what is the best popcorn machine to buy

Popcorn Machines – Review and comparison in 2021

One of the snacks that has become a cultural symbol of the consumption of film and television culture, popcorn has become a necessity for the moments when we want to create a home cinema atmosphere. When you don't want to use a frying pan or microwave, you can use a popcorn machine. Our first recommendation is Princess 292986 , which has a fast operation and allows you to play with the ingredients. It is also suitable for varying amounts of popcorn and you don't have to wait until the end to start enjoying them, because they come out of the container as they cook. Easy to maintain and use, it appears as a modern solution. If you do not find this convenient option, you can opt for Sogo 11350 .

Comparative table

This appliance is small and stable, easy to integrate in any kitchen, without taking up too much space and with a pleasant appearance, and its use is easy, without the need for complicated actions or understanding a thick manual.

Although, in general, the quality of the materials from which the poppy machine was made is satisfactory, there is still a small thickness of plastic, which can suffer when pressed or hit.

When you are a fan of aromatic popcorn and you do not want to fill your kitchen with machines that are too stubborn or that are used with too much weight, you can be delighted by a modern and simple mechanism, very efficient.

It is a robust device, designed in such a way that you can prepare, in tranches, larger quantities of popcorn. At the same time you give a show to those around you and you enjoy the quality of an easy to clean and reliable device.

This device, of professional type, needs a space in which to be placed, possibly in full view, to be admired, so it is quite difficult for domestic users to use it.

As long as you have enough space and especially if you plan to use it for entertainment, be it street, cinema or salon, this popcorn device seems a pretty attractive investment.

This is a device that is very easy to use, with grain dispenser and on-off button, and the device is suitable to provide you very quickly a considerable portion of popcorn, with authentic taste, unaltered burning, due to the operation with warm air.

When using Taurus Pop N Corn, you cannot use popcorn spices, whether sweet or salty, during the process, so they will not soak up the desired flavor as strongly.

If you prefer to quickly make popcorn for the whole family, without increasing the dose of calories by using oil or butter, then this modern product might interest you.

In-depth reviews about the best popcorn machines

When you are still not sure which opinions about the best popcorn machines to take into account and what kind of products you should include in the list of potential purchases, we come to your aid with a useful list of representative products that you can find it quickly on the market.

Princess 292986

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

The Princess 292986 device has some dimensions that ensure a discreet presence in the kitchen, measuring 15.5 x 13 x 24 cm and to stay in position when it starts to produce popcorn. The case is made of plastic, with a shiny, pleasant appearance. It is also provided with a plastic lid that allows you to see how the baking process takes place. Princess 292986 works by the action of hot air, which makes the popcorn tasty, unburned, but can push them with enough force to the outlet.

To use this device you do not need to learn the instructions in the manual, because it is used intuitively. It allows the addition of sugar, salt and butter, which makes popcorn delicious, and the interior can be easily cleaned by simply passing a paper towel.

The popcorn will come out of the machine through the slot specially designed for them, and will have to be carefully collected in a bowl, so as not to scatter. Because it uses hot air, the plastic cover can become quite hot during use, which means you have to be careful when using it.

Hausberg HB-900

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

If you have not decided which cheap and good popcorn machine to choose, this is a good option. This 1200 watt device allows you to make fresh popcorn in just 2-4 minutes. If you are a big gourmand, you can enjoy like in the cinema while watching the movie.

One of the main advantages of this machine is its operation with hot air, which does not require the use of oil or other greases. It will be ideal if you want to taste popcorn with a low calorie content. In terms of design, it remains a small appliance, which fits almost any kitchen, due to its small volume and neutral black tone.

The device comes with a measuring spoon to dose the portion of berries you want to turn into popcorn. Thanks to its transparent cover, you will avoid the grains coming out of the device. Its use is very simple in general, because you only have to pour the corn kernels into the container and press the start button.

VonShef 2013261

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

If you really want to go back in time or if you want to give your little ones the experience of your childhood, this is a suitable model, with its vintage look, reminiscent of all the good times. When you buy, you will receive as a gift 6 packages of berries, which you can enjoy with your loved ones. In addition, its technical features are more than satisfactory.

This retro popcorn machine is one of the most powerful on the market. Indeed, this car develops 1200 W, which allows you to make popcorn in the shortest time. The appliance is equipped with a measuring cup to dose the portions correctly.

It turns out that this machine processes only corn kernels, without oil or any other spice. This contributes a lot to the long life of this product. In case of frequent use, you can even afford not to clean the device immediately, as there will be no oil stains or caramel stains to remove. But for occasional use, it is still recommended to perform a cleaning after each use.

Professional popcorn machine

Sogo 11350

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

Preparing popcorn will not take you long with this professional popcorn machine. The car allows you to prepare sweet and salty popcorn, depending on your tastes and desires. With a cup included, measure the right amount to be put in the car, and its transparency will entertain all observers, who will be fascinated by the show. Everyone can have fun pouring popcorn into the detachable tray with the crank, after they are ready.

The device can produce up to 8 cups of popcorn at a time, which is more than enough for family and friends, and the 310 watts are enough to prepare them in minutes. Its unique button guarantees easy use.

With 32 cm length, 32 cm width and 49 cm height, the model is quite robust. Its stainless steel container is easy to clean. This bowl is also solid and perfectly resistant to various scratches to which it may be subjected. In addition, to give you the advantage of watching the preparation, regardless of light conditions, the model is equipped with a lighting system, a window and a Plexiglas door.

Residential popcorn machine

Taurus Pop N Corn

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

Taurus Pop N Corn is a very fast popcorn machine, but also very efficient. Indeed, it is able to provide in less than three minutes a portion of crispy and tasty popcorn. This powerful car, because it works with 1100 W, is very easy to handle, due to its ergonomic design.

In terms of accessories, this popcorn device has a transparent lid, in addition to a built-in measuring cup, so you can estimate the amount of corn to prepare. Be careful, however, you cannot season the berries during processing, but you must add the desired spices after cooking.

To facilitate starting and stopping this product, you will only need to use a on / off switch. This is not all; with this hot air popcorn machine, no oil is needed for the preparation. This certainly makes popcorn or snacks less greasy.

Beneo Retro Classic

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

Many say that the higher the power of the machine, the faster the cooking. But some brands like these might surprise you with their system. Here, the car offers a power of 350 W, which may seem insufficient compared to the competition. But combined with its stainless steel container, integrated heating system and mixing arm, it proves that this power is more than enough.

The design can be important, especially when it has a certain weight and causes certain emotional reactions to users, as is the case with this car. It turns out that this model is indeed reminiscent of the 1950s, with its vintage look and colors, including "circus" red.

The capacity of some cars is really limited, to believe that it is a car designed for one person. With this model, you will not have this problem, because its container is large enough to allow a preparation for several people. Remember that this professional popcorn machine is capable of producing up to 2 cubic meters of popcorn per hour.

InnovaGoods ADL-307

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

If you like retro popcorn machines, you will find a small size with this model from InnovaGoods. It has the shape of a stroller that is very reminiscent of balconies and amusement parks. However, do not imagine that you will receive a real stroller in the house. The retro popcorn machine measures 17 x 39 x 20 cm. It will help you make popcorn as you like in 2-4 minutes, using warm air.

The cooking is therefore very fast and is done with hot air, without the need to add fat. So, the watchword is "Calorie Stop!", And this concept fits the preferences of some of your friends or family members. One of the most interesting advantages of this popcorn maker is the heating speed. Customers have noticed it and they also like the delicious smell of popcorn that is going to spread throughout the room.

The look of the popcorn machine is reminiscent of cinema, entertainment and creates a perfect setting. Imagine this little accessory in your personal cinema room or simply next to the TV. If someone were to look for a disadvantage at any cost, it would certainly be noise. When preparing popcorn, it is a bit noisy. For this reason, prepare your food in advance and if you want to do it again during the movie, take a short break. Because the preparation is very fast, you will not break the rhythm too much.

Joy Mini-Joy

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

The appliance uses hot air to loosen the corn kernels, without the need to add extra oil or other fats. You can then, once they are ready, season them according to your preferences and appetites: sweet, salty, spicy or simple. And why not, a little of each, because the car allows the preparation of a batch in just 3 minutes.

Very compact, but ultra-functional and decorative, Joy Mini-Joy has 1200 watts, weighs a little (up to a kilogram) and is 27 x 12 cm, and can be cleaned in the blink of an eye, because the corn is in contact only with the lid and the bowl, but without fat.

All you have to do is connect it, press the start button, watch the grains explode with the eyes of a child and make a good movie. The red device will delight your senses.

Zilan popcorn machine

Zilan ZLN-3147

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

With this Zilan popcorn machine you can serve a homemade snack in front of the TV, sitting very comfortably on the couch. Plus, you don't even have to add fat to make popcorn. Thus, you can consume a healthy dish, without calories and, especially, without feeling guilty, because your waist will not suffer.

Also, its good power of 1200 W is to be appreciated, which allows the processing to be done as quickly as possible. It is also sold at a very good price. For the many advantages it has, you will appreciate the cost with which it is sold.

Last but not least, it does not take up much space in the kitchen, due to the dimensions of 18 x 16 x 30 cm, and the light blue of the device will be a cheerful stain of color in your kitchen.

Zilan ZLN-8044

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

This Zilan popcorn machine has a simple design: exactly what you need to get a practical and efficient car at a reasonable price. It brings together most of the benefits that small families or romantic couples can look for in a popcorn machine.

It does not make it possible to process a lot of grains, but it compensates by the manufacturing speed of these small grains. Indeed, the 1200 watts allow it to be ready in less than two minutes. So, if the first batch is not enough, you will not have time to finish it, and the second batch will be ready.

It is a useful device for an evening of television or cinema. And on top of that, its maintenance will not spoil your fun, because the non-stick coating surface will prevent the corn from sticking to the bottom of the appliance. Simply wipe the body and plastic base with a damp cloth and the top cover with water and detergent. So relax without worrying about the calories or household activities you may need.

Buying guide

Popcorn is appreciated by children, but also by adults, when they are crispy and rich in flavor. Here is some information you can find useful, if you are still hesitant to choose the best popcorn machine, which allows you to prepare the coveted snack at home.

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

Operating system : Popcorn machines operate either with a system that diffuses hot air or using a heating element. The goal is the same: for all the corn grains to jump, in a homogeneous way.

With the hot air system, you will not have to add oil or other fats to prepare the popcorn. Thus, you will get a much healthier product from a dietary point of view. And in any case, it will cost you less to make them yourself, than to buy them. It is also a gesture for the environment, because you will no longer have to buy popcorn wrapped in plastic.

Machine type : As we saw before, popcorn can be made with hot air and without oil, but also using a resistance (in this case you will have to add a little fat). So make sure, before purchasing, that the device is suitable for what you want.

With a hot air car, you will get healthier popcorn, which will also cost you less. With a sturdy car, it will be easier to get well-caramelized popcorn. And the capacity of cheap and good popcorn machines that work with resistance is often more generous.

Power of the device : Among the first criteria you must take into account when buying a popcorn machine is the power of the device. Most models on the market have a power of at least 1000 W. This is enough to allow you to prepare quickly and efficiently. Obviously, you will be able to go further, up to 1400 W.

This is how the preparation time can vary between 2 minutes, for a popcorn machine at a good price, and 5 minutes, maximum, in other cases. Therefore, this time depends on the power of the car.

Capacity : A popcorn machine is a very easy machine to use. Yes, you can use it for many years. Therefore, we recommend that you take care to invest in a quality device.

The capacity of the latter must also be considered before purchase. Obviously, quantity matters and it would make no sense to take a seat in the kitchen with a car that will not produce the desired quantities.

Therefore, consider choosing a model that is equipped with large bowls. Their capacity varies, depending on the model, from 50 to 200 grams (100 grams is considered a reasonable amount for a family of up to 8 people).

Equipment quality and maintenance : The strongest and most durable popcorn machines are made of stainless steel and glass. Plastic ones are less durable. In terms of functionality, the best popcorn machines have a warm-keeping feature that keeps your popcorn crisp and fresh.

Finally, consider car maintenance. Like any food preparation machine, the popcorn machine must be cleaned to keep it clean, but also to maintain its longevity. So check if the car or its removable parts can be easily washed with water, to get rid of traces of oil or sugar.

Car dimensions : Whether or not you have a large space at home, we recommend that you also consider the dimensions of the model you want to buy. The more compact the device, the easier it is to store it and the less space it takes up. You can also take it everywhere with you: at the office, at the campsite, at the picnic, on festive evenings with friends, etc.

How it works : Practicality is one of the qualities you should keep in mind when buying a popcorn machine. Therefore, it is important to be easy to use.

Most of them are quite autonomous and are equipped with a button that allows you to start and stop the car after you have finished making the popcorn. Those equipped with a "window" of Plexiglas will allow you, for example, to see the progress of your dishes. This allows you to monitor cooking and prevent popcorn from burning.

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

Design : In addition to power, capacity, cooking method and options, design is also a feature that should not be ignored. Indeed, no one wants to be charged with a device that does not match the kitchen decor. Therefore, a cheap popcorn machine should look good and even impress your guests.

Popcorn machines have different aspects, from retro and vintage styles to the most modern ones. It's the same for colors. You are free to choose according to your tastes.

Frequent questions

What is the tastiest recipe for popcorn?

The tastiest recipe is the one that gives you your favorite taste, different from individual to individual. Some prefer salty, others sweet, others spicy or more oily. Here's a recipe for caramel popcorn, for example. You need 120g of grains, 40g of salted butter and 6 tablespoons of sugar. Melt half of the butter in a large saucepan or cauldron. Add the berries, cover and let the grains bloom. Melt the remaining butter in a non-stick pan. Add the sugar and wait for it to caramelize. When the caramel is golden, add the popcorn, stirring vigorously.

How many calories does butter popcorn have?

If the traditional popcorn is considered a healthy and nutritionally balanced food, with a caloric intake of almost 400 calories / 100 grams, that is for a huge bowl. A small portion contains about 30 calories. But if you add butter, you can at least double the value.

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

How many calories does caramel popcorn have?

Caramel popcorn is considered an appetizer and not a real food. Therefore, we eat it when we have small cravings, between 9 and 11 or from 15 to 17. In addition, it is relatively popular in cinemas.

However, keep in mind that a small portion of caramel popcorn can contain up to 381 calories, the equivalent of a large hamburger. It is also usually accompanied by a carbonated drink, because it dries the throat very quickly. In the end, you will reach more than 400 calories.

Can popcorn be baked?

Although the most popular options are cooking in a kettle on the stove, in the microwave or in the popcorn machine, you can cook the popcorn and in the electric oven, in the toaster.

How to make the perfect popcorn at home

Popcorn, popcorn or "roosters" are still the big favorites of movie nights. But, as we know, it is really better to prepare this snack yourself, than to buy it in an envelope. To have more options, here are 3 ways to prepare depending on the cooking devices you have at hand:  

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

On the stove

To make healthy popcorn "like at home", you need 3 tablespoons of oil (sunflower, olive or coconut), 1/2 cup corn kernels and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Put the oil and berries in a large saucepan or cauldron, mix with the oil and cover. Cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes or until the grains almost stop salting. Remove from the heat and pour the popcorn into a dry bowl. Season with salt.

You can add an extra flavor, using fresh herbs or spices. If you want something sweet, try adding a little butter or sprinkling cinnamon or dark chocolate flakes.

In the microwave

Put part of the package of beans in a salad bowl, cover with either a lid or a stretched foil in which you make small holes with a toothpick. You can also use a paper bag compatible with microwaves, well folded, so that it can not be opened when the grains jump.

Put the container in the microwave at maximum power for 2-3 minutes. Wait a while before removing the lid and repeat the operations until the end of the package. Add powdered sugar, honey or salt.

what is the best popcorn machine to buy

In the popcorn machine

In general, all you have to do is plug in the machine, pour in the necessary ingredients, press the start button, wait for the corn kernels to "explode" and serve. However, there may be some differences, starting with the ingredients. On some models, you can only pour the corn kernels into the machine and add the other ingredients or spices (sugar, salt, butter, etc.) in another container. But with other popcorn machines, at good prices, you can add all this to the machine along with the beans, before you start cooking.

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