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Raclette – Review and comparison in 2021

Have you heard of raclette grills and decided to buy one yourself? Inspired by traditional Swedish cuisine, these electric devices give you everything you need to prepare healthy vegetables and meat, and especially melted cheese.Raclette Unold U48765 includes, for example, smooth granite board, aluminum plate with smooth face and grill face, uses a power of 1100W and at the same time prepares 8 servings of melted cheese in special mini-trays, delivered with the product. For those who want a slightly smaller model, but fast and efficient, an alternative such as the Camry CR 6606, for 6 people, with a power of 1200W, can prove to be a very good solution.



Comparative table

The raclette variant with a power of 1100W, for the preparation of 8 portions of cheese at the same time, equipped with two plates, one made of granite, smooth, and one made of aluminum, with two sides. The detachable elements can be cleaned with the help of the dishwasher, and the grill is accompanied by mini-trays and spatulas for easy food handling.

Due to the premium features, this raclette model is a bit more expensive than other similar versions in size.

Grill for cheese, vegetables and meat, with a rectangular shape and roomy cooking surface, suitable for families with 3-4 members and parties.

It allows the preparation of six portions of melted cheese at the same time, without taking up much space in the kitchen, and the metal plate includes both the grill area and spaces for preparing pancakes. It is a high power model, providing 1200W for quick food preparation, and is provided with a non-stick surface for easy cleaning.

For people who want to use such a device at parties with many guests, it may prove insufficient.

Device for preparing grilled cheese, meat and vegetables and heating other types of cooked dishes, suitable for the family.

With eight trays and aluminum hob with non-stick surface, on this raclette you will be able to prepare a variety of dishes, in a fast, healthy and delicious way. You can adjust the temperature from the thermostat, it has space for gathering excess fat and you will cook easily and without smoke.

Given the capacity and functionality of this model, you should expect to take a larger amount out of pocket.

It is worth the investment, considering that it allows you to cook several dishes simultaneously, there are trays for frying, sauteing and steaks.

In-depth reviews about the best raclettes

If you like grilled melted cheese and you are interested in the best raclette available in stores, because you have decided to buy one for your home, we will help you with some more than promising models. Selected from the currently popular options on the Internet, these examples will help you find the right product for your kitchen.



Raclette grill

Raclette Unold U48765

what’s the best raclette to buy For those who want a product that includes granite slabs, we have included in the list of proposals this Raclette Unold device with a power of 1100W, designed to prepare 8 servings of cheese at the same time. In addition to the smooth granite surface, which it provides, it also includes a second plate, made of aluminum, with two faces. One of them is smooth, with a deep area for dishes that need to be cooked in their own juice, and the other includes a barbecue.

As useful accessories you receive, together with the product, 8 cheese trays and 8 spatulas with which you can easily take the pieces of cheese, meat and vegetables when they are ready.

It allows the selection of the cooking temperature and is equipped with an LED thermostat, so you can easily know when the plates have warmed up enough to put the food to fry. It is a model compatible with the dishwasher, so your work will be much reduced in the cleaning stage.



DomoClip DOM223

what’s the best raclette to buy DomoClip DOM223 is a raclette grill designed for families of 3-4 members or couples who frequently receive visiting guests. It provides a cooking surface of 350 x 225mm that allows the simultaneous use of the 6 mini-trays for cheese, included in the delivery package.

The top plate is made of granite, so you will have a natural way of thermal food processing, with uniform cooking and maintaining taste and aroma. The price is quite affordable, because the presence of the granite element is balanced with a slightly lower power than other options of 6 trays – 650W. It is enough to do a good job, but it is not a model for people in a hurry.

Due to its reasonable size, it is one of the options that can be easily used in smaller kitchens, without taking up more space than is comfortable. It is not provided with a grill type plate, and if you like browned stripes on the steak, it is good to consider this aspect.


H.Koenig RP412

what’s the best raclette to buy This time we propose an oval model, which allows the placement of 8 trays for cheese, being therefore suitable for parties and large families. It is among the options equipped with a stone top plate, with a smooth surface, on which you can get the tastiest pieces of grilled meat and vegetables, cooked slowly and evenly, to prevent loss of flavor.

The device is equipped with anti-slip feet that give it good stability during use, so that it does not move when you place or take food or trays. Also in the safety category, we can tell you that it includes overheating protection.

It is delivered together with two more metal plates, with non-stick coating that offers you the possibility to prepare American pancakes or grill, both being provided with a textured surface. It works with a power of 900W easily managed through the On / Off switch and has the dimensions of 357 x 258 x 120mm.


Severin LDM-RG2686

what’s the best raclette to buy The perfect model for a healthy family breakfast can be turned into a cheese raclette, with a square shape and enough space to cook four servings at once. One such option is Severin LDM-RG2686, with dimensions of 220 x 262 x 120mm, compact, efficient and easy to transport and store.

It works with a power of 600W, which helps you prepare food quickly, and the plates are covered with a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking and allows easy and fast cleaning. The set includes four cheese trays, with heat-resistant plastic handles, and the device is turned on and off from the On / Off switch.

It is not one of the options that allow temperature management, but it works at the optimal level to be able to easily prepare fish, chicken, vegetables, cheese, etc. Due to the compact format, it is one of the devices that can be stored without taking up too much space or even kept on the counter, if the kitchen design allows it.


Beper BT.750Y

what’s the best raclette to buy For those who want a variant that allows the setting of the operating temperature, we propose as an option Beper BT.750Y, with a rectangular format and enough cooking space to be able to prepare 8 servings at the same time. It works with a power of 1200W, above average for 8-person models, which means shorter preparation time.

The metal plate heats up quickly, which means fewer minutes of waiting until you can start placing the ingredients on it, unlike the granite variants. The structure of the top plate is ribbed, so you will get those beautiful parallel stripes on the pieces of meat and fried vegetables.

The product is delivered together with 8 cheese trays, with non-stick surface, where you can cook hard and semi-hard cheese, ideal for serving with potatoes or other vegetables. The trays and plates are easy to clean and maintain, so you will have a good device to prepare morning snacks.


Livoo DOC185

what’s the best raclette to buy With a large enough cooking surface to be able to prepare 12 servings, this model is one of the best technical options when it comes to parties and events with many participants. In addition, it works with a power of 1800W which means fast heating of the plates and a short cooking time, regardless of whether you cook vegetables or meat.

The bottom plate is large enough to heat 12 mini trays with cheese at the same time, and the trays are included in the delivery package, along with wooden spatulas, useful for handling food, without the risk of scratching the non-stick surface. Both the boards and the trays are covered with a layer that prevents gluing and are easy to wash.

The structure includes anti-slip feet, for good stability even on smooth and slippery surfaces, and the operating system is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to set the desired temperature, depending on the food cooked and how much you hurry.


Raclette machine

Camry CR 6606

what’s the best raclette to buy Because sometimes it is not the case to invest a lot in cooking appliances that we use occasionally, on the list of our proposals you will find this model of raclette with grill, Camry CR 6606, available at an affordable price. It is a round variant, which allows the preparation of 6 servings at the same time, without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

The plates are metallic, covered with a non-stick coating, both offering both a grill cooking area and a segment for preparing pancakes. It is therefore a multifunctional appliance, which you can use to cook many dishes.

You receive it together with 6 cheese trays, and the handles are made to stay cool while using the grill and to protect your hands. It works with a power of 1200W, which means a short cooking time, and is easily cleaned by detaching the plates and washing them under running water.


Princess 0116262001001

what’s the best raclette to buy Are you tempted by the uniform cooking offered by a granite surface, but would you like to have a metal surface, grill type, for the moments when you need a little more speed? This raclette can be the answer to your requirements.

It is an 8-serving model, with a power of 1400W, 8 mini-pans included in the price and 8 spatulas for arranging food and serving. The upper level for cooking is in this case provided with two different plates. One is made of granite, with a smooth surface, and the other is made of cast aluminum, with grill profile.

It is one of the models with adjustable thermostat, which means you can adjust the temperature to the products on the grill and includes LEDs that let you know when the plates have warmed up enough to put food on them. Both the aluminum surface and the trays are covered with a non-stick coating that prevents the vegetables, cheeses and pieces of meat from sticking together.




what’s the best raclette to buy Sweet and fragrant cheese, which spreads appetizingly over potatoes or a crispy slice of bread, grilled fish, baked peppers – these are just some of the tasty dishes you can prepare with this appliance. It belongs to the category of raclette variants, which means that it includes the lower plate specially designed for heating the cheeses and is delivered together with a mini-tray in which you can prepare and serve them.

It is a 1200W variant, enough power not to put your patience to the test, and the top plate is in this case made of granite. So you can evenly bake tasty recipes of all kinds, on the stone surface, healthy and delicious.

It includes overheating protection, so you don’t have to worry about having to monitor the device too closely, and it allows temperature control, so you can adapt to the type of ingredients you cook. The size and strength recommend this model for families with 3-4 members and parties in the house or garden.


Raclette for cheese

Rommelsbacher Gourmet Excellent RC1200

what’s the best raclette to buy Next to this raclette type machine you will easily feel like a professional chef. It is one of the most suitable options for those who want to eat lower fat foods, with a top plate with an uneven design, which causes natural meat oils to leak to the edge.

It is a version for 8 people, with a power of 1200W, and trays for cheese, with non-stick coating, which prevents sticking during frying. Includes LED lamp that indicates optimal operation and adjustable thermostat, which offers the possibility to set the temperature to the desired value.

You get it together with the cheese trays, which you can also use to heat ready-made snacks. The power cable is 1.4m long, large enough to easily reach the outlet, and the device itself measures 51 x 23.5 x 15cm, so carefully analyze the space you are aiming for location and storage.



Buying guide

In the category of household appliances, the term raclette indicates a grill type device, specially designed to allow, among other preparations, the production of melted cheese in individual mini-pans. Its structure generally includes two levels, of which the lower one is designed for pans, and the upper one for a classic grill, on a hot surface.

Because the available models are very different, in this article we propose some important criteria (capacity, material, power, etc.) to easily choose the best raclette for your home, plus some quality examples.


Capacity:In order to be able to use it easily, the chosen raclette model must match the need to prepare the situations in which you will use it most frequently (breakfast as a couple, family meals, parties, etc.).

what’s the best raclette to buy

If you choose a version that is too small, you will need to prepare repeatedly to get the required number of servings. On the other hand, a raclette, cheap and good, but too big, will consume unnecessary electricity and storage space.

Most versions are designed for 4 to 12 servings, although you will also find mini options, 1-2, or larger than 12, but less often. For households of 1-2 people, who use it for their own meals, a 4-serving model is enough. In families of 3-4 people, 6 or even 8 are more efficient, and for those who frequently organize meetings with friends at home, 12-serving products are the most popular.


Power:The power used to heat the surfaces conditions the time required to heat them and to heat process the products. In stores you can find raclettes, at good prices, with a power of 400 to 1800W. As a rule of thumb, it is good that the appliance always offers you more than 100 – 120W per serving. For example, an 8-serving model should have a minimum of 1000W and a 12-port model should have at least 1400W.


Useful features: For safe use, it is good that the device is provided with anti-slip feet, which allows a very good stability. It is equally important that the metal cooking surfaces are treated non-stick, so as not to complicate the cleaning stage, after the food is ready.

The detachable hob allows you to wash it more easily directly under the water jet from the sink and store it separately, if you wish, and the possibility to insert some of the components in the dishwasher greatly reduces the time dedicated to cleaning.

Type of material:If you want to buy a raclette, at a good price, it is good to know what options you have available in terms of the material on which you will cook the food. The list includes four popular options: cast iron, granite, aluminum and stainless steel. Cast iron and granite heat up harder, so you’ll have to wait longer before you can put the ingredients on the grill, but they spread the heat evenly and maintain the taste of the food better.

what’s the best raclette to buy

Granite models are more scratch resistant, but are heavier and more expensive. Cast iron options are among the most affordable, but they are more sensitive to cracking if you put cold water directly on the hot surface, and can start to rust if the protective enamel layer is scratched.

Stainless steel is another good quality variant, which heats up quickly, is resistant to corrosion and is relatively easy to clean. It is more expensive than aluminum alternatives, which have the disadvantage of uneven heating, which can mean burned areas and spaces where vegetables and meat have not done well.


Functions:The most important function that any raclette model must have, at a good price, is the temperature selection with integrated thermostat. The signaling LED is also very helpful, which tells you when the surfaces have reached the desired temperature and you can start putting the ingredients to work. Overheating and overvoltage protection prevent unwanted accidents, so don’t ignore them when evaluating the product.


Surface type: Most squeegees include both smooth and grill surface, to allow you to easily adapt to the preparation you want to get. In some cases you will find them in the form of a single plate with two faces or two different segments on the same surface, and some products provide separate plates in each category.

what’s the best raclette to buy

Accessories:Any appliance in the category of raclette models, cheap and good, must be accompanied by specific mini-pans, which you need to prepare the cheese preparation from which it comes. For comfort, look for models with heat-resistant handle. In addition, you will receive, along with some products, spatulas for turning meat and vegetables.


Frequent questions

What is raclette? Can it also be used with cheese?

The name raclette is used for a special type of grill designed to fry mainly semi-hard cheese varieties, but also meat and vegetables. These devices are usually sold together with small, individual, one-serving trays, specially designed to cook pieces of cheese.

what’s the best raclette to buy

Where can I find raclette cheese?

Raclette is also the generic name used for semi-hard, firm-textured elevetian cheese, which is eaten melted by heating on the grill and grated. The term is also used for a type of French cheese. If you can’t find cheeses that use this name in stores, you can opt for alternatives such as cheddar, gouda, camembert, parmesan or gorgonzola.

what’s the best raclette to buy

What is the difference between raclette and fondue?

Fondue cheese is melted in a container, along with wine and eaten with pieces of bread. Raclette involves grilling the cheeses on the grill and gradually shaving the softened portions, which can be eaten with potatoes, bread, meat, etc.



Recipe for raclette

After consulting and evaluating many opinions about the best raclettes and finally managed to buy a model you are happy with, it’s time to try it. And because raclette means cheese, you can only start with a recipe that includes this tasty ingredient. Here is an option that we suggest you try without hesitation.

what’s the best raclette to buy

Heat the grill

Whether you opted for a Tefal, Philips or Camry or Hainner raclette model, the best results are obtained on the preheated grill properly.


Prepare the ingredients

If the cheese and some of the vegetables are prepared at the same time, directly on the grill, the potatoes need to be boiled or baked beforehand. So be careful not to forget about them.

Besides raclette cheese (semi-hard, melts at about 70oC) and potatoes or bread, the traditional elements of this preparation, you can also add: ham, sausages, tomatoes, peppers, onions, eggs, shrimp, pickles, etc. . Don’t forget to put a good wine (Pinot Noir, Riesling) or an aromatic tea on the table.

what’s the best raclette to buy


The cheese is cut into thicker slices and placed in trays together with slices of baked potatoes, shrimp, pieces of ham, etc. On top you will prepare slices of baked peppers, onions, sausages or pieces of fish, chicken breast, etc. The great advantage of this style of eating is that each person can make their own menu.

If it’s winter, some pickles will go very well. In the warm season, focus on cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

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