What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Pot Sets – Review and comparison in 2021

Finding the best set of kitchen pots becomes an adventure when the information needed to choose the most suitable cooking pieces is not at hand, and in this article you will find such information, as well as some details regarding the most beloved models, such asBohmann BH 0715 , a set of three stainless steel pieces, which include glass lids, various sizes helping to prepare different dishes, and can be used on plate heat sources (gas, electric, induction, ceramic glass ). An alternative consists of the 13-piece Blaumann Gourmet Line BL-3165 series.

Comparative table

For the preparation of sauces and stews, pastas or other dishes for several family members will be useful a group of at least three containers, such as this, where they are equipped with glass lids, can be used on any kind heated plate, including in vitro ceramic or gas.

It is not recommended to use abrasive agents and sponges or metal utensils, or to heat the empty vessel, without water or oil in it.

It is a solution for people who are useful for cooking items from the same type of material, because they will behave similarly when used.

This version consists of four pans and a frying pan and includes a frying pan, with detachable handle and lids for each of the containers, the handles being ergonomic and the minimalist and elegant design helping to keep them clean, can be inserted in the dishwasher to sanitize or perform this manual step.

The color of the articles can change over time, as they are used, and the stain on the inside can discolor, despite the triple marbled layer on the surface.

It is a choice that those who cook often and want a collection of cooking containers, durable and at a good price, especially when they are on sale.

With such a collection consisting of five containers and four lids, any novice housewife can start her journey in gastronomy, the pans being made of stainless steel, which can be washed in the dishwasher, being indicated for use on any type of combustion source, the existing handles being heat resistant, considering the applied silicone layer.

Food can be glued to the bottom of the pan when frying, as is usually the case with stainless steel containers, which are not suitable for cooking with a little oil.

Taking into account the characteristics of the set, its leading position in the tops with the best cooking utensils is appreciated, as it appears from the sales on the Romanian market.

In-depth reviews about the best sets of pots

For the use of a good and useful set of pots for the kitchen, the following examples often bought by Romanians are worth considering, according to recent sales charts.

Bohmann stainless steel pot set

Bohmann BH 0715

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

With a set of 6-piece stainless steel Bohmann pots you can prepare all kinds of dishes with sauce or more liquid, given that this one consists of three containers of different sizes, accompanied by lids designed to protect the kitchen and the stove from splashes. , but also to help prepare food evenly. The lids are made of glass, being equipped with small handles for easy handling.

The pots have different sizes, in this case 18 cm in diameter, 20 cm in diameter and 22 cm in diameter, the capacity being 2.9 l, 3.9 l and, respectively, 5 liters. So, you have options for a varied number of servings. The pots have a triple encapsulated base, with seven base layers, which helps to heat evenly, the stainless steel being relatively easy to maintain and durable over time.

We also add that this set of stainless steel pots can be used on any type of plate, from those on gas to those with induction, vitro ceramic or electric, so that it does not become an inconvenience. However, it is not recommended to heat the container without water or oil in it, nor to wash with detergents or abrasive sponges.

Blaumann pot set

Blaumann Gourmet Line BL-3165

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Cooking enthusiasts, who want a durable Blaumann set of pots for home use, can turn their attention to this group of 13 pieces, which includes three pots with double handles, a pan with a tail and a pan with a tail and handle, the five pieces having glass lids, besides them being included a basket for frying and a round bakelite support, to protect the surfaces when putting a hot pot.

The containers are made of stainless steel, so they will have increased resistance over time, and inside they have three marbled layers so that the food does not stick very much (which can degrade over time), and can be placed on gas or electric heat sources. . The elegant design is provided with handles for easy handling, and the different sizes of the dishes help to prepare different types of food at the same time.

On the inside, the dishes are graduated, so that it is easy for the user to prepare exactly what he needs for the desired number of servings, which is why the set is among the mentions in the charts with the best sets of pots.

Set of induction pots

Kring Yummy 1024 – POTS

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

To easily cook everything you want, even on an induction hob, make yourself a set of induction pots such as the one from Kring which consists of nine pieces, of which four pots with different depths, which has a capacity starting from 1.8 l, two of 3 l, one of 4.5 l and a pan of 2.9 l. Therefore, all kinds of tasty dishes can be prepared safely and comfortably.

The products can be put in the dishwasher, the lids being made of glass and the pots made of stainless steel, so there will be no problems regarding their cleaning. And they can also be used on the classic stove or electric or halogen hob. The nutritional elements are not lost, and the chef will have a pleasant experience.

The dishes have a double bottom, resistant, requiring, however, frequent mixing, so that the food does not stick when they are at high temperatures.

Set of stainless steel pots

Heinner Aleida 8 Pieces

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Here is a set of pots, cheap and good, made of quality stainless steel, with a thick base, encapsulated in 5 layers, so as to allow efficient and uniform heating of the cooking surface. The parts will be cleaned efficiently, both manually and in the dishwasher, without major problems in this regard.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the inside of the pot may stain and may not be cleanable, although this does not mean that it will no longer be effective in cooking. The pots are made of graduated stainless steel on the inside, to help understand and dose the dishes in portions. There are three pans with lids, of different sizes, for preparing sauces and small portions of food (the smallest has a maximum capacity of 3.5 l) and the larger pot, 24 cm in diameter, can hold up to 5 – 6 l of liquids.

The lids are also made of stainless steel, with small holes on one side to filter, if necessary, excess water preparations.

Tefal pot set

Tefal Elementary 7 Pieces

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

A set of Tefal pots cannot be missing from any housewife’s house, which can become a beautiful gift for a cooking enthusiast, obviously. This option contains seven pieces, of which two pans, three pans and two lids, which can be used for frying and boiling, for soups, stews, stews and other interesting and beloved dishes by the family.

Each vessel has a long tail, which helps to handle it without problems, although we warn you that it will heat up, considering that it is also made of stainless steel. The lids are made of heat-resistant glass, with holes to eliminate excessive air pressure. The pans have the classic Thermospot that alerts you when the surface is ready for cooking, and the pots have gradation on the inside, for precise dosing of portions and ingredients, their dimensions being variable, from 14 cm in diameter to 24 cm.

Pots can be used on any type of heat source, from gas to ceramic or in vitro ceramic or induction. And, for cleaning, they can be put in the dishwasher.

Set of ceramic pots

Heinner Marlene 8 pieces

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Are you looking for a set of ceramic pots, for which you do not need too much fat in the thermal preparation? This Heinner option includes eight pieces, including two saucepans and a larger pot, and two pans designed to help you with anything you want to try to cook in your own kitchen.

The products are made of aluminum, so they will be light, easy to handle, the interior being equipped with a ceramic and marble layer, the handles of each piece being covered with silicone, so as not to get hot. The dimensions of the containers vary from 18 to 30 cm in circumference, so that the largest pot can hold up to 6 l.

One pan is round, for general use, and one is of the grill type to be used as a grill. When it comes to compatible types of heat sources, this set is easy to use on the classic stove, gas and electric hobs, induction, halogen or glass ceramic.

Set of enameled pots

Heinner 8823

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

People who prefer to be able to use the dishes in the oven and on the stove can turn their attention to a set of enameled pots like these from Heinner. It will not be the main set used, but it can help you, especially when you often prepare food without oil or fat.

The four products are divided into slightly more expensive elements, which is true, they are made of pure cast iron, so they become heavier to use, compared to other aluminum pans, for example, but will heat up quickly and keep the temperature constant. and shortly after the flame is extinguished.

The set does not lack a three-liter pot equipped with a cast iron lid, the inside being enameled, so as not to stick food. It is accompanied by an oven tray, with enamelled surface, measuring 32 x 22 x 6 cm, in which you can prepare vegetables or meats, an oval pan and a grill, which do not lack the cast iron handle (which, from unfortunately, it will heat up when it is on fire).

Grunberg pot set

Grunberg GR1057

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Here is a set of Grunberg pots consisting of six pieces that are divided into three pots and three lids of heat-resistant glass, provided with a hole for steam to come out during food preparation. To ensure user comfort during handling, each piece is provided with a handle.

The pots are made of stainless steel that will withstand high temperatures, and can be used on gas and electric heat sources, encapsulated base, thicker, helping to maintain a constant temperature during cooking. And there is variety in terms of size, a pot with a diameter of 22 cm, one being 24 cm and one 26 cm.

In essence, the products have a considerable capacity, being indicated for a family with several members or for a person who prefers to make several portions at once, in order to have more free time in the following days, the capacity of the vessels being from 6.5 l at 8.5 l.

Kinghoff stainless steel pot set

KingHoff KH-4486

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

This set of 12-piece induction Kinghoff stainless steel pots with built-in lid can very well equip a modern kitchen, presenting an economically efficient solution, given that it has no less than six dishes each equipped with its own lid, so that it can be stored with food in the refrigerator, for example, without requiring other investments.

The containers are made of stainless steel with an encapsulated base, to help the uniform heating of the cooking surface, having riveted stainless steel handles, which will heat up less after exposure to heat. The lids are made of heat-resistant glass and are provided with a handle, to be handled without difficulty, but we warn you that they can be heated.

They can be used on classic heat sources, gas, electric, halogen, glass ceramic or even induction, without restrictions from this point of view. And there is, of course, variety when it comes to size and capacity, the smallest pot being for 2.1 liters and the largest being able to hold up to 7.7 liters.

Royalty Line pot set

Royalty Line RL ES2014M

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Here is a set of Royalty Line household pots that consists of 14 pieces, of which six pots, namely four pans of 16, 20, 24 and 28 cm in diameter, as well as two pans of 24 and 28 cm, respectively. , which can be used for frying and sautéing, for example. They are joined by four detachable silicone handles and four pan lids.

To be easy to handle, the containers are equipped with classic or long handles, made of bakelite, which will not heat up. And they can be used on heat sources and hobs of all kinds, but also in the oven, for sarmale or other similar types of preparations, which require a lot of heat, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, given the base of four layers.

If the outside is made of aluminum, the inner layer will be made of marble, so that the food does not stick at the time of cooking, and so that the dishes can be easily washed.

BerlingerHaus pot set

BerlingerHaus Metallic Line Rose Gold Noir Edition BH / 1899

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

A set of pots, at a good price, for any user who begins his journey in the world of cooking, should contain a few pans and pans, and in this case you have three pots and two pans, one lower and one deeper, in which to prepare food for a small family or for you.

In addition to the five central pieces, you also have three heat-resistant glass lids and two bakelite supports, which last when you place hot containers on them. The capacity of the dishes varies, starting from 1 liter to 6 liters, offering enough variety in terms of the type of food you can prepare every day or from time to time.

The pots are made of aluminum, with a triple marbled layer on the inside, which helps maintain the integrity of the food and easy cleaning, without the need to rub the burned or tightly glued food, and can be inserted in the washing machine. For your safety and that of the containers, it is advisable to expose them only to the classic stove, on gas, or to the electric one.


Buying guide

In order to be able to cook quickly and tastefully in the kitchen, you need some sets of pots, at good prices, which will save you from further investments when it comes to adding other and other containers meant to prepare food. However, only you can decide which ones are useful for you, which you will use often, in order not to make purchases in vain, both from the perspective of capacity and materials, as well as from the point of view of the existing type of heat. Here is some information that can help you choose the most convenient packages of cooking containers.

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Materials : Perhaps the most important aspect is the material, as it determines how easy you will cook in the container. Thus, you can choose between stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper or carbon steel, the interior finish can be enameled, ceramic, Teflon or other substance with anti-stick properties.

Stainless steel is the most suitable, which, although it has a slightly higher price than aluminum or cast iron, for example, will be very resistant, will not rust and will provide a surface that can be sanitized quickly and that does not catch, in time, the smell food. And it can be used on induction hobs, if it has a magnetic base.

Aluminum heats up faster, being accompanied by an affordable price, on the inside there is usually a layer of Teflon or ceramic or enamel, to help maintain the vessels over time. However, such sets of pots, cheap and good, can deteriorate faster, especially as the anti-glue layer is lost.

Cast iron is much heavier, usually found in sets of containers for the restaurant, because they are difficult to handle, the dishes heat up quickly over the entire surface, to provide a uniform cooking space.

For professional style cooking, those sets ofcopper or carbon steel alloy containers are available on the market, for example, they have much higher purchase costs, are accessible to any heating source and have a multifunctional design.

Number of pieces : Here comes the buyer’s preference, as it appears from many opinions about the best sets of pots found online, because not everyone cooks as much or often. For a small person or family, three pots of different sizes, with or without a lid, in the shape of a saucepan or a pot with two handles, can be enough, because the number of servings will generally be smaller.

For a family with three, four members or even more, or for a person who cooks a lot and wants a dish for each item of a dish, a set of five, six or even more containers may be more useful. Of course, cleaning them will take longer, so keep this in mind when buying a bulky set.

Remember that the number of pieces in the description of a set of pots, at a good price, also includes lids or other accessories, such as a frying pan or interchangeable handles or oven trays.

Types of pots : This aspect is subjective, depending on each person in terms of lifestyle and diet. There will be pots with two handles, smaller or larger, where various portions of more liquid food can be prepared, but there are also versions of pans with a long tail, for easy handling on the stove. There are also sets with frying pans for frying and sautéing or options that include baking trays or specialized containers, such as grill or fish.

Capacity : It is important, especially when we are talking about a large family or a person who wants to prepare more portions that he can possibly keep in the refrigerator to consume in later days. For example, a 4 liter pot is enough for a maximum of 2 people, but the amount and nutritional intake of food may differ from one preparation to another.

Usually, you can find sets with the same type of pot on multiple sizes, from 14 cm in diameter, to boil water or eggs, for example, and to those with a diameter over 24 cm, much more spacious, to be able to prepare in at the same time more food. Thus, the work in the kitchen is much easier, because you can save energy and do not waste food, having control over portions.

Compatible heat source : Before purchasing the best set of pots for your kitchen, it is necessary to look at the properties of the material from which they are made. If the material is not compatible with the heat source in the kitchen, you can make a purchase in vain. Fortunately, in the description of the products you will find such information, most often discovering that the containers can be placed on the gas stove and on the electric hob, with ceramic tiles, with halogen.

More difficult to satisfy is the electromagnetic induction hob, which needs a material with electromagnetic properties to react with, being necessary to equip the container with a special base with such a function. Usually, you can find in the product description if it can be used in this way.

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Brands : One last feature that can have value is the manufacturer. Among the resonant names on the market are the sets offered for sale by Tefal, Blaumann, Heinner, Bohmann, Berlinger Haus, Grunberg or Peterhoff.

Finally, you will know better what your requirements are from a set of pots adapted to your own kitchen, and, with the help of the data described above, you can make a more informed opinion about what you really need. . And on online sales portals, you usually find these specifications in product descriptions, so it won’t be hard to decide.

Frequent questions

Is surgical stainless steel used for pots?

You can find a set of surgical stainless steel pots in most online stores, this material being used because it is easy to maintain, does not rust, resists very well and can be used on most existing heat sources. Dishes are useful for cooking with small amounts of fat or frying, being useful for diets.

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Are stainless steel pots for induction hobs more expensive?

A set of quality stainless steel pots will obviously cost more than one of the most difficult materials to sanitize or maintain, and those that can be used on the induction hob must have a magnetic base, which is why their purchase cost can be higher.

How to properly clean enameled pots?

Enameled pots are soaked in hot water and baking soda and a liquid dishwashing detergent are added, leaving them for up to an hour, especially when it comes to old or difficult stains, after which a toothbrush or a hard sponge is used and rub nicely.

What are the most used cooking utensils in the kitchen

When looking to use a kitchen, it is necessary to have at hand the most used pots and pans or pans, because, in this way, it will be easier for you when cooking. You can go to buy a set of pots and pans, to get rid of the hassle of looking for individual pieces, for which you can end up paying more, or you can choose what you know you will use.

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Among the “must-have” elements is the tail pan, for frying, usually deeper, which can fit at least two servings, for a small family, this being useful in the production of pasta sauces or other dishes Food for which oil is not an important ingredient.

Then, there will be at least one medium-sized pan to boil or boil the dish, or for larger amounts of sauce or soups or broths.

And for a larger family or for a dish in slightly larger quantities (at least four servings, say, because here you can choose the size and capacity of the container) will be useful a pot with two handles, which can be handled lighter, given the larger size and higher capacity, as well as the weight of the product itself.

What is the best set of pots and pans to buy

Last but not least, a small saucepan or a slightly larger kettle will be useful for heating water or boiling eggs, for example.

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