what is the best strainer for quinoa

Strainers – Review and comparison in 2021

There are many indispensable elements in kitchens, the need for a specific product depending on how it is cooked. Very often you will encounter strainers, which can be helpful. How to choose them and what top products are in the online environment, you will find out if you go through this guide. If time does not allow you, we will tell you right now what we thought was the most interesting option. It is aboutKASEMI 1100817 , a strainer made of good quality stainless steel, with many holes, of medium size, which measures 24 x 14.6 cm and has handles, but also the base in the form of a foot. If what you are looking for is a good model for separating plants from liquid when making tea, see Alveus Matcha .

Comparative table

It is a useful strainer in the kitchen, which you can use for pasta, fruits, vegetables, drained oil from various dishes and many other such actions. It is very roomy, with a diameter of 24 cm and a height of 14.8 cm and is equipped with handles on the sides and foot at the base.

It is not a model that folds to be easier to store, but takes up quite a lot of space.

Buy this useful dish in the kitchen, if you want a roomy stainless steel strainer, to help you with the cooking process.

Very good strainer for those who like to make tea from coarser powders or directly from plants, because it has very small holes that allow the separation of water ingredients. It has a hanging hook, a long handle and is made of stainless steel, being simple to use and of very good quality.

It is a small strainer, especially designed to separate plants from liquid when making tea.

If you want to easily make a delicious tea, from matcha powder or other natural ingredients, consider this purchase.

It is a vessel with a generous diameter of 28 cm, which is very easy to use due to the handles on the sides, but also the base in the shape of a foot, which offers very good stability. It is made of stainless steel, a resistant and durable material and is very easy to clean, being compatible with the dishwasher.

Water drainage holes are not present on the entire surface, which is why sometimes the process can be slower and there can be blockages.

It is a resistant, stable, roomy strainer and very easy to use in any kitchen, being useful in many situations.

In-depth reviews about the best strainers

Below you will find, grouped, some of the most popular strainers that you can buy in online stores. See if you can find something right for you.

Stainless steel strainers

KASEMI 1100817

what is the best strainer for quinoa

It is a stainless steel strainer that will help any housewife in the process of cooking food, because it is strong, durable and has generous dimensions, with a diameter of 24 cm. You can use it for pasta, fruits and vegetables or other goodies. The holes with which it is provided are neither very big, nor small, but sufficient for the purpose for which it is made.

To be easy to handle, this strainer (cheap and good) has two handles on the sides, which you can use to catch it as well as possible. The base is flat, with a foot, so it will be stable when you pour various mixtures into it.

The product is gray, and the shape is round, and can be easily placed in the mouth of a pot, if you want to steam. The height of this model is 14.8 cm and the weight is 0.24 grams. You can also wash it in the automatic machine, if you want.


Maison D’Amelie, with foot

what is the best strainer for quinoa

If you want a pasta strainer with small holes, which you can use for other purposes (steam cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, draining oil foods, etc.), this product could help you. It is made of very good quality stainless steel, being a model resistant to extreme temperatures, mechanical shocks and the passage of time.

This stainless steel strainer is pleasant to use, and this is mainly due to the two key details present – the handles on the sides, which help an easy grip, so you can handle it as easily as possible and the foot placed at the base, which offers stability and you can easily drain food without holding the bowl with holes in your hand.

This article has a diameter of 22 cm, a value that will allow a comfortable use. It is gray, the specific shade of the material from which it is made. It can be cleaned quickly, even in the dishwasher.


KASEMI 1102200

what is the best strainer for quinoa

Have you seen this large stainless steel strainer? It is built in such a way that it is very resistant, to use it for as long as possible. Due to the material from which it is made, it can be used even for very hot foods, not degrading and not eliminating toxic substances.

Regarding how spacious it is, it has a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 6.5 cm. Yes, there are not very high values, but it will be useful when you want to wash a smaller amount of pasta, vegetables, fruits, when you want to drain fat from certain dishes, etc. The holes are very thick, have a diameter of 3 mm and help the water to drain quickly.

This product is part of the category of those strainers, cheap and good, with one long handle. It is round, in the shape of a dome, and you must always hold it with your hand, because it is not a leg variant. It is also provided with a fixing hook, which contributes to a more comfortable fit.


Tea strainers

Alveus Matcha

what is the best strainer for quinoa

This product is a tea strainer that is presented as a model to make this drink from matcha powder, because it separates very well from the liquid the small beans, to prepare everything as simple as possible and to be pleasant to serve later. But it can also be used to make all kinds of other drinks from various plants.

This tea strainer is made of high quality stainless steel and has very small holes. Its diameter is 7.5 cm and its height is 3.5 cm. It is a product with a long tail, which has a total length of 17 cm.

The strainer is equipped with a fixing hook, for easy handling. It can be placed on a nail, using the hook or tail as a hook, as you wish. Cleaning is simple and fast, either under running water or at the automatic dishwasher.


Pasta strainers

Vanora Home, with handles

what is the best strainer for quinoa

The presence of pasta strainer, from Vanora Home, is also useful in larger families, where they cook more, because it is a large version, which has a diameter of 28cm. It can also help you to wash fruits and vegetables, so you can clean everything very well to prepare salads and other goodies.

Regarding the material from which it is made, we are talking about a large stainless steel strainer, which is why you will enjoy the resistance it has to all kinds of factors, but also the durability. The holes with which it is provided are quite large, but, considering the fact that they are not distributed on more than the surface, the water does not drain very quickly.

This strainer is gray in color and has a round shape. It also has two handles, to catch it easily, but also a leg, which means that it has a stable base. So it will be easy to handle. It is compatible with the automatic dishwasher.


Plastic strainers

Tefal Ingenio

what is the best strainer for quinoa

It is a plastic strainer, with a sieve, which can be used to remove certain foods from the cooking vessel, but also to take foam from the pans when it is formed during the preparation of various foods. The screen with which it is provided is a very dense one, to allow only the passage of water.

This strainer has a long tail, with a handle that has an insert made of hard plastic, to be as comfortable as possible. At one end it is equipped with a hanger, at the other with a ring made of silicone, to allow the support of the pot.

In order to clean this plastic strainer as well as possible, after using it, you can sanitize it even in the dishwasher, all the materials used in its realization being compatible with it. It cannot be used to drain water from a large amount of pasta or to be useful in washing fruits and vegetables, but it is more of a foamer.


Silicone strainers  

Maxx 47029043

what is the best strainer for quinoa

If you are used to making salad often or if you simply want to clean the vegetables very well every time you cook them, this silicone strainer could be a suitable option for you. It can also be useful for washing fruit, the drain holes being placed at the base.

The presence of green silicone strainer is very appreciated by buyers, because it is a model that tightens, making storage very simple. This aspect is important, because when it is extended it has quite large dimensions – 39 x 26 x 12 cm and a weight of 500 grams.

This item is provided with handles, but also other elements made of black plastic, and can be cleaned in the classic way or in the automatic machine. Compared to other items mentioned in this list, it requires a more generous budget, but it is an investment worth the money.


Buying guide  

There are a lot of cooking utensils that are very useful for housewives. These include the strainer, which can be used in a lot of situations, from draining pasta to washing all kinds of vegetables, fruits and more.

We present, below, some essential aspects, which are good to keep in mind when you want to buy such a product:

what is the best strainer for quinoa

Material : The purchase of strainers, at good prices, is done primarily according to this criterion. Why? Because it is an important aspect that is not only related to the resistance of a product, but also to the way it is used:

Stainless steel – the most popular dishes are made of this material. They are resistant to extreme temperatures, but also to all sorts of other factors, durable and easy to clean. They are often used when it comes to washing food, and some are useful even for steam cooking.

Silicone – such strainers are appreciated primarily for the fact that they do not take up much space, usually being foldable and easily returning to their original shape. They do not emit toxic substances if they come into contact with hot foods, they are non-stick, flexible and compatible with the automatic dishwasher. But they must be sanitized in time, so as not to get an unpainted shade.

Plastic – are purchased mainly because they have an affordable purchase price and can have all kinds of colors and shapes. But be careful to buy versions made of plastic that do not emit toxic substances, if you want to cook as healthy as possible. They have a very low weight, are durable over time, but if you lose them you can easily crack them. Also, they are not recommended for steam cooking.

Dimensions : Depending on the size of a strainer, at a good price, you will be able to figure out how you can use it.

For example, variants that can be helpful in washing pasta, fruits and vegetables or other foods are usually no less than 20 cm in diameter. Then there are those that can be useful for tea, milk, soups or other beverages, which of course are below this value.

Regarding the height, it must be thought in such a way as to be useful to you. Imagine what the product you want would look like and you will realize if it is roomy enough for your needs.

Then, consider the size of the holes. Usually, a value is not specified here, but you will be told if they are small or larger, in order to realize the usefulness of the article.

Food type : What will be the best strainer for you? The one that can help you in the way you cook, so that you can act on the foods you want.

Pasta – items intended for washing these ingredients are large, because they must be used in large quantities of food. They can be made of any material, but most of the time they are made of stainless steel. They have larger holes to allow the water to drain quickly and to prevent blockage of the elimination pathways.

Fruits / vegetables – the material does not matter much here, as long as we are talking about the variants used to wash these foods. But if you need to steam them, then you have to opt for variants made of stainless steel or silicone. It is good that the dimensions are larger, in order to use a product that is as useful as possible.

Liquids – most often, strainers for liquids such as natural juice, tea, fresh milk, wine, etc. they are designed in such a way as not to allow the passage of debris or impurities, which is why it is necessary to have very, very small and dense holes. To achieve this, a material such as stainless steel is needed.

Eggs – here we are talking about kitchen utensils specially designed to separate the egg white from the yolk, in case you have difficulties. They are very small objects, made of metal, plastic or other materials.

Key features : In order to easily make opinions about the best strainers, you must also take this aspect into account. Often, these products are equipped with:

Handles – helps a much simpler handling, so that everything is done safely and not get hurt.

Foot – provides stability to the vessel, especially when you want to drain pasta, hot mixes or other foods and you want everything to be as comfortable as possible.

Hangers – detail that will help you to keep the product at hand or to keep it in a system designed in such a way as to allow the nailing of various products in the kitchen.

The possibility of being folded – this is an aspect that will help you with a simpler storage, especially when we are talking about larger strainers, which can take up quite a lot of space.

Fixing hook– to make it as easy as possible to use the product, because it will not move easily and will not slip.

what is the best strainer for quinoa

Design : And these elements are important for many buyers, either to buy useful options or to choose something they like and what it looks like.

Shape – most strainers are dome-shaped, with a round or flat base, depending on what you want. But there are also conical variants, useful especially for making dishes of Chinese origin, or rectangular, most often used to wash fruits and vegetables.

Color – stainless steel models are usually gray, the natural shade of this material, but plastic and silicone can be very varied in this regard.

If after reading this article you realized what you need, we recommend you go to online stores to look for that strainer, at a good price. You will be pleasantly surprised by a wide range of products and the speed with which you can purchase everything you need.

4 situations in which the strainer is indispensable in the kitchen

Not all kitchen strainers are the same, but they should be chosen based on what you want to do with them. Next, we present some situations in which such products are necessary for you.

what is the best strainer for quinoa

When you cook pasta

It doesn’t matter if you choose a recipe in which the pasta should or should not be washed, the strainer is still useful to you, because it will help you to remove these foods much easier from the hot water in which they boiled. You should not waste time “fishing” them with a foamer, but place this dish in the sink, turn on the cold water, and pour the contents of the pot in which you boiled.

When you make herbal tea

Here we refer to herbal teas that are not placed in sachets, but are in their raw form, dried and portioned into bags. After pouring boiling water over such a content or after adding it to the pot in which you boiled the water, you must get that clear liquid to drink for pleasure or because of certain needs.

You will need a strainer with very small and thick holes, made of stainless steel, which separates the liquid as well as possible from the larger parts of the plant.

When you have animals that give fresh milk

If you have milk-feeding pets next to your home, you definitely need a stainless steel strainer with very small holes, with the help of which you can clean this liquid of any dirt that may enter it during milking. Thus, in the end, the milk will be clean and good to drink.

what is the best strainer for quinoa

When you want to steam

To prepare food in this way, you need a strainer in which to insert the desired vegetables, so that you allow them to cook later in this way. The procedure is quite simple and if you don’t know how, you will find a lot of tips on the Internet, in order to do a better job.

These are just some of the situations in which the best strainers are a “must have” in any kitchen. They should exist in every space where they are cooked, to facilitate the work of people who prepare food.

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