what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

Freezer Refrigerators – Review and comparison in 2021

If you need to change your refrigerator, find out in advance, so you can find the best option for you, and in this guide you will find the features you need to consider, as well as a list of products. In case you do not have time to study the offer and you need a refrigerator with a large freezer, you can chooseSamsung RT58K7105SL / EO . It has a No Frost cooling system and automatic defrosting, both for the cooler part and for the freezer, it is very well compartmentalized and has a pleasant design, on silver. Another option can be Samsung RL4363FBASL / EF .

Comparative table

For a larger family, this model of refrigerator is very suitable, with a capacity of 583 liters, the freezer located at the top, with two shelves and a volume of 161 liters, with very well compartmentalized refrigerator, with a single compressor, system No Frost cooling and automatic defrosting, with low energy consumption (A ++).

Being a high-performance product, with multiple functions of interest, it has a higher price than other models that are presented.

You can keep your food fresh for longer, with this high-capacity refrigerator-freezer model.

Out of the desire to have all the comfort in the kitchen, the manufacturer offers you this model of refrigerator that has the freezer located at the bottom, high capacity (432 liters), very well compartmentalized, with low energy consumption (class A ++), level low noise (41 dB), with Full No Frost system, LED lighting.

Make sure the door opens on the right side and cannot be moved, so choose carefully where you want to place the refrigerator.

Suitable in a modern kitchen, this model of refrigerator with freezer, made of stainless steel, will be a good purchase for you.

This refrigerator with freezer is with a single door, has small dimensions and is white, can be easily framed in a small kitchen, is with a low noise level, well compartmentalized, to be able to put the products necessary for daily living, with the freezer located at the top and vegetable drawer, with reversible door, which has three shelves and egg holder, with low energy consumption.

You have to reserve time to defrost the freezer manually, being a less pleasant operation.

A small refrigerator, at a good price, suitable for a person living alone.

In-depth reviews about the best refrigerators with freezer

In order to be able to quickly choose a variant suitable for you, you have below a list of several products divided into categories, being easier to find what you are looking for: a small refrigerator with freezer, a large capacity one with two doors, in white or silver and so on

Refrigerator with large freezer

Samsung RT58K7105SL / EO

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

With a capacity of 583 liters, this model of refrigerator with large freezer is suitable for a larger family, with the freezer located at the top and two doors that open to the right. It has a No Frost cooling system for both sides, with automatic defrost system and a single compressor that serves them.

The freezer has a single shelf, with a capacity of 161 liters, and can freeze up to 10 kg of products in 24 hours. The refrigerator, with a net volume of 422 liters, is well compartmentalized, with 4 adjustable glass shelves, 4 shelves on the door that can be moved depending on how you need and a drawer for vegetables and fruits.

It has a pleasant design, on silver, noise level of 41 dB, is included in the energy consumption class A ++ and has an autonomy without current of up to 20 hours. Among the functions of interest we mention: LED lighting system for good visibility inside, anti-bacterial protection, 7 cooling stages, keeps a high degree of humidity inside the refrigerator, water dispenser, etc.


Indesit TAA5

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

If you want a refrigerator with a large freezer you can go to this model, with two doors, which open to the right, the freezer being located at the top to have convenient access and a capacity of 415 liters (333 liters for the refrigerator, 82 liters for the freezer).

Thus, you have a refrigerator and freezer in the same appliance, white in color to be easily framed in the decor of your kitchen. The refrigerator has an automatic defrost system and the freezer is manual. Very well compartmentalized, it has 4 safety glass shelves in the refrigerator, 3 shelves on the door, with drawer for vegetables and fruits, egg holder. The freezer has 2 spacious compartments.

The noise level is low, 44 dB, so it won’t bother you. It is a refrigerator with freezer, at a good price, which will not charge your electricity bill much, being included in class A + consumption. In case of power outage, the refrigerator has a range of up to 22 hours. It has a height of 180 cm, a width of 70 cm and a depth of 70 cm.


Refrigerator with freezer down

Samsung RL4363FBASL / EF

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

This model of refrigerator with low freezer can be very useful for you, if you have a larger family, with a total capacity of 432 liters, divided as follows: 300 liters for the refrigerator and 132 for the freezer.

The refrigerator is very well compartmentalized, with adjustable shelves, with special locations for vegetables and fruits, for large bottles, as well as egg holders. The freezer part has 3 shelves, in order to place the food as comfortably as possible. It has a single compressor, low noise level (41 dB), Full No Frost cooling system, low energy consumption, being class A ++.

Both the refrigerator and the freezer thaw automatically, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The doors open to the right and you have an audio signal in case they remain open. It has 5 sensors that constantly monitor the temperature and humidity in the kitchen, to keep an optimal temperature in the refrigerator. In addition, it has an odorization system included, so as not to keep unpleasant odors. It has a digital display and control panel, LED lighting and water dispenser. It is made of stainless steel, with glass shelves.


Fridge with a door and freezer

Star-Light FTTM-113AP

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

If you live alone, you can opt for this model of refrigerator with a door and freezer, well compartmentalized, with low energy consumption, being included in the A ++ consumption class, small size (84.5 x 55.3 x 57.4 cm), weighing 27 kg, white.

It has a capacity of 113 liters, divided as follows: 97 liters for the refrigerator and 16 liters for the freezer. The door is reversible, so you can position it as it is more convenient for you. The freezer is located at the top, with easy access to it, and has a single compartment. The refrigerator has 2 shelves and a box for vegetables, fruits at the bottom. The door has 3 shelves, so you can keep your bottles and jars tidy, as well as egg holders.

It is a refrigerator with freezer, at a good price, with a low noise level (39 dB). As functions of interest it has: manually adjustable thermostat, interior lighting to easily see where the products are, shelves adjustable according to how you need. Defrosting the freezer is done manually.


Small refrigerator with freezer

Star-Light MBM-45BL

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

For the student period or for a single person who does not spend much time at home, a small refrigerator with freezer, such as this model, can be a practical option. It is small (49.2 x 47.2 x 45 cm), black, weighs 15 kg, so you can easily find a place in the kitchen or room.

It has a total capacity of 45 liters, with the freezer located at the top, of 5 liters. It is a refrigerator with one door, which can be mounted as you need. On the door there are two shelves for bottles and jars, and in the refrigerator there is another shelf for a more efficient compartmentalization.

The cooling system is static and has the function of automatic defrosting. Temperature control is done mechanically. The noise level is low, 42 dB, and is in energy consumption class A +. Last but not least, it is a refrigerator with freezer, cheap and good, which you can rely on.




Buying guide

Purchasing a new refrigerator can be a rather difficult operation, given the wide variety of models on the market. To help you, we have prepared this guide with some important points that are good to consider, so you can choose one of the best refrigerators with freezer, based on your needs.

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

Type of refrigerator: one of the first options is the type of refrigerator you want to buy, and you can choose:

Single door refrigerator: it usually has a freezer located at the top and you can find many variants of freezers with freezer, cheap and good, in this category. It is useful for people who do not have much space in the kitchen or for those who live alone, in dormitories, etc. Usually, they do not have many features, being simple models.

Two-door refrigerator: are among the most common models, with the freezer located at the top, but with independent doors. They can have different technologies and functions of interest, which help you maintain and manage the space well.

Refrigerator: it also has two doors, like the previous model, the difference being that it is a refrigerator with a low freezer, generally having a higher capacity for the freezer. This model is efficient and practical, dedicated for families with several members, with many features of interest.

You can also opt for newer models, which have two doors in the refrigerator, out of the desire to better manage the space, for large models.

Side by Side refrigerators: newer and at a higher price than the other variants presented, they are addressed to those who have a large storage volume and need a more efficient compartmentalization.

They have a mirror arrangement, are with two doors and have the refrigerator on the right side, and the freezer on the left side.

Storage volume : depending on the number of people in the family and the quantities of products stored, you will also choose the capacity of the refrigerator.

Thus, you can focus on small models up to 200 liters, optimal for one person, volumes between 200 – 300 liters for two people, 300 – 350 liters for families with up to 4 people and over 350 liters for larger families.

And the partitioning is very important, so the models that have shelves that you can move as you need are very comfortable, and the sliding shelves allow you to have easy access to the products located further back.

Energy consumption: it is certainly important not to overload your energy bill too much, so keep an eye out for the fridge, from an energy point of view. There are several classes, which are noted from the letter D, with the highest consumption, to the letter A, the lowest consumption, appearing many other divisions such as A +, A ++, A +++ etc.

Some opinions about the best refrigerators with freezer recommend those in class A with as many pluses in the queue, as they have the lowest energy consumption.

Functions: the more functions it has, the more efficient it is, but it also has a higher price, so it is good to see which ones are necessary for you and which ones are not, in order not to invest in something you will not use.

No Frost cooling system: it is advisable to choose a model that has a No Frost cooling system for both the refrigerator and the freezer, being with automatic defrost, much more convenient to maintain. Besides this advantage, the cooling inside is done with jets of cold air, being uniform everywhere, it prevents the formation of ice and snow on the back of the refrigerator, and the food retains its nutritional qualities.

Ventilation system: the more uniform it is, the better it will keep the inside, the constant temperature, the humidity level and, in addition, eliminate unpleasant odors. They can be refrigerators with ventilation up and down, the most common models, but also with more efficient ventilation, arranged on the entire surface of the refrigerator.

Fast freezing function: it is very useful to be able to quickly freeze newly introduced foods, without affecting the other stored products, after which it returns to a normal operating regime.

Ionization function:has the role of keeping the air fresh inside, which reduces the risk of catching unpleasant odors and keeps food longer.

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

Other features : modern refrigerators have many other features of interest and we list some of them: reversible doors, water and ice dispensers, digital control, LCD screen, LED lighting including freezer, etc.

Refrigerator with freezer versus separate freezer

In case you don’t know what to choose between the best refrigerator with freezer or just freezer, we still present both models, so that you can decide what is best for you.

Each appliance has its role and many people have both options in the house, finding on the market a wide variety of refrigerators with freezer, at good prices, but also vertical freezers. Depending on your priorities, you will choose the right option for you.

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

Depending on the space you have in the kitchen:

If you have a small or medium kitchen and do not have too much space, it is more convenient to choose a model of refrigerator with a door and freezer, which will fulfill both functions, both to keep fresh food in the refrigerator, but also to freeze the products in the freezer part.

If the space in the kitchen is generous or you have another room where you can place these appliances, and also stock up for the winter, you can put a vertical freezer and a refrigerator without freezer or with freezer as you need.

Depending on the quantities of products you want to freeze:

If you are used to shopping for a long time, to put different vegetables, fruits to freeze for the winter period, the quantities being considerable, then you will definitely need a vertical freezer. Because it cannot ensure the preservation of fresh food, you can combine it with a refrigerator with a door without a freezer, in order to have both options.

Thus, if space and prices do not allow you to choose both appliances, it is best to choose a double refrigerator with freezer if you need space, with large capacity in the freezer, so you can quietly put your products for the winter. . The freezer has the role of freezing various foods and is complementary to a refrigerator, because it cannot replace it.

what is the best refrigerator with freezer on bottom

In conclusion, on the market you will find various appliances in this range and you will choose according to your needs and priorities, either a combination of two products or a refrigerator with a large capacity freezer, to make up for the absence of a freezer.

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