What you need to know before buying a bowl mixer

We all want to have the best appliances in the kitchen, which simplifies our work, no matter how many people we cook or how often. But it can happen to invest wrongly in a device that we do not really need or in a model that is too big or too expensive. Find out in this article how useful a bowl mixer is for you and how to choose a version suitable for your family.


Is it finally time for you to buy a bowl mixer to help you make dough and creams easier? Although it is a very efficient and useful device in the kitchen, before investing in such a product, which costs quite a lot, it is good to make sure that you really need it and that you know how to choose the right model. Here are some aspects that those who have purchased such a device before you have considered.


How often will you use it

We know that you think of a bowl mixer every time you start preparing the dough for cakes or bread, because kneading is one of the most tiring steps. But before buying such a kitchen aid, it is good to make sure that you use it often enough to justify the money invested.

This appliance is the most valuable if you have to work with medium and high density doughs, because mixtures of creams, whipped cream, pancake dough or pandispan you can easily prepare with a hand mixer, which is cheaper and takes up less space. An argument that justifies the purchase of a model that is placed on the counter is therefore the frequent preparation of homemade bread, cakes, cakes, pizza, etc. If these dishes enter the menu only for holidays and anniversaries, you can do without this device.

What you need to know before buying a bowl mixer

The list of products in the preparation of which can help you and which it is good to take into account when evaluating the frequency of use, also includes parjoals, sausages, sarmales and any preparation that involves minced meat (if you see a model with an accessory for this action) cream soups, smoothies, homemade pies, etc. in case you want a version that includes blender knives.


Available space

One of the disadvantages of these products is their large enough size to create difficulties when it comes to location. They are robust, heavy devices to ensure good stability, a feature that makes them less easy to move. In addition, they are high enough to make you uncomfortable if you can't place them in a corner of the countertop, so that they don't get in your way.

If you are already struggling in a small kitchen, think twice before adding such an appliance to the already overcrowded space. Whatever location you find for him, consider the fact that you will not be able to vacate the area too soon, mixers of this type not being the kind of product to store and always take out, only when you need it.


Ability to work

Equally important is the load capacity of the bowl that tells you whether or not that model is right for your family. Generally, versions that include a container with a volume of 5-6 liters are recommended. But if you are preparing food for a large family, it is good to look for a more spacious version.

What you need to know before buying a bowl mixer

Dividing the composition into several tranches is time consuming, and the role of the device is to help you finish the job faster. It is equally important not to buy too big an option, because it will be difficult for you to work with it, it will consume more than it should and it will take up unnecessary space.

In terms of engine power, it is good not to go below 600W, although these figures are not the most relevant, but the system inside and the efficiency with which the device uses the power generated by the engine. So try to find the manufacturer's instructions regarding his work capacity, which is often mentioned as the maximum amount of flour he can process.

Careful! With very dense doughs, even the best models of bowl mixers can encounter difficulties. So consider the option in which it may be necessary to finish the dough by manual kneading, if it is one that contains a lot of flour.


The functions they must perform

If you only need a mixer to help you quickly prepare creams, sauces, various mixes and doughs, you will do very well with a model provided with a paddle, wire and dough hook. They are generally included in the standard equipment of any product of this type, which means that the versions provided only with these elements are somewhat more affordable.

But there is also the option in which you want to buy a product that can easily cover almost all the actions you do in the kitchen, from cutting and chopping, to mixing various compositions and stuffing sausages. In this case, you will need a significantly larger budget and you will focus on more efficient models that allow you to supplement with the accessories that perform these operations.

What you need to know before buying a bowl mixer

Budget available

The price of these products starts from 50 – 60 lei and can exceed 5000 lei in the professional variants. Although you do not need in the household even the most efficient model on the market, we recommend you to avoid very cheap versions that may have deficiencies in terms of stability, work power and durability, being most often made of plastic.

If you have gone through the above aspects and come to the conclusion that you need such a product and that you will use it often enough to be worth buying, it is good to choose a version that you can use with confidence. for many years. It is therefore good to know that the variants with metal structure, good stability and efficient engine are easier to find among the offers that exceed 250-300 lei.


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