what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

The best electric grill – Our recommendations for 2021

In the event that you want to enjoy the best steaks made on the grill, a quality electric grill should not be missing from your kitchen equipment. You will not know what to choose, if you do not inform yourself a little, but when time is short, we exempt you from reading this guide and we propose you to find out simply which product won our and the public’s vote. So, on the forefront we place Tefal GC305012 , an electric model that offers most of the features that any high-performance appliance should provide: high power, which determines rapid heating; extended cooking surface, consisting of two plates, which can be used in parallel, for several portions prepared simultaneously, or superimposed, when it is necessary to fry on both sides simultaneously; there are also basic functions, including the thermostat with temperature control, control light, which indicates that the device is on and the on / off button. With a solid and well-insulated construction, along with non-heating handles and cable storage system, this grill fully deserves the title it has won. Those who prefer another suggestion to purchase might appreciate the product in second place: Zelmer GE1000 .

Comparison table

It is a strong piece, with fast heating, provided with a lid with hob, which makes the frying to be done quickly on both sides. Thanks to the thermostat adjustment option you can properly prepare any food, regardless of their thickness.

The manufacturer does not mention the existence of an automatic stop system, so it is important to pay attention to this aspect to avoid accidents.

It is an option characterized by high performance, easy to clean and store and with functions that increase its usefulness: light warning, cold handles, cable storage system, drain tray.

The piece is a multifunctional one, provided with a glass lid that allows you to carefully monitor the condition of the prepared food. It has 5 temperature levels, double non-stick cooking surface, with hob and grill and thermal insulation handles.

The glass lid, which is mentioned as a great advantage, is also a potential safety issue, because it requires careful handling.

We consider it a high quality model, which allows you to make appropriate settings for the thorough preparation of any type of food. The grease tray and easily removable components make it easy to clean and maintain.

It allows the preparation of portions for two people, cooking quickly, thanks to the power of 2000W, and adapted to the type of food, thanks to the 6 preset programs. The grill is non-stick and will heat evenly, so that each piece is nicely browned.

We point out that this is a model according to the needs of at most two people, but the hob is not big enough for a large family.

If you want to cook quickly, a healthy and tasty meal, the investment will be a very advantageous one, because we are talking about an efficient product, easy to maintain and with a safe construction.

How to choose a good electric grill

Buyer’s guide

The electric grill is a relatively new product on the market, quite unknown and mysterious about the advantages offered. But, of course, the name already offers some ideas on how you can use it. In the comfort of the apartment, regardless of the weather, you can prepare the same delicious food, with the specific aroma of the grill, without using fire, without producing smoke and without heating the coals.

The best electric grill has a cooking surface that does not allow food to stick, easy to clean and maintain, in various forms (hob or grill). Electric grills do not use an open flame, so there is no need for a connection to a gas source, but only for connection to the socket. Thus, you will be able to grill, in the shortest possible time and with surprising ease, fries, small, burgers or even the tastiest grilled vegetables. The fact that it is an electric grill does not mean that you cannot use it outside. It works as well and efficiently as a charcoal grill, and all you need for a beautiful day in the yard is a long extension cord and juicy grilled food.

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

When looking for one of the best electric grills, you need to pay attention to some important features related to shape, surface, temperature and functions. Consider these details:

Surface: The size and shape of the cooking surface directly influences the taste and how penetrating the food is. As a shape, you can choose from products in the form of a hob or grill, or a system with a lid, which cooks on both sides simultaneously, or even a cooking surface that incorporates a combination of all 3. Whatever you choose, the cooking surface must to be non-stick. Thus, the meat will not stick and will not change its shape, and after use, everything will be much easier to wash. Also, be careful that the chosen product contains a grease drain system and has detachable components, details that will help you a lot in cleaning. If you eat food for several people all the time, look for a plate as wide as possible, with a side or diameter of at least 45cm.

All you have to do is start searching for the best electric grill, and the stores with the possibility of online purchase will help you. With the help of offers, price reductions, free transport and the possibility of “refund”, your search becomes easier and more comfortable.

Temperature: this should be controllable, because not all pieces of meat are the same. Some need a longer cooking, at a low temperature to be penetrated and good to eat, and others require a quick cooking, at a high temperature. Some electric grills offer a cooking temperature between 65 and 200 degrees Celsius, and others maintain only a high temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius. You will make the choice depending on what kind of meals you plan. When cooking more meat on the grill, you do not need low temperatures for vegetables, but if you have a vegan or a vegetarian in the family, it is important to be able to cook vegetable foods at low temperatures, so as not to destroy enzymes.

Protection functions: the possibility of locking the device, so that it is not turned on by mistake or out of curiosity by your children, is an essential function when you have small children. Otherwise, do not keep the grill on the cooking surface when you are not supervising it. At the same time, it is good for the grill to have a form of light announcement, when the surface has reached the optimum temperature for use and especially for when it is put into operation, so as not to accidentally touch it, omitting that it is active.

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

Ergonomics: two aspects must be checked: the weight will be as low as possible and the cable as long as possible. Being a product that uses a hot plate, it is recommended to be placed in an area of the kitchen that eliminates the risk of melting or burning things. around him. A long cable and a low weight give you the opportunity to move anywhere you want your new electric grill.

Warranty: The electric grill is a product that uses electricity, which means that various faults can occur. There are situations in which the appliance does not reach the described temperature, or fails due to manufacturing defects. It is recommended that these concerns be removed from a standard 24-month warranty offered by the manufacturer and online stores.

Recommended models in 2021

Tefal GC305012

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills You’ve probably learned to hear only good things about Tefal’s products, so you won’t be surprised to find that this device has received an excellent score from users and that the performance it guarantees is commendable. The appliance has a high heating power, with the 2000W offered, allowing the frying of meat slices and vegetables on both sides simultaneously, thanks to the lid with active heat plate, which gives it a shape similar to that of a sandwich maker.

The hob has dimensions of 25.5 × 31.1cm, totaling a baking area of over 790cm square. It is safe to say that four large portions will be prepared without problems in a single heating session. About the functions, we can mention that it has an adjustable thermostat, light warning system and a very practical drain pan.

Detachable parts are washed right in the dishwasher, freeing you from unnecessary hassle.


It heats up quickly, having 2000W power

Fry on both sides simultaneously, with a lid with a ribbed hob

It has a generous cooking surface, preparing large portions

It is regulated by thermostat and can be used open

It has a light warning, cold handles and a cable storage system


An automatic shut-off system is not specified


Zelmer GE1000

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

Zelmer GE1000 is a grill with glass lid, perfect for terrace, balcony or kitchen. The cooking surface is non-stick and consists of a hob and a grill. As for size, the cooking space itself is very large, where you can easily cook meals for you and your guests. It incorporates 5 adjustable temperature levels, to meet the special needs of different foods. The glass lid will also help in this process, maintaining the heat in the hob space. The temperature can be adjusted by means of a thermostat located at the entrance of the power cable in the appliance, on the side of the grill.

In the structure of the grill you will find 3 thermal insulation handles, 2 of the grill and a handle of the glass lid, plus a grease tray. All components are detachable, to be easier to wash and clean, and the non-stick surface will also facilitate this process.

The power cord is detachable, and together with the help of a long extension cord you can turn the Zelmer GE1000 grill into one of the best electric grills for the garden. With its large surface and various functions, it is perfect when you have a party or a Sunday with your family, without anyone wasting their time and ruining their mood for heating coals or maintaining fire.


Multifunctional electric grill with glass lid.

Non-stick cooking surface consisting of a hob and a grill.

Incorporates 5 adjustable temperature levels.

Thermal insulation ways.

Detachable component.

Grease tray.

Protective layer of the cooking surface against gluing.


It does not incorporate an automatic shut-off safety system.

The glass lid requires careful handling; it is not for the clumsy.


Tefal OptiGrill + GC712D

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills Through this device, Tefal surpasses itself – proof of the unanimously favorable impressions offered by users. Tefal OptiGrill + GC712D is a piece with high-performance cast aluminum plates, covered with an extremely easy-to-clean non-stick coating. The heat will be uniformly released during baking, and maintenance will not impose special problems.

The piece is provided with a tray for collecting liquids; the angle of 7 degrees below which the trays are arranged favors their accumulation in the specially designated container and prevents the appliance or the support on which it is placed from becoming dirty. Moreover, the plates can be cleaned in the dishwasher, so that maintenance is simple.

The maximum power of the appliance is 2000W, while the 30 x 20 cm hob offers enough space to prepare at least two servings of food. Thanks to the non-slip system, it can be securely placed on any kitchen counter, the power supply being made by means of a cable with a length of 1.2 meters.


High power electric grill for quick preparation of ingredients.

Equipped with 6 preset automatic programs – easy to use.

The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking.

Detachable components can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Compared to other models, the hob does not have very generous dimensions.

The manufacturer does not provide any indication of the existence of a timer or thermostat.


Tefal OPTIGRILL GC714834

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills The Optigrill model, from Tefal, is an electric grill suitable, especially, for family meals, because the size of the hob is 30 x 20 centimeters (length and width), ie for two or four people. The surface is non-stick, made of cast aluminum, which ensures that food will not get caught during cooking.

You can choose the desired cooking temperature, having the possibility to choose between 4 different settings. In addition, the product has a light indicator that shows you how well the meat (or vegetables) has been prepared, depending on the color shown: purple (preheating), blue, green (when it starts to cook), yellow (when the meat is in the blood), orange (medium cooking) and red (when the meat is well done, slightly dry).

The grill is equipped with a program that allows you to choose between 6 different types of cooking, namely: red meat, fish, chicken, sausages, burger and sandwich. After selecting the desired one, the temperature adjusts automatically, depending on the size and thickness of the prepared food. It is also equipped with a spacious tray for draining fats.


The cooking surface is non-stick, so the food will not stick.

You can choose between 6 types of cooking: fish, chicken, red meat, sausages, sandwich and burger, and the temperature is set automatically, depending on the thickness of the food.

The grill has an indicator light, which shows you how well the meat has been cooked.

The product has a fairly spacious tray in which the fat collected during preparation is collected.


The cooking surface is quite small, 30 x 20 centimeters in length and width, respectively.


Philips HD4467 / 90

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills If you want a quick reason why it is worth investing without hesitation in this electric grill, we tell you from the start: you will have multiple cooking possibilities. Thanks to the tight lid, you can make burgers or any other type of meat, which will brown on both sides, for a more intense aroma and a more tender texture.

You can also use it as a simple grill, folding the cooking surface (a hob has 319 x 223 mm), on which you can put meat and vegetables at once. And if you just want to gratinate some cheese on toast or watery vegetables and fruits, such as pumpkin or tomatoes, you can keep the lid ajar.

It is an efficient and powerful grill (2000 W), equipped with an adjustable thermostat, with which you can adjust the temperature depending on the food cooked. It has work indicators, automatic detachable and washable components, cold handles, non-slip feet and storage system for the power cable, 2m long.


You save time and eat fast, because the hob heats up in a short time, thanks to the power of 2000W.

It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat (70 ° C – 230 ° C), to always cook at the optimum temperature.

The product is delivered without shipping fees.

It is offered with a 2-year warranty.


It does not fall into the category of cheap electric grills (however, in certain periods, you can find it at significant discounts).


Star-Light EGH-2000W

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills If you like grills with family or friends, but at the same time want to eat healthy, without the food being covered by the thick smoke of coal, then pay attention to the details of the product offered by the Star-Light brand. The great advantage of this electric grill is the opening at 180 degrees, which gives you the opportunity to cook on both surfaces.

Regardless of the type of meat you choose to cook, you do not have to worry or keep your eyes on the grill, because the two cooking surfaces are non-sticky, meaning that the food does not stick to them. You can also set the desired temperature yourself, because the thermostat is adjustable: 0, minimum, average and maximum.

The meat will cook healthy, without fats, considering that the latter will drain in the special tray. The high power of the 2000 Watt grill ensures that you will not have to wait too long until the cooking process is ready.


The grill has a high power (2000 watts), which means that the cooking time is quite short.

The product has a special tray in which fats can drain.

Given that the opening is made at 180 degrees, you can cook on both surfaces of the grill (a single surface has dimensions of 29.7 x 23.5 centimeters).

The meat will not stick during cooking, because both plates are non-stick.


Even if the thermostat is adjustable, you can burn the food if you don’t know how to set it, because the temperature in degrees Celsius is not displayed.


How to use an electric grill

Once you have bought this type of appliance, the way it will help you prepare the food and the duration of use will largely depend on the observance of some basic rules. If you are interested in these few essential suggestions, we suggest you go through them quickly, in the following paragraphs:

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

How to prepare it for first use

After removing the grill from the package, you will need to clean the hob to make sure that it does not show traces of dust or residue after manufacture. The glass cover will be initially removed, if the chosen model is equipped with such a thing. When you have opted for one with a hob and at the top, you will open the device and wipe the thermally active parts. Some products allow the hob / hobs to be detached and washed separately. We recommend that you do not use any tool that could scratch the cooking surface. After the respective components have dried, they are reassembled and you can then start baking the food on the grill.

Putting into service

The grill must be placed on a flat, heat-resistant surface, which is stable and large enough in size (to have enough space around the object). Connect it to a grounded wall outlet. Always preheat the hob before placing food on top – a precaution for most commercial electric models. After activating the start option, rotate the control knob to the desired power level or make the necessary temperature settings, depending on the design of each device.

Preparing and frying the ingredients

Regardless of whether you prepare vegetables or meat on the grill, you will have to season them beforehand with all your favorite spices and portion them so that they can easily fit on the hob, capitalizing on its entire surface. The irregularly shaped pieces are interspersed with smaller ones, in order not to let any thermally active portion heat up without transmitting the respective caloric energy to the food.

If you have chosen a variant with a slot for smoking, a special container will be inserted there (usually delivered with the grill) in which wood chips are placed, in order to give the food that specific taste. After carefully placing all the ingredients on the stove, you can close the lid, thus avoiding the fat from the pieces of meat being sprinkled on the outside.

All tools you use to turn food must have a thermally insulated handle. At the same time, for models with non-stick coating, it is forbidden to scratch with various metal utensils or to portion the food directly on the hob.

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills


After you have finished frying, you will set the appliance to the Off / Off position and unplug it. You will wait for it to cool before you start disassembling it for cleaning. We recommend removing the lid, hob (s), grease drawer and other accessories only when they have cooled completely.

The main unit is wiped with a damp cloth, avoiding contact with electrical resistance. The rest of the pieces are washed separately, using a gentle degreaser (avoid substances that could affect the non-stick layer). It is excluded the use of brushes with metal filaments or scraping, most electrical variants are not manufactured for this type of maintenance. All parts will be well dried before storage.


The base and the plug cable of the appliance must always be protected from moisture. Connect the grill only to the indicated voltage. Do not touch the inside with your hand while the device is turned on, and the connecting cable must be well stretched and protected from high temperatures to avoid damage. It is forbidden to use the product by children or people with reduced sensory, physical and mental abilities.

Popular brands:

The concern for a healthy diet makes more and more adults to opt for the grill variant: small amounts of fat and the superficial preparation of vegetables, which guarantees a maximum amount of vitamins. Here are some of the most popular electric grill manufacturers.

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

The history of the Tefal brand begins in 1954, when Marc Gregoire manages to develop a technological process that combines PTFE with aluminum. The natural result is that in 1956 the Tefal company was launched on the market, which by the end of the year had already reached the impressive production figure of 100 pans every day.

In the early 60’s, Tefal really became an international brand, being launched in the United States under the name T-Fal. In 1968 SEB acquired Tefal, which only strengthens its position on the international gastronomy market. Starting with 1974, the brand diversifies its production, giving up the exclusive production of pans and special cooking utensils for pancakes.

The innovations marked the existence of Tefal from its first day. It is found in the non-stick coating of cooking utensils, in the launch of ActiFry, the first fryer that uses only a few drops of oil, in the wireless irons, with special sole and in Thermo-Spot, which equips all the brand’s pans.

Among the Tefal brand products currently available on the market are coffee makers, electric mugs, toasters, bread machines, electric hobs, grills, multicookers, steamers and many, many more.

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

Zelmer has established itself on the small appliances market as one of the most important brands that offers vacuum cleaners, mixers, food processors, fruit and vegetable juicers, meat grinders, scales and hairdressers. The experience of over 60 years in the field recommends the brand as a good choice in this category of products.

Zelmer can be purchased in 27 countries globally, being one of the oldest Polish brands and certainly the best represented – and all this thanks to sustainable and rapid development, which has always been a priority in the marketing strategy. Consumers associate the brand name with durability and reliability.

The constant growth of the brand is demonstrated by the opening, in 2013, of a new factory, with 13 state-of-the-art assembly lines, from which a new range of vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances was launched. The fact that all the stages of the production process, from the raw material to the packaging of the finished product, take place in the same unit increases the quality of the products and, of course, the trust of the buyers.

In Romania, Zelmer has been available since 2007 and in a constantly growing market, partly due to the reliability of the products it provides to customers and the advantageous ratio between quality and price, but also due to the interest given to environmental protection through the Eco Line range. quality alternatives for those concerned with healthy eating.

what’s the best electric grills to buy – indoor and outdoor grills

Philips is a technology company that dates back to 1891, when Gerard and Frederik Philips, father and son, founded a company producing carbon filament lamps. When they were already on the verge of bankruptcy, Anton, Gerard’s young brother, entered the scene, who at only 16 years old managed to bring the company back to the waterline and lay the foundations of the concern that has become today.

Starting with 1920, the company began to produce other parts, the first being the vacuum tube, followed by the electric razor and a radio with built-in speaker. The next step was taken in the 1930s, when it was decided that providing a portable low-voltage generator could increase sales of radios. The result was a modernization of the Stirling engine, extremely useful in areas without electricity.

After the difficult period of World War II, Philips began producing televisions, inventing the audio cassettes that enjoyed incredible success, the answering machine, digital dictation machines, the first VCR and, in collaboration with Sony, the first Compact Disc.

Currently, the company is so extensive that it has been necessary to organize it into 3 main divisions: Philips Consumer Lifestyle, which includes electronics, electrical and personal care devices, Philips Healthcare, which supplies medical equipment, and Philips Lighting, a manufacturer of lighting.

»Here you can find recommendations from previous years

Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Albatross GT-2000

Albastros GT-2000 seems like a good idea for an electric grill, with which to cook a meal on a family weekend, because the cooking surface is relatively small, 29.7 centimeters long and 25.7 centimeters wide, being suitable for two or at most four people. The hob measures 38 x 137 x 34 millimeters and has the advantage of being non-stick, so you don’t have to worry that the food will stick.

Regardless of the place you choose to position it, whether you place it in the kitchen or outside, the grill will stay fixed, due to the legs that do not allow it to slide or change position. Also, the safety chapter includes the chrome-resistant heat-resistant handle and the thermal-insulating housing, which protect you from the risk of burning / burning.

Because the cooking power is high, at 2000 watts, the product has the function of regulating the temperature, so that you do not burn the meat or keep an eye on it.


The electric grill has an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to choose the desired temperature yourself.

The hobs are non-stick.

The power of the grill is 2000 watts, meaning the food will cook quite quickly.

The product has safety measures, such as: thermal insulation housing, non-slip feet and a chrome-resistant heat-resistant handle.


The dimensions of the hob are relatively small, 297 x 257 millimeters.

Star-Light A-1650W

If you like grilled food and want to enjoy it in any season, we recommend the Star-Light A-1650W model. It is a piece available at an extremely convenient price, which will help you cook meat or vegetables quickly and healthily.

The piece has a power of 1650 W, being efficient in the quick preparation of any recipe. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat, the process can be customized according to ingredients and preferences. Find equipped with detachable components, the device can be easily cleaned, the plates being washable in the dishwasher.

The non-stick surface and the removable glass cover complete the advantages of this model. Thanks to the lid configuration, you can closely monitor the condition of your food. The grill tray has two ergonomic handles that will help you handle it. The special tray for collecting liquids has a large capacity. In addition, the special anti-slip support creates a solid base.


Powerful, fast and efficient grill – 1650W.

Equipped with thermostat for safe cooking.

Non-stick surface of removable plates for easy cleaning.

Equipped with glass lid to monitor the food preparation phase.


Some buyers prefer a higher cooking temperature.

Russell Hobbs Floral Cottage 18524-56

The Russell Hobbs COTTAGE Floral electric grill has two cooking surfaces, which overlap and can also fulfill the role of sandwhich maker. The two non-stick surfaces help to prepare food quickly, due to the cooking space that maintains a constant temperature. The product does not incorporate a thermostat, but contains an indicator light placed on its case, which shows the optimal time of use. Even if it is an enclosed cooking space, Russell Hobbs COTTAGE can support up to 5 servings simultaneously, perfect when cooking for a family.

In the body of the grill you will also find a tray for draining excess fat, and together with the detachable components, washing after use has become much easier. The total weight is 3 kilograms, and at the base of the grill you will find 4 legs that distance the appliance from the surface on which it is placed and have a non-stick role. In addition, the high temperatures reached by the two cooking surfaces will not affect or burn the surface on which the grill is placed.

The floral design of the Russell Hobbs COTTAGE electric grill is very attractive and very successful among users. Russell Hobbs has launched a full range of themes, based on this design, and if you are a loyal customer of this manufacturer, you can accessorize your kitchen with style.

Electric grill with two cooking surfaces.

It can also be used as a sandwich maker.

It can cook 5 servings simultaneously.

Incorporates an excessive fat drain pan.

Detachable component.

The base of the device contains 4 non-stick legs.


It does not incorporate an automatic shut-off system.

It does not have thermal insulation handles.

The temperature cannot be adjusted.

Gorenje KR 1800 KDP

Gorenje KR 1800 KDP is an electric grill produced by the well-known Slovenian company, which incorporates two overlapping cooking surfaces that can be used as a sandwich maker or barbecue. If you open the two surfaces of the grill to the end, you will be able to take advantage of the very large cooking surface, in the form of a grill. In 6 minutes the appliance reaches the maximum temperature and is perfect for cooking, and in just 12 minutes you can already enjoy a delicious meal.

The plates are covered with Teflon, which does not allow food to stick to these two surfaces, and together with the detachable components, cleaning the grill is much easier. With the help of a thermostat, you can select between the 5 temperature levels, which means that you can easily prepare various foods – pancakes, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, meat or vegetables.

This product is very easy to use and provides the most important features needed for an electric grill, plus versatility in terms of the ways you can cook. We recommend it especially if you want to reduce the consumption of fats and fried foods, but you want to keep the delicious aroma of food.

Electric grill with two overlapping cooking surfaces.

Large Teflon cooking surface.

Incorporates 5 temperature levels.

It can also be used as a sandwhich-maker and you can also cook unconventional dishes for a barbecue – pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc.

Detachable and washable components.

It reaches its maximum temperature in just 6 minutes.


It does not incorporate an automatic shut-off system.

Does not contain an excess fat drain pan.

Philips HD4417

Philips HD4417 is a compact electric table grill with a thick cooking surface that reaches very high temperatures. The adjustable thermostat and the thickness of the hob ensure a constant temperature, no matter what you cook on it – the temperature will not drop, even if you put frozen food directly on the hob. The non-stick surface helps a lot in the cleaning process of the grill after use, and the excess fat will drain to the special tray located in the grill structure.

Philips HD4417 is compact and easy to store in an upright position, and the detachable and washable components are very helpful for washing. The total weight is 3.7 kg, the grill handling handles are thermally insulated, and the base of the appliance incorporates a system that does not allow it to slip.

Overall, the very thick hob, the compact dimensions and the increased efficiency make us recommend Philips HD4417 for home use, whenever you feel like a grilled food.

Electric grill with power of 2000 W.

Cooking surface in the form of a grill.

Increased thickness plate.

Includes a thermostat to keep the temperature constant.

Contains detachable and washable components.

Thermal insulation ways.

Incorporates a fat tray.

The base of the device incorporates a system that does not allow it to slip.


Due to the increased thickness of the hob and the high temperatures reached, the grill should also have contained an automatic shut-off system.

Myra HE-603

The Myra electric grill has a power of 1950 W and a hob size of 42 × 30 cm and consists of two different cooking surfaces, grill and flat. The handles are made of heat-resistant plastic, and the hob can be covered with a heat-resistant glass lid, included as an accessory.

The appliance also includes a tray for collecting grease, and the material from which the grill is made is very easy to clean. The hob temperature can be adjusted with the thermostat attached, and the cable can be detached for easier storage.

Overall, considering all the general features of this product, you can say that you have in front of you the best electric balcony grill.


Electric grill with a power of 1950 W and a cooking surface divided into two, grill and dish.

The plastic handles and the glass lid are heat-resistant.

Includes a detachable power cord that has a thermostat at the end, with which you can control the temperature of the hob.


The increased power of the grill can heat up and even deform some less durable extensions.

Zelmer 40Z012

Zelmer 40Z012 is an electric grill with a non-stick mixed cooking surface, consisting of a hob and a grill, perfect for meat, fish or vegetables. The non-stick surface helps to preserve the taste and shape of the food, but also to the subsequent cleaning process. The grill has a maximum power of 2000 W, and the temperature can be adjusted to 5 different levels. Even if it is a grill and by definition the temperatures must be high, some meals, or types of meat, require long cooking at a low temperature. Zelmer 40Z012 also meets this condition of versatility. The temperature control device is placed and marked accordingly on the side of the appliance, at the level of the power cable insert.

The weight of the appliance is 5.3 kilograms, and the thermal insulation handles allow you to move the grill from one place to another, even when it is heated, although I would not recommend this risky move. Zelmer 40Z012 also contains a drain pan for grease, and the heating elements are detachable. Again, this is a very important feature for the moments after dinner, when the grill needs to be cleaned.

Overall, the Zelmer 40Z012 multifunctional electric grill is perfect for preparing a delicious meal, both in the garden and in the kitchen or balcony. It is truly one of the best electric grills this year.

Multifunctional electric grill.

Cooking surface consisting of a hob and a grill.

Non-stick cooking surface.

5 temperature settings.

Detachable power cord.

Thermal insulation ways.

Grease drain pan.

Detachable heating elements.


It does not incorporate an automatic shut-off system.

Tristar BQ – 2816

The electric grill Tristar BQ – 2816 has a barbeque type design with lid, with a stand with adjustable height, up to 92 cm. It can also be used as a table grill, and the non-stick cooking surface consists of a hob, which occupies a quarter of the total surface and a grill. Tristar BQ – 2816 incorporates 5 temperature levels, adjustable with a light indicator attached to the power cord, on the side of the grill. The lid, together with the various temperature levels will keep the heat throughout the cooking process and thus, even the most difficult pieces of meat will be penetrated evenly.

In the body of the appliance you will also find two thermal insulation handles, very helpful when you want to move the grill even if it is turned on, but also a grease drain device. This detail, together with the washable components of the grill, will ensure an easy washing after use, under running water or in the dishwasher. As a safety feature, manufacturers have incorporated an automatic shut-off system if the grill is left in operation for a longer period of time.

The shape of the grill, together with the very advantageous general characteristics, make the Tristar BQ – 2816 electric grill one of the best electric grills for the garden, but of course, you can use it with the same efficiency in the house . We recommend it especially if you have a large family, with different tastes, because you can prepare different types of meat or vegetables on different surfaces.

Electric grill with stand and lid, with an adjustable height of up to 92 cm.

Cooking surface consisting of a hob and a grill.

Incorporates 5 temperature levels and a temperature indicator.

Thermal insulation ways.

Fat drainer.

Contains washable items under running water or in the dishwasher.

Automatic safety shut-off.


High price.

Tefal BG120312

Electric grill made by Tefal, this product incorporates a large cooking surface in the form of a grill, which can be adjusted in two different cooking positions. It reaches very high temperatures during use, completing a preparation process in just 15 minutes.

Even if it doesn’t have a temperature adjustment thermostat, Tefal BG120312 is perfect to replace the old charcoal grill or prepare the same table, in the comfort of the kitchen. It weighs 2.5 kg, and the thermal insulation handles allow it to move, even when turned on. In the front you will find a light that announces the maximum temperature reached, ie the perfect time to place food on the grill.

Under the cooking grill, the manufacturers have incorporated a grease drain tray, and together with the detachable components, the product is easy to clean and maintain. Tefal BG120312 also incorporates a safety system based on the self-locking option, avoiding the risk of being accidentally started by curious children. The base of the device contains 4 legs that keep it away from the surface on which it is placed. However, the design of the grill has a drawback: due to the fact that it is not a grill with a lid, the temperature is not adjustable and the cooking surface is not in the form of a hob, there may be a situation where raw inside. In addition, it does not contain a non-slip system at its base and can be quite slippery.

Electric grill produced by Tefal.

Incorporates a large cooking surface in the form of a grill.

It has a large drain pan.

2 adjustable cooking positions.

Reaches high temperatures.

Thermal insulation ways.

Detachable component.

Previously placed indicator light announcing the reaching of a maximum temperature.

Contains a self-locking system.


The cooking system leaves the possibility that the food is not cooked inside.

It does not incorporate an adherent system on the surfaces on which it is placed.

It does not contain a temperature control thermostat.

Star-Light A-2000W

With a power of 2000 W, this electric grill will heat up very quickly, so you won’t have to wait salivating until the pieces of meat are ready to be cooked. You can cook for 2 or 3 people, as the surface of the grill has dimensions of 280 x 260 mm. These are specified values for a hob, and if you do not make burgers or sandwiches, you can use double, larger surface.

Thanks to the adjustable thermostat, you will be able to use exactly the temperature you know you need to cook healthy red meat, fish and vegetables. The light indicators will keep you up to date with how the grill works, announcing when you need to turn or remove the preparation.

The plates are non-stick, so they will not stick to pieces of meat, which would be difficult to remove when washing. In any case, the plates are detachable and can be inserted in the dishwasher. The fat will drain in a special tray, easy to remove and empty. The height is also adjustable on 6 levels, the handles are kept cool, and the anti-slip system ensures the safe operation of the device.


Non-stick grill, with cooking position on both surfaces.

Incorporates removable plates, easy to clean even in the dishwasher.

The adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the cooking temperature to the food, so that no piece is burned.

It’s a cheap product, which is delivered for free.

It has an extended warranty for 2 years.


For thicker and juicier pieces of meat (burgers, for example), it is possible for the fat to drain under the grill plates, not being inclined enough for them.

Philips HD6321 / 20

Here is an electric grill with which you can cook at any time, a quick and healthy dinner. Considering the oval shape and the dimensions of 420 x 240 mm, you can prepare, at the same time, the pieces of meat, fish or sausages, but also zucchini, peppers or other favorite vegetables.

It has two cooking surfaces, one smooth, suitable for small foods, such as vegetables, and a grill, which will leave those appetizing marks on the piece of meat. It has a power of 2000W, enough to heat up quickly.

It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, operated from the button, through which you can set a temperature that varies from 70 ° C to 230 ° C. In addition to these aspects, it should also be mentioned that it benefits from all the safety and comfort features you expect from such a product: light indicators, grease drain tray, dishwasher safe and non-slip system.


It offers multiple cooking positions: grill, au gratin and oven.

It heats up quickly and does not emit smoke.

Incorporates two plates for preparation: one smooth and a grill.

The hob is non-stick, and can be used without oil or only in a very small amount.

The cooking surface is generous, enough for 3, 4 servings.


It has no lid, so you can expect to get dirty with grease all around.

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