what is the best hood for kitchen

Hote – Review and comparison in 2021

Are you tired of the smell of food in the house, but you like to cook and have you come to the conclusion that you simply need a hood? The good news is that you have a choice. The downside is that you may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of models displayed in a single online search. If you are in a hurry, we offer you here a few tested and appreciated variants.Zanussi ZHP60260SA may be the right solution for you if you need a telescopic hood, with drain, for small and medium-sized kitchens, available at a reasonable price and easy to use. For slightly larger cooking spaces, of 15 – 16sqm, we propose you as an alternative TEKA TL 6420 .


Comparative table

It is a model with telescopic structure, suitable for small kitchens, with medium absorption power and resistant stainless steel structure. It works quietly, with drain, includes two LED lights, for good visibility, and can be easily integrated into furniture, for a modern and discreet look.

The absorption capacity is medium, suitable for kitchens of 10 – 12sqm, but insufficient for larger spaces, where it is cooked intensively.

Hood designed for studios and apartments with small or medium cooking spaces, in which it is desired to install a version that works with evacuation to the outside.

Hood with efficient design that allows integration into furniture, with absorption power of 390mc / h and exhaust through the pipe, to the outside, built to meet the demands of a medium and large kitchen. Includes aluminum filter, with 12 layers, washable and compatible with the dishwasher, three ventilation stages and the telescopic structure.

The product is manufactured by a lesser known brand, which may mean more difficult access to compatible spare parts and accessories.

Technical variant in the category of extensible options, with two motors and above average capture power.

Built-in model, with a structure provided with a glass edge, with a pleasant and elegant look, suitable for completing arrangements made in a modern, minimalist or contemporary style. It provides high absorption power, up to 643 m3 / h, with three levels of intensity, being recommended for medium and large kitchens.

It is a slightly noisier technical variant than other products of this type, due to the fan that works intensely.

The hood recommended for homes where aromatic recipes are often cooked, with spacious kitchens and residents who really want to keep a fresh air in the rest of the house.

In-depth reviews about the best hoods

Are you interested in some models of hoods, cheap and good, from which you can choose a version suitable for your home? Take a look at these models, different in design, price and efficiency, among which you will surely find an option close to your requirements.


Telescopic hood

Zanussi ZHP60260SA

what is the best hood for kitchen

If your kitchen is too limited in space to install a traditional hood, we suggest you consider an extendable option, such as Zanussi ZHP60260SA. It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with a pleasant appearance, and two LED sections that ensure a very good visibility of the cooking area.

It works with a power of 128W, manageable on three levels of intensity, with a direct effect on the ventilation speed, and offers you an absorption power of 190 to 280mc / h. It is therefore efficient in spaces up to 10 – 11sqm.

It includes a washable aluminum filter to capture grease particles and is a telescopic hood with exhaust, compatible with a 120mm diameter ventilation pipe. It is a fairly quiet version, which generates between 50 and 62dB, depending on the selected ventilation stage, and is provided with an easy-to-use mechanical control panel.


Incorporable hood

TEKA TL 6420

what is the best hood for kitchen

Although the Teka brand is less popular on the Romanian market, it offers you a very interesting offer. The TL 6420 model is, for example, a built-in hood, with an absorption power of 390mc / h, which you can therefore install without worries in spaces up to 15 – 16sqm. The grease is captured by 12-layer aluminum filters, which remove up to 98% of these particles, are easy to detach and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

It is a hood with 2 motors, energy class D, with three power stages, easy to manage from the mechanical panel, and the resistant stainless steel structure. Includes telescopic system that allows the withdrawal of the additional filter segment, for more free space.

Refreshing the air is done by exhausting the outside, so you will need to connect it to a vent. The suction system, designed to act from several angles, gives you enough efficiency to be able to cook as much as you want, without worrying about spreading the smell throughout the house.



Decorative hood


Heinner DCH-650GX

what is the best hood for kitchen

Do you need a decorative hood to help you ingeniously complete the look of the kitchen? Try this model from Heinner, with stainless steel structure and heat-resistant glass, ideal for medium and large cooking areas. It works with an absorption power of 423 up to 634mc / h, depending on the selected ventilation speed, which means that it can keep the air clean without difficulty, in spaces up to 20 – 25sqm.

It is good to know that it is not one of the quietest variants, generating up to 72dB during use, but the noise comes with a very good efficiency. It is part of the category of products that eliminate the smell outside, so you have to install an exhaust way for the hood, in order to use it.

It has a width of 60cm, being suitable for standard hobs with 3 or 4 burners, and allows the management of the absorption power on three stages of intensity, from the mechanical control panel, easy to use.



Hood without exhaust


Airmec by Falmec MAX 50

what is the best hood for kitchen

Have you just moved into an open-space apartment and are looking for a hood without an exhaust, because you want to move the kitchen to an area of the house without access to an exterior wall? We offer you an efficient and discreet model, with a power of 600mc / h, if a 50cm hood suits you, therefore recommended for a home where you opt for a slightly narrower hob than the standard variants.

It is a built-in technical version, so it will take up almost no visual space, leaving only the thin stainless steel edge visible. This time, the control panel is positioned on the same side as the absorption area, in order to offer the possibility of a frame that is as thin and less present as possible.

Also here you will find the LEDs that ensure your visibility while cooking and the two aluminum filters with perimeter suction, which ensure a more efficient air absorption. You can manage the power used, on three levels of intensity, and set the operating period, with the help of the integrated timer.


Hota Beko


Beko CFB6310W

what is the best hood for kitchen

In small kitchens, where more salads and soups are cooked, and less steaks and stews, you don’t need a professional hood to draw all the air out of the room, nor premium household models. You can easily handle an efficient, durable and available product at an affordable price such as this Beko hood.

It is a classic, built-in model, with a simple mechanical panel, which allows you to select the desired ventilation speed and to turn on or off the two halogen bulbs, meant to ensure you, in an economical way, a better visibility. while cooking.

It includes two anti-grease filters, made of aluminum, washable and easy to detach, and has an absorption power of 65 to 160m3 / h, being suitable, as I said, for small kitchens, up to 6 – 7sqm, or medium ones, in which it is rarely cooked. It is good to know that it works quite quietly, on stage 1 of ventilation generating only 48dB, while at maximum level you will be exposed to only 62dB.



Hota Bosch


Bosch DWQ96DM50

what is the best hood for kitchen

Those who enjoy a generous apartment as a space and a similar kitchen will probably be tempted to consider a larger hob, with 5-6 burners, which will always have room for another pot or pan. The Bosch DWQ96DM50 hood is specially designed for these cases, with a width of 90cm, which easily covers large models of electric or gas hobs.

It is a built-in version, so if you want a hood the island is not exactly the right model. It is also part of the category of variants that work by evacuating the air, thus needing to be connected to an outlet through the outer wall of the kitchen.

Includes three anti-grease filters, washable, easy to clean, digital control panel, discreet and elegant, with three ventilation stages and the option to turn on the LEDs, and the exterior is made of stainless steel. It provides an absorption power of up to 610mc / h, so you do not have to worry that it would not cope with a large kitchen.


Professional hota



what is the best hood for kitchen

Pizzerias, restaurants, bakeries, etc. they use different models for capturing and evacuating the smell, such as this professional wall hood, with a length of 2200cm, a width of 700cm and integrated channels for capturing condensation and fat particles from the circulating air.

It includes four metal filters, with a labyrinth-type structure, and is delivered together with 6 support rings, necessary to ensure stability on the wall, 3 mounting brackets, a valve for draining the collected grease and an exhaust hole.

If you are interested in such a model, it is good to know that it does not include the exhaust pipe and the necessary plug to make the connection with it. The model is also delivered without a fan. It is also known as a ventilation plant and weighs 15 kg, being a version specially designed for commercial use and less for integration into private homes, even if the kitchen is used extensively.



Hota Whirlpool


Whirlpool AKR 039 G BL

what is the best hood for kitchen

Elegant, with an impressive black design, this version of the Whirlpool hood is part of the category of options with a decorative role, designed for kitchens where this accessory must make an impression. It is a modern product, with electronic control panel, which allows easy management of ventilation intensity, while being very easy to maintain.

Includes washable aluminum filter, which you will need to clean periodically to maintain the level of efficiency in capturing air. From this point of view we can tell you that it is a high-performance model, with absorption power of up to 629mc / h, therefore suitable for kitchens up to 25sqm.

The noise level is somewhere in the middle, generating between 64 and 71dB, which means that you will hear the sound emitted during operation, but it will not be very annoying. It is a kitchen hood with a width of 80cm, which means that you can place it above both the standard 60cm hobs and the larger versions.


Hota Franke


Franke FTC 601 GR / XS

what is the best hood for kitchen

If you are somewhat familiar with the top brands in the field, you will definitely want to take a look at a Franke hood model. The FTC 601 GR / XS is a more affordable version than you might expect, with a durable stainless steel structure and extendable filter segment. It is, therefore, a telescopic variant, suitable for small kitchens.

The absorption power offered is 380m3 / h, recommended by specialists for kitchens up to 14-15sqm. The width of 60cm indicates it for the association with the standard hobs, which do not exceed this size, and the generated noise, up to 69dB, means that you will have a device in the house quiet enough not to disturb.

This Franke hood is equipped with two LEDs, for good visibility over the cooking area, and a mechanical control panel, located next to the absorption area, so as not to interfere with the extraction of the mobile filtration segment.


Hota Electrolux


Electrolux EFP60460OX

what is the best hood for kitchen

Get rid of steam and unwanted odor from the kitchen with an Electrolux hood model, designed to provide high performance, easy to manage. EFP60460OX is a stainless steel hood, with telescopic structure, suitable for modern kitchens, small, or designed in a minimalist style. In the tight format it is a discreet presence, and in the extended, active one, it offers an absorption power of up to 603mc / h.

Due to the high air recirculation performance, this Electrolux hood is among the versions you can use if you are arranging an open-space type home. Because it can be used with external evacuation and recirculation, it is provided with both washable aluminum filters and a carbon filter.

It works quietly, generating up to 66dB, and the three intensity levels and LED bulbs are easily and simply controlled from the mechanical control panel located in front. It has a width of 60cm, being recommended for standard hobs.



Hood carbon filter


Set of two carbon filters for the Whirlpool AKR 749 NB hood

what is the best hood for kitchen

If you have opted for a hood with carbon filter, without exhaust, you will definitely need replacement filters for the moment when the ones installed from the manufacturer will lose their efficiency. We therefore recommend this two-piece set, designed to complete the hood model AKR 749 NB from Whirlpool.

The package contains two filters with activated carbon, with a height of 5cm and a diameter of 14.3cm, which have the role of capturing fat particles and those that carry odors from the air circulating through the hood, so that the one who arrives in the room to be clean and fresh.


Aluminum hood filter


Studio House SC4602804

what is the best hood for kitchen

In general, the metal filters on the hood are detachable and can be washed in the sink or, in some cases, in the dishwasher, without the need for replacement. However, you may neglect their maintenance and go on vacation for a few weeks, leaving them soaked in fat, which dries.

In such situations it is better to buy another hood filter, made of aluminum, dimensionally compatible, than to try to clean the old one. This model from Studio Casa has the dimensions of 46 x 28 x 0.3cm and can help you solve the problem if it fits in size with the hood in your kitchen.





Buying guide

If you like your home to always smell beautiful and fresh and you prefer to cook delicious recipes, without the flavors spreading throughout the house, you definitely need a cheap and good hood. In principle, choosing such a product is quite simple. In practice, the models are more diverse than you might think and if you do not know very well some basic technical parameters, you may choose the wrong option.

Find out in this article what are the most important criteria you must use to pay exactly how much you need on the best hood for your kitchen.

what is the best hood for kitchen

Power consumption : Most of the hood models, at good prices, that you find in stores, are powered by one or two motors, with a total power of 100 to 300W. The higher the power, the easier the fan will circulate the air.

However, the parameter to which you must pay the most attention is the absorption power. From this point of view you will have to choose between versions that can ensure an air circulation capacity from 250 to 1200 cubic meters per hour. The choice is quite technical, taking into account the size of the room in which you will use it and how much and how “aromatic” you cook.

The general rule is to opt for a product that can recirculate kitchen air at least 10-15 times in an hour. For example, if the kitchen has an area of 10sqm with a height of 2.5m, you will need a hood with an absorption power of at least 250mc / h. Do you frequently cook steaks, parjoales, pizza and other flavored products? Orient yourself to models of at least 300 – 400mc / h.


Dimensions : The best hoods are the models that completely cover the surface of the hob for which they are used, the main dimension that you have to evaluate in this case is the width. It varies between 30 and 130 cm, so you have a fairly varied offer to choose from.

The most popular versions are usually the 60cm ones, which fit on most hobs with 3 and 4 burners. If you opted for a hob with 5 or 6 burners, you may need a hood, at a good price, with a width of 70, 80 or even 90cm.

If you equip the kitchen from scratch, you can opt for a package with oven, hob and hood, in which case the manufacturer will directly combine dimensionally compatible options.


With or without exhaust : The air cleaning system is quite important, so think carefully if you need a hood without exhaust or one with a pipe. Versions that remove air from the kitchen outside are more efficient, stronger and recommended for those who cook a lot and want to keep the space clean.

On the other hand, you need to be able to provide a vent, and in many cases you may not want or have the right to break the wall, or you do not have an exterior wall in the kitchen. When the kitchen is already provided with an outlet, its position will condition and limit the place where you can place the hood, which should not be further than 1.5m from the outer wall.

The non-exhaust alternatives therefore become very attractive when you consider that you do not need an above-average absorption force and you do not want to mess with suspended pipes and holes in the wall. But keep in mind that these models use activated carbon filters that need to be replaced periodically to provide efficient capture of odor particles.


Noise generated : Because some people are more sensitive to noise, it is good to consider this aspect of hood operation, especially if you are among them. Most models generate between 50 and 70dB, the difference between the two range limits being quite important.

If you have a small child, sensitive to sounds, we recommend that you look for a hood, at a good price, that works below 50-60dB, some options from the silent product range reaching even up to 35dB.

what is the best hood for kitchen

Design : In terms of design, you will have the choice between a built-in, discreet hood, which takes up very little space, or a standard version, with wall or ceiling mounting. If you need an addition of image in the kitchen, you can also opt for a decorative hood model, which goes beyond functionality, impressing with shapes, sizes and colors.

Each of these types of hoods is available in standard or telescopic format. A telescopic hood allows you to extend and retract the absorption surface, thus limiting the space occupied when not cooking. This structure is especially appreciated for the built-in options, intended for small kitchens.



Frequent questions

What does a decorative hood mean?

This type of hood usually has a special design, which attracts attention and strongly influences the design of the room by size, color, material and shape. It is recommended for large kitchens.


At what height is the hood placed?

If you want to know how far the stove hood is placed, we will tell you that in this case it is good to place it at 65 cm. For electric hobs the height is a little lower. It is important not to place it too low so as not to be damaged by high temperatures. At the same time, it is not indicated even higher than 70cm, because it will have low efficiency.

what is the best hood for kitchen

Where can I find hood filters?

If you need to buy hood filters, we recommend that you do an Internet search. You will find it quite easy to find compatible models or universal versions in online stores that sell hoods and accessories.


How to clean the hood? How do you clean the grease hood?

The exterior of the hood is periodically wiped with a cloth dampened in water with a little dishwashing detergent, avoiding aggressive cleaning agents. Because after a week or two of use you will definitely start to wonder how to clean the grease from the hood, especially from the metal filter, we will tell you that it detaches and washes in the sink, with hot water and detergent. of vessels.


What does a carbon filter in the hood mean?

The presence of a carbon filter in the hood or the possibility of inclusion means that that model can be used without evacuation. This type of filter has the role of absorbing the particles emitted during food cooking, cleaning the air before being released back into the room.

 Is it advisable to install a hood in the kitchen without a pipe?

Yes, the recirculating hood is quite popular, but it has some limitations. It is ideal for kitchens that do not have an exterior wall, do not have and do not allow the creation of a vent for various other reasons, or where cooking is rare and, in general, dishes that generate less odor.

what is the best hood for kitchen

Why is an external exhaust hood more efficient?

The hood with external exhaust removes odorous air directly outside and, in addition, creates a pressure difference in the room that prevents the movement of air to the inside of the house when you open the door (if the window is closed). If you are interested in such an option, we recommend a Gorenje, Whirpool, Bosch, Franke or Beko hood, in the offer of which you will find a variety of models.


What diameter should the hole have in the hood?

The hole in the hood has a diameter between 120 and 150 cm, depending on the model and the absorption power. A more powerful version will need a larger exhaust pipe.


How to mount a hood

Numerous opinions about the best hoods recommend versions without evacuation for spaces where ensuring the connection with the outside is difficult. Such a model gives you total freedom of location and is very easy to install. Here are the few steps you need to follow, from opening the delivery package to starting the device.

what is the best hood for kitchen

Check the technical manual and the accessories included in the package

Regardless of whether you have chosen a telescopic built-in hood or a standard model, you will receive together with the product a short technical manual which presents both the components of the device, the assembly method and the accessories that accompany it, as well as the installation steps. Consult it carefully and make sure you have everything you need at hand.


Determine the location correctly

To work at the optimum level of efficiency, the hood must completely cover the surface of the hob. So make sure it is placed exactly in the middle of it. The second aspect to consider is height. Leave a minimum of 65 and a maximum of 70 cm between the surface of the hob and the metal anti-grease filters that form the absorption area of the hood. Positioned above 70cm will have difficulties in efficient air capture, and too low, it will be affected by the heat released by the hob.


Simple assembly

If you fix the hood directly to the wall, you need a drill, screws, pencil, roulette, ladder and level. The first step consists in measuring the distance from the hob to the level of mounting the hood and drawing the indicator signs with the pencil.

Then place the supplied brackets together with the device so that it supports the hood exactly at the desired level and gives signs with the pencil. Use the drill to drill holes and insert the caps. Then place the brackets and secure them with grooves. Place the hood so that the fastening system is fixed in the mounted supports.

It may be necessary to loosen at least one hood filter or even both, if it is a model with two aluminum segments, in order to be able to fix all the screws well.


Built-in mounting

In this case you also need a saw to cut the space needed to insert the hood at the base of the cabinet. Most of the time, in the package that includes the hood you will find a pattern for the precise cutting of the space necessary for incorporation.

Create holes for the support screws at the points indicated by the installation guide and mount the hood.

what is the best hood for kitchen

Power and test

Before putting the hood in the socket, it is good to check once again if the power supply parameters are the same as those of the socket. Lay the power cord so that it is not positioned near a fire or hot area, connect the hood, and use the control panel to verify operation.

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