what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021

Multicooker – Review and comparison in 2021

Because they successfully replace many home appliances you need in the kitchen, multicookers are an ideal solution for people who love to cook a variety of tasty recipes. If you thought it was time to take advantage of the benefits of this type of device, we help you with some useful recommendations.Philips HD4749 / 70   is a version with capacity suitable for 3-4 people, medium power and a variety of cooking programs and useful functions, which offers you almost everything you need in terms of thermal food processing. If you do not plan to use the product daily and would rather have such a device available for holidays or birthday parties, we recommend the Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK-705as an alternative.

Comparative table

High-performance model, equipped with slow-cooker function, timer, 22 predefined programs and the possibility to save personalized recipes, ideal for families with 3-4 members. It is provided with a pot covered with a non-slip ceramic layer and allows cleaning in the dishwasher, saving valuable time.

It is one of the options that do not use pressure cooking, which means that the cooking time is equivalent to that of cooking on the stove or a little longer, if we talk about the slow-cooking option.

It is an efficient solution for those who cook frequently and want to have several ways of thermal food preparation in the same device.

Nine predefined programs for the correct preparation of the tastiest recipes, the possibility to program the start of the cooking process and the function of keeping food warm – are just some of the advantages of this product. It has a large enough capacity to be used in families of 3-4 people, and the inner bowl is thicker than in other models, for uniform heating.

The power of only 600W, at a capacity of 5 liters, makes this product require a longer time to complete cooking and be less recommended for intensive use.

Multicooker for occasional use in the family, also available at an attractive price for buyers.

It is the right model if you want to buy a multicooker that uses steam pressure for cooking, to provide a shorter cooking time and a higher concentration of nutrients kept inside. Includes 18 work programs, child protection and timer that allows programming the food cooking process.

It has a power of 700W, slightly below the average of the category, which can mean an extension of the cooking time, compared to more powerful models.

It is one of the best options available at an affordable price, which provides you with the option of pressure cooking.


In-depth reviews about the best multicookers

Are you looking for a multicooker at a good price and you don’t know where to start? Take a look at the models below, accompanied by the presentation of the technical characteristics and selected according to the evaluations of the customers who tested them. Use the information to more easily identify the right version for your family’s needs.



Philips Multicooker:

Philips HD4749 / 70

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 Sauteing, steaming, baking, stewing – these are just some of the 22 predefined programs that the Philips HD4749 / 70 multicooker model offers you. It is a pressure-free version, suitable for people who do not necessarily need a super fast cooking tool.

It belongs to the category of models with a capacity of 5 liters, which means that it is ideal for families with 3-4 people and uses a power of 1070W, optimal for this volume of food. It is highlighted by the presence of the timer function, which allows programming the preparation of recipes, the inner pot with ceramic coating, which prevents gluing, and the possibility of including accessories in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

It is equipped with a Slow-cooker and 3D heating function, which ensures uniform cooking of the dishes, offers you the possibility to save your own cooking programs and keeps the food warm until everyone in the house has sat down at the table.



Philips HD3037 / 70

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 The low format, with roomy base and lid without valves, tells you right away that you are dealing with a multicooker from the category of no pressure, recommended for slow-cooking, boiling, baking, frying, steaming, etc. You will be impressed by the metallic exterior, made of durable stainless steel and the immaculate white cover, provided with a rotating handle for easy handling.

It includes 12 predefined programs that help you cook the most popular recipes, no matter how unfamiliar you are with the culinary art, and comes with a 2mm walled inner pot, which ensures even cooking with the 3D heating system.

In terms of control and programming, we can tell you that the Philips HD3037 / 70 multicooker model is equipped with a timer, which allows you to start the cooking process at the desired time and also gives you the ability to set the temperature and heat exposure time. You can keep the food warm inside for up to 24 hours, and in terms of maintenance, you do not have to worry about cleaning, because the inner pot can simply be put in the washing machine.




PHILIPS Viva Collection HD4731 / 70

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 Do you have small children in the house and are you looking for a version with a menu lock function? The Philips Viva Collection HD4731 / 70 multicooker model offers you this option and many more. It is a variant with a capacity of 5 liters and a power of 980W, suitable for the whole family, which cooks almost alone, due to the high degree of automation of the operating parameters.

Thus, you have at your disposal 22 cooking programs, including slow-cooking, baking, frying and steam cooking, for the latter option the package including a special basket to support food. The inner pot is covered with ceramic, to prevent sticking and ensure uniform heating.

The product is provided with a stopwatch, which offers the possibility to schedule the preparation of food, depending on the schedule of those in the house and the time available. The list of accessories sold with the Philips hd4731 / 70 multicooker also includes a spoon, spatula, graduated glass and a book with recipes specially designed to cover the most popular dishes and basic functions of the device.




Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK-705

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 Do you want to buy a quality device, made by a famous and reliable manufacturer, but you don’t necessarily need a version for intensive use? Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK-705 multicooker fits your requirements perfectly. It is a slow-cooker version, with a capacity of 5l, enough for 3-4 people and a power of 600W, ideal for those who use this type of appliance occasionally.

If you are worried that it is too simple, it is not the case. It is provided with a timer, which allows the personalized setting of the cooking time, timer for scheduling the start at a certain time and the possibility to keep the food warm after completion, until it is time to serve (up to 24 hours).

The bowl inside is specially designed to ensure uniform heating, the walls are 2mm thick, and the inside is covered with a ceramic layer to prevent food sticking. Tefal MultiCooker is also provided with 9 predefined cooking programs, which help you manage easily even if you do not know how to cook.



Multicooker Delimano:

Delimano 18in1

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 As the name suggests, this multicooker version includes 18 programs. Of these, 17 are predefined and the last function allows you to create your own cooking program, setting the temperature and time of exposure to heat. Includes pot with a capacity of 5 liters, interior covered with non-stick Teflon coating and provided with gradations that help match the ingredients.

The lid is in this case one with a sealed closure and the pressure relief valve created by the steam, which means a shorter cooking time and less smell of food in the house. It stops automatically and can be scheduled the night before to prepare breakfast at the time you usually wake up.

In the security category, we can tell you that it is a device designed for the family, with child protection, which allows locking the menu and overheating protection. The control panel is digital, touch type and includes, in addition, the function of keeping the dishes warm. In the case of the Delimano multicooker 18 in 1 product, you can find interesting and adapted recipes most easily on the manufacturer’s website.




Multicooker Oursson:

Oursson MP5005PSD / DC

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 The robust design, with right angles and control panel designed for optimal functionality, makes you think of a professional device from the first moment you look at this Oursson multicooker model. It is a version that works with pressure, as you can easily tell by the cover with the complex structure, provided with several valleys, which offers you the possibility to manually adjust the removed pressure.

You will also be impressed by the extensive number of predefined programs, which cover 45 culinary situations in which you will cook like an experienced chef, without needing too many theoretical notions. Because you have control over the pressure, you can use it to obtain dishes very quickly, using the maximum settings, but also as a slow-cooker, rice-cooker or to prepare delicious homemade yogurt.

It allows programming at the desired time, keeping food warm and reheating food when needed and you can also use it for sterilization.




Multicooker Heinner:

Heinner HPCK-6IX

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 If you cook frequently and in large quantities and you want to reduce as much as possible the time spent preparing food, we recommend you try this Heinner multicooker model under pressure. It offers you the inner pot with non-stick teflon coating, with a net capacity of 4.5 liters, suitable for the whole family, and 15 predefined programs.

Do you like to manage the cooking process yourself? Heinner HPCK-6IX offers you the possibility to set according to your own preferences, both the cooking temperature and the pressure inside, on three levels of intensity. You can use it for steaks, stews and polenta, as well as for cakes or other desserts.

The control panel is equipped with a digital display and easy-to-use touch buttons. Because the manual included with the product is limited in terms of directions and recipes, according to customers who have already purchased the product, you will need to search online for more information for your favorite recipes.




Multicooker Victronic:

Victronic VC9127

what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 With a capacity of 4 liters and power of 860W, the Victronic VC9127 multicooker version is among the recommended options for households with 1 – 3 people, in which it will be used occasionally, in parallel with the classic cooking systems.

The bowl is made of 1.5mm aluminum, for better temperature uniformity, and the inside is covered with a non-stick layer of Teflon, which prevents food from sticking and ensures easy cleaning after use. The product has 10 predefined programs, including cooking options for rice, cereals, and yogurt, and can be used for baking, frying, steaming.

Allows programming to start at a preset time and automatically switches to hot food mode, after the cooking process is complete. It includes a timer for setting the time of exposure to heat and comes with a container for measuring the ingredients and utensils needed for steam cooking.




Crock-pot Express Multicooker:

Crock-Pot Express CSC051X


what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021 Saute, soup, dessert, poultry, yogurt, rice, beans, meat and stews are the 8 predefined programs provided by Crock-pot Express Multicooker. In addition to the preset options, add the Manual mode that gives you total freedom in managing the preparation conditions, for the personalized recipes you want to cook.

The appliance works in four working modes: steam, slow cooking, under pressure and keeping warm, which you can choose depending on the time you have available, the recipe prepared and when you will serve the meal.

It is a version with pressure and a tailor-made lid, with valves, robust handle and locking system, and allows the adjustment of this parameter, as well as the temperature, directly from the digital control panel with touch keys. It has a capacity of 5.6 liters, enough volume to frequently prepare food in families of 3-4 people and includes the Delayed Start function that allows you to set the start time of cooking to match the family schedule.




Buying guide

The multicooker essentially consists of a pot and a heater powered by electricity. Beyond the two basic elements you will find a wide variety of models and technical options.

The role of this guide is to briefly present the most important criteria you must take into account to choose the best multicooker for your family, starting with capacity and power and ending with the accessories included in the package.


what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021

Categories: Under the name of multicooker you will find two categories of quite similar products, which offer you the possibility to thermally prepare food in several variants (steamed, boiled, fried, baked, etc.). What separates them is the use of steam under pressure, a system that reduces the cooking time. You will thus find on the market multicooker models, at good prices, with and without pressure.

You can easily recognize them thanks to the cover with different design. While options that use pressure are fitted with a sealed lid and valves, slow-cooker ones often include glass or plastic or stainless steel lids, simple, compact format, with no structural details other than the handle that allows opening. easy.

If you want to know how to choose between the two we will tell you that options that use high pressure consume less and cook food much faster, for example boil rice in just a few minutes, while models without pressure need significantly more. time.


Capacity: Such a device can have from 1.5l and up to 10 liters. The most popular models are those between 4-5 liters, enough capacity for a family of 3-4 people. Models of 2-3 liters are recommended for couples, and those under 2 liters for those who cook for one person. Versions over 6 liters are more suitable for households with more than 6 people and for parties.

Although you can easily choose the optimal volume for the number of people you usually cook for, most opinions about the best multicookers say that it is wiser to go for a slightly larger version, because you can always fill the pot only on half, but never with the tip. Also don’t forget that the pot inside is round and that you need space if you want to cook large pieces of meat or whole vegetables.


Power:This indicator varies depending on the charging capacity, usually having values between 500 and 1500W. If you plan to use the device frequently, the best multicooker for you will be one that provides you with at least 900W, otherwise the use involves a longer waiting time, noticeable in daily use. For those who buy the occasional harness device, there are enough alternatives with power below 900W.


Functions: The functions provided by this type of device can be divided into two categories. The basics involve timer and automatic shutdown and / or beep, temperature control and the ability to keep food warm inside for longer.

Following is an extensive list of predefined cooking programs that can include between 4 and 45 options, covering the most common foods and ways of cooking that you come into contact with in everyday life: rice, pasta, soup, meat, vegetables, yogurt, jam, compote, boiling, baking, steaming, etc.

All models allow you to define custom cooking programs by entering the temperature, cooking time and pressure (in the case of high pressure versions), but only the best multicookers also offer you the possibility to save them in memory.

A particularly useful function is to program the start of thermal preparation, also available for some of the products on the market.


what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021

Accessories : All models of cheap and good multicookers include indoor pot, made of stainless steel, Teflon aluminum or ceramic, lid and usually a spatula for mixing food content. To clean the components as easily as possible after use, we recommend that you choose a pot version with non-stick interior (ceramic or extra layer added) and look for a version that allows the inclusion of accessories in the dishwasher.

In some cases, to these elements is added a basket / sieve for steam cooking, one or two containers used as measures, spoon and recipe book that explains in detail how to use the device.



Frequent questions


Can I find recipes for multicooker online or do I receive them manually when purchased?

You do not have to worry about the recipes that you can prepare for a cheap and good multicooker, because they are available on the Internet both on culinary sites and in the form of cookbook collections, in pdf format or printed. You will also usually find recipes in the manual that came with the device, especially if it is a premium product version.


what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021

Can bread be prepared in a multicooker?

For those who want to buy a multicooker at a good price and are not sure if it is a suitable appliance for bakery products, we come with reassuring news. You can prepare the best and fluffiest homemade bread, very simple, using the baking function available in the menu of this type of appliance.


Come on, what if I make polycooker polenta?

From the reviews offered by those who tested the polenta recipe at multicooker, it appears that indeed, you can also prepare this traditional product, using such a device. However, we recommend that you look for a detailed recipe, published either by the device manufacturer or by a person who has verified it, because you have to use several of the available functions in combination.


Do I get a Philips multicooker recipe book?

Most Philips multicooker models come with a recipe book.


Where can I find Tefal multicooker recipes?

Many recipes for Tefal multicooker versions available on the market are published right on the manufacturer’s website, so for starters you won’t need to search too much. Also handy is the recipe book usually included in the product box, upon delivery. If you want something more, you will definitely find recipes on various culinary sites, with all the necessary instructions to get a tasty product.


What are the most praised recipes for Delimano multicooker?

Among the most appreciated recipes that we recommend you try at a Delimano multicooker are noodle soup, baked salmon, ribs in sauce, pasta with cheese, whole baked chicken, Turkish rice with chicken breast, homemade bread, pancakes.



Multicooker recipes

The multicooker greatly simplifies the cooking process, regardless of the recipe, reducing the time you have to spend in the kitchen. The only aspect that can put you in difficulty is the absence of information that helps you understand and choose the right program for each dish. Here are two of the most popular foods you can use this device for.


what is the best multicooker to buy in 2021

Pork steak at multicooker

Oursson Multicooker is one of the options that works under pressure, which means that in this case you will get a tasty, juicy and intensely flavored dish in a shorter time than in the case of a slow-cooker .

The preparation is simple. Use the knife to prick the piece of meat in several places, thus allowing the spices to penetrate inside. Apply a mixture of salt and pepper, massaging lightly to stimulate penetration.

In a bowl, combine soy sauce, mustard, olive oil and crushed garlic. Homogenize and apply over the meat with a brush, then leave to marinate overnight. Put the meat in the cooking pot, close the lid and choose the Beef mode, pressure 4 and duration 30 minutes. After the time is up, turn the meat on the other side and repeat the process. Serve with fresh vegetables.


Multicooker potatoes

If you have aP hilips MultiCooker at home, you are sure to think of preparing, among the many appetizing recipes, a few potatoes. We offer you a simple and quick version, with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, grated Parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves. The steps are simple.

First add the oil and butter in the multicooker, activate the Boil option and set the timer to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut two or three diced potatoes and when the program has stopped and the butter is melted, add them to the pot, along with half a measure of water, salt and pepper to taste. Press Boil again, this time for 30 minutes and while the machine is doing its job, finely chop a few basil leaves and a clove of garlic.

When 15 minutes have elapsed from the start of cooking the potatoes, add the garlic over them. At the end of the program, take out the slightly browned cubes, pour over them the sauce formed in the pot, sprinkle the basil, grate Parmesan cheese according to your preferences and serve it hot.

The same recipes can be obtained quickly and easily with Delimano Multicooker or models from Tefal, Heinner etc. using the details in the appliance manual or the recipes available on the internet.

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