what’s the best gas hob to buy

Gas Stoves – Review and comparison in 2021

Purchased separately or bundled with an electric oven, gas hobs still maintain their popularity based on the low cost of operation, especially since, lately, the design brings them to the same aesthetic level as the electric ones. Available in retro, rustic or modern-minimalist variants, these products are not easy to choose, benefiting from a varied and complex offer. Here are some of the most important criteria that define their quality, plus a series of products that currently stand out for above average performance.Arctic ARNGN64127SB is a roomy model, 65cm, with an elegant black glass surface and four efficient burners, suitable for large families and people who love to cook a lot. If you prefer stainless steel and a standard size, we offer you as an alternative Beko HIAG64225SX .

Comparative table

It is a modern product, which stands out for its black surface made of heat-resistant glass and light design, with individual grill for each burner, plus black buttons, made of quality material. It offers a generous working surface, larger than the standard versions with four burners, and a total power of 7.4kW, plus electric ignition and safety shutdown.

The safety glass is sensitive to mechanical shocks, and the structure with individual grill, although it looks very good, does not offer protection in this respect.

Built-in gas hob, which can also be adapted for the bottle, suitable for spacious kitchens and families who use large dishes for cooking.

This hob is suitable for those who prefer stainless steel and need a standard-sized built-in model with four burners. It is equipped with technology that offers burners increased efficiency, the grill is made of durable cast iron, and from the rotary knobs on the control panel, you can even manage the electric ignition.

Although it is easy to clean, the stainless steel stains quite easily and requires frequent wiping, and you will not find a wok option among the burners.

Model suitable for modern kitchens, of medium size, in which it relies on the modern look of stainless steel and the elegance of the appliances incorporated in the furniture.

Complete set, with gas hob and electric oven, available at an affordable price, suitable for equipping modern kitchens of small and medium size. The oven includes a grill, two heating elements that you can manage separately, a timer and a steam cleaning system, and the hob provides you with four efficient burners and an easy-to-maintain surface.

The oven includes only four predefined programs, being less suitable for those who prefer extensive adaptation options.

Package designed for the standard endowment of a kitchen, with oven and hob that require integration in the furniture structure.

In-depth reviews about the best gas hobs

Are you looking for the best gas hob for your kitchen and are you a little overwhelmed by the varied offer available in stores? You can simplify the search process by first analyzing the examples below, selected from the most popular models you can find at the moment in stores.


Built-in gas hob

Arctic ARNGN64127SB

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Arctic ARNGN64127SB is a model dedicated to generous kitchens as a useful surface and to people who want to have enough space to cook without worries in large containers. Although it is part of the category of options with four burners, it is a gas hob, built-in, with a width of 65cm, larger than most products of this type. So carefully measure the countertop before ordering.

The surface is made of black safety glass, with a modern look, easy to clean, and the mesh benefits from individual cast iron grills, which offer stability to the cooking utensils and last well over time. It is a version with electric ignition, safety system with automatic shut-off and mechanical control panel, with rotary knobs, made of resistant material, which is well maintained over time.

It provides you with a large burner, of 2.9kW, two medium ones, of 1.75kW and a small one, of 1kW, at a total power of 7.4kW consumed when all the meshes are lit and given to the maximum. Remember that to use the electric ignition, you must plug it into an outlet.


HANSA BHGI63112035

what’s the best gas hob to buy

For those who need a standard format, 51 x 60cm, we recommend this gas hob, built-in, from Hansa, with four burners and a total power of 7.66kW. Includes wok type eyes, with 3kW, suitable for dishes that need a strong flame and fast cooking.

The surface is made of black glass, with good resistance and easy to maintain, and the burners are provided with individual grills, which can be removed and cleaned separately. The control panel is mechanical, with silver rotary knobs, easy to access by frontal positioning.

It is equipped with electric ignition, with activation directly from the button, and includes power cable plus plug. It can also be used with a bottle, by conversion to LPG, which must be done by a professional, and has a safety system with automatic shut-off. Before you decide to buy it, don’t forget that, unlike stainless steel or sheet metal surfaces, glass ones do not have an edge, so that any liquid that flows will easily reach the floor.


Plita gaz Beko

Beko HIAG64225SX  

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Stainless steel appliances always have a special charm, although they can be quite difficult to maintain in an impeccable shape. If you are attracted to such a variant, we offer you the HIAG64225SX model, a gas hob from Beko, with four burners and a power of 7.4kW.

The format is a standard one, with a width of 60cm, and the cast iron grill completely covers the surface, offering a very good stability to the dishes. It consists of two segments, so you can easily remove and clean it. You have at your disposal a large burner, of 2.9kW, two normal ones, of 2kW, and a small one, of 1kW, with technology with high efficiency of operation, which materializes in time savings and low gas consumption.

This Beko gas hob includes a mechanical control panel, with silver rotary knobs, made of good quality, durable material, and the meshes are provided with electric ignition and safety stop, which is activated in case of extinguishing the flame.



Gas hob and electric oven package

Built-in oven Arctic AROSC21130BD + Built-in hob

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Because a package with gas hob and electric oven is often more attractive in price than separate products, we offer you, as an option for the kitchen, this set from Arctic. Includes electric oven, with a capacity of 71 liters, grill function, timer and several work programs. It is a standard model, with bottom and top heating, which you can control according to your preferences and the type of preparation you cook.

Both products are built-in, with black exterior, elegant finish. The hob provides you with an area of 60 x 51cm, the usual size for models with four burners.

Among the functions provided by the hob is the electric ignition, from the mechanical panel with rotary knobs. It is also provided with protection against accidental release of gas, which stops the supply if the flame goes out.



Gas hob and 2 mesh

Domino Electrolux EGG3322NVX  

what’s the best gas hob to buy

If you need an efficient cooking device that does not take up too much space, we offer you Domino Electrolux EGG3322NVX, gas hob and 2 meshes of different sizes and powers, respectively 1kW and 3kW.

You can just as easily make a quick coffee, in a small kettle, or a delicious steak, in a larger pan. The cast iron grill is designed to provide very good stability to small containers. The surface is made of stainless steel, with a modern look, sensitive to stains (fingerprints, water, etc.), but quite easy to clean.

It has the dimensions of 29 x 51cm and is a built-in hob, so you will have to install it on the counter. It includes safety shutdown, to prevent accidental gas release, and electric ignition, it is easy to install and is provided with bottle nozzles, for the situation in which you want to use on the terrace, in the summer kitchen, etc.


Electrolux gas hob

Electrolux KGG6456K  

what’s the best gas hob to buy

For those who prefer a gas hob from Electrolux, with a slightly different look, we recommend, as an option, the KGG6456K model, with a safety glass surface and four atypically placed, diamond-shaped burners. The control panel is mechanical, positioned frontally, and the grill is composed of two pieces and made of cast iron.

Includes wok burner, for dishes that need fast cooking, over high heat, electric ignition at the button and safety to prevent accidental release of gas. Although pretentious, the black glass surface is quite easy to clean, without scratching, so the hob will always look good.

It is good to remember that the grill does not have the cut area next to the burners and therefore the round bottom dishes will not have stability on it, and the power supply cable, for ignition, is not provided with a plug, which you will have to install. an electrician. Overall, it is an Electrolux gas hob, high performance and easy to use, with a modern and elegant look, and the structure that allows incorporation into the countertop.


Enameled built-in gas hob

Beko HIZG64125SCR  

what’s the best gas hob to buy

With this model of built-in gas hob, enameled, we offer you a variant designed especially for kitchens arranged in retro or rustic style. It is a version with a sheet metal surface, covered with cream enamel, with a mechanical control panel, provided with bronze-colored buttons.

It provides you with a power of 8.6kW and four burners, one of which is wok type, for fast cooking, with a strong flame. The grill is made of cast iron and made of two segments, easy to remove and clean when needed. Includes cutouts next to the burners, so you can use round-bottomed dishes without worries, such as the classic cauldron.

Unlike heat-resistant glass, sheet metal tends to heat up during use, so if you opt for this built-in, enamelled gas hob, it is good to make sure that the countertop withstands high temperatures well. It includes an automatic shut-off system to extinguish the flame, as well as an electric ignition, for which you will have to count the device at the socket.


Buying guide

Because gas is still cheaper than electricity, hobs that use this type of fuel remain among the most popular, especially for families who cook a lot and want to save on utility bills. Purchased independently, or bundled with an electric or gas oven, these devices can provide you with the power you need to cook efficiently and quickly.

How to install, the number of burners, the materials from which they are designed – are just some of the detailed criteria in this guide, which are important to consider if you want to buy a gas stove, cheap and good for your home .

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Incorporable or independent : We recommend an independent version, which sits on the counter, if you want a gas hob, at a good price, which does not require installation or you need a temporary solution, until you can buy a stove or a oven with built-in hob.

Keep in mind that, unlike the electric hob, the gas independent one does not offer you the same mobility, because the positioning is conditioned by the gas connection. Instead, it will take up space on the counter and you will have more to clean than in the case of a built-in alternative, which is generally preferable. The options integrated in the furniture are more elegant, take up less visual space, look better and are easier to maintain, which is why they are also recommended by many opinions about the best gas hobs , especially for modern and small kitchens. .


Dimensions : The size of the hob is more important in the case of the built-in ones, which must fit perfectly in the countertop you have at your disposal. Regardless of the chosen option, you must carefully weigh the number of burners, compared to the surface provided for placing pots and pans.

The standard is a format of 51 – 53cm by 58 – 60cm for 4 stitches. If you are used to using small containers or you don’t think you will use all the burners too often, you can handle a smaller model quietly. However, for families that are used to preparing large quantities, in large vessels, a larger surface is important, being more suitable models with a width of 65cm or larger.


Material and design : The most popular materials you will find in the construction of gas hob models, cheap and good, on the market, are: enameled sheet, stainless steel and safety glass. Enamelled sheet is used less nowadays, and is included in options with retro or rustic design. It is a material that is relatively easy to maintain and that lowers the price of the product, but it heats up quite a bit, releasing heat on the surface of the countertop and fits less well in modern kitchens.

The models of gas hobs, at good prices, made of stainless steel, are the most popular and most sought after. We are talking in this case about a wear-resistant material, mechanical and thermal shock, which also looks very good, both in minimalist or modern interiors, and in the more classic ones. The weak points of stainless steel are the collection of stains to the touch or due to liquid leaks and scratching and matting, which installs over time, if you do not maintain it properly and apply abrasive cleaning solutions. If you want a stainless steel hob, we recommend a version made of superior stainless steel or anti-fingerprint stainless steel, variants that are easier to clean and maintain.

Glass options are a bit newer on the market. They look impeccable, bringing with them the elegant look of electric hobs, the quality ones resist quite well from scratches, even better than stainless steel, but they can crack or even break if you accidentally drop a heavy object on the surface. The residues that do not dry very well are extremely easy to clean from the smooth, straight and shiny surface, while in the dry ones you will have to work here as well.


Grill : Although it seems a secondary element, the grill is the one that ensures the stability of the containers and influences the ease with which you can keep the hob clean. You can generally choose between enameled steel and cast iron. Most people agree that the cast iron grill is the best, being more resistant over time, but also less slippery, because its surface is not as fine as enamel.

You can also opt for a full grill, one of 2-3 segments, but which covers the entire surface, or for a gas hob, at a good price, with individual grills, on each burner. As a general rule, the smaller segments you have, the easier it will be to soak them and clean them if they get seriously dirty. On the other hand, the individual grills, although more attractive, offer a little less stability, and on a glass surface does not provide any protection against mechanical shock.


Burner power and number : In this chapter it is important to target models with at least a 2.7 – 3kW wok burner, if you cook a lot and need fast thermal processing. Otherwise, you will easily handle the standard ones, up to 2.4kW.

Single burner models are ideal for occasional use in holiday homes, studios, etc. If you want to be able to cook somewhat easily with such a device, we recommend that you focus on a gas hob and 2 meshes or even three, in order to heat more than one container. The most popular models are those with 4 burners, while the versions with 5 or 6 are preferred in large families.

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Functions : In the category of additional functions, gas devices are not as tender as electrical ones. No matter what other options it offers, it is good to always make sure that the hob you buy includes an automatic safety stop, in case of accidental extinguishing of the flame.

The list of useful functions also includes the electric ignition, which eliminates the need for matches, but usually involves the purchase of a plug, most models being delivered without this accessory. The best gas hobs will also provide you with burners with increased efficiency and a higher heating speed.



Gas hob installation – precautions and tips

Whether you choose to buy a package with a gas hob and electric oven or just a simple gas hob, it is important to remember that the connection to the home gas network must be made or checked by a specialist. This avoids a potentially unfortunate accident, which can occur if the connection is not made properly. Read, below, what other important aspects you need to consider when installing such a device.

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Check the product and accessories included in the package

The first step in assembling any type of hob, whether it works with gas or electricity, is to carefully unpack the product and accessories included and check the integrity of the device. Do not mount a cracked, chipped, crooked or defective product at the connection points.


Measure the gas supply hose correctly

The hose for connection to the gas network is not usually included in the package, because it is bought depending on the distance at which you will mount the device from the gas source. Carefully measure the distance and buy enough hose so that it does not get tense. Along with the hose, you also receive gaskets, and the fixing to the hob and to the gas pipe is made with the help of a pliers that allows the firm tightening.


Self-adhesive sponge and mastic

If it is a built-in hob, it is important to properly seal the edges so that dirt does not penetrate under the device when cooking. For the enamelled and stainless steel versions, you will use mastic, sometimes delivered with the product, but not in all cases.

On the other hand, if you have opted for a safety glass version, it is good to know that in this case the sealing is done with the help of a self-adhesive sponge, which has the role of taking over from the mechanical shock. Thus, if you somehow drop a pot on the surface of the hob, you are more likely not to have cracks.

what’s the best gas hob to buy

Carefully check the gas connection points

After you have placed the hob and connected the hose to the gas network, you must test the safety of the connection. Checking is done by applying a foam, which you can get from soap and water or detergent, or spraying from a spray with dishwashing solution. If there is a gas leak, the foam will make it hard to ignore.

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