as possible, freshly ground coffee

If you want to consume an aromatic and intense coffee every day, we recommend you consider a coffee filter with grinder and grind the beans fresh, before each use. You can buy me a separate grinder, if you already have a simple coffee maker, or you can buy freshly ground coffee from specialty stores in small quantities, so as not to store it for more than 2-3 days.


what is the best filter coffee machine to buy

Customize the standard recipe

The recommended quantities are the same no matter what filter you use: 60 grams of coffee per 1 liter of water. Start from this basic standard and decide for yourself whether you want a stronger or weaker coffee. Another option is to look for a Bosch, Philips, Russel Hobbs coffee filter or another well-known brand , which also offers you the possibility to automatically choose the intensity of the coffee produced.


Avoid reheated coffee

Although most filter options offer a function of reheating and keeping the coffee warm, if you want to enjoy the taste or as it should, we recommend that you do not let it wait too long in the carafe and always choose a freshly brewed coffee.



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