where we place in the kitchen the most useful appliances

In an equipped kitchen, household appliances mainly refer to the oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, hood and hob. If, as a rule, you do not lack ideas when it comes to choosing the colors or style of your new kitchen, choosing the plan and installing different elements in the kitchen is already more difficult.

For a comfortable kitchen to use, it is really a good idea to ask yourself the right questions before you use it and to plan the place where you will install the different appliances. Fridge, oven, hob, hood, dishwasher, we reveal the golden rules and professional advice to design a practical and functional kitchen at any time.


The stove or hob, sink and refrigerator are the 3 pillars of your kitchen. Place them as close to each other as possible to facilitate and limit your movements: this is called an activity triangle. Keeping a good distribution between the preparation and cooking area, the washing area and the cold area, you will avoid unnecessary movements, ie fatigue.

In a well-thought-out kitchen, ideally there should be a larger countertop area between the sink and the hob (at least 60 cm), so that you can prepare food that has been cleaned in the sink on a plate or chopper ( cut, cleaned, chopped, etc.) before cooking, without spilling water on the floor, for example.

In any case, leave 30 cm of space on each side of the hob, so as not to disturb the tails of the dishes and you can keep your utensils and ingredients at hand. The independent hob is installed directly on the worktop, in a cutout. It must be well centered between the verticals of the hole that integrates it. Because the hobs are often quite thin and well insulated, there is no contraindication to the presence of a drawer underneath.

where we place  in the kitchen the most useful  appliances

In the case of a gas hob, it must be placed next to the supply pipe. For an electrical device, the connection is made directly to a wall socket, according to the diagrams available in the wiring diagram on the technical data label. Sometimes installers decide to replace the existing wall outlet with a junction box covered with a specific cover.


It is recommended to install in any kitchen where a hob and a range hood work. This essential equipment to remove water vapor and food odors also helps reduce dirt on walls and ceilings. Again, a power supply for the appliance and the integrated lighting must be provided.

Most hoods are "filtering" or "suction". The carbon filter recycling system (filtration mode) has the advantage of removing much of the fat from the air, but does not match the classic exhaust through the pipe that eliminates steam and odors outside. The efficiency of a hood depends on its flow in cubic meters per hour. This measure must be proportional to the volume of the kitchen. For example, for a room of 30 cubic meters, install a hood with a flow rate of 240 to 300 m3 / h.

On the installation side, the distance between the hob and the hood generally varies from 65 cm (for an electric hob) to 70 cm (for gas burners). This measurement is performed from the hob or stove to the hood filter.

Avoid for amateur chefs is cooking by "throwing" or buckling some dishes (pancakes or flambéed bananas, for example), strictly forbidden near the hood. There is nothing to prevent them from performing outside this sensitive area.

where we place  in the kitchen the most useful  appliances

The oven

Installing the oven at height allows you to gain in terms of ergonomics, because you will use it without bending over and you will more easily monitor the progress of cooking, having it at eye level.

It is also preferable, when you have children, to mount the oven at a height, in order to avoid the access of their adventurous fingers. If you can't install it in a high body, then choose at least one oven with a "cold door" system and a "child safety" function, which locks the door and control buttons to prevent any accidents.

The microwave, which must be placed on the worktop or on a wall shelf, is now in competition with the built-in models, as are the new steam ovens. It is also not uncommon to see three devices placed on top of each other (traditional oven, microwave and steam oven).

If you are installing a steam oven, check the types of connections that need to be made. Some professionally inspired models require water supply, sometimes even a wastewater discharge, in addition to the essential electrical connection.


When independent, the refrigerator (refrigerator or freezer) is often installed in one end of the kitchen, so as not to disrupt the harmony of the furniture fronts and to facilitate the opening of the doors, which can sometimes require guard. However, if the refrigerator is built-in, you are free to place it wherever you want, because it is covered in the same facade with the furniture. But built-in refrigerators are often smaller than freestanding ones, so they can fit into the body of furniture that houses them.

In order to work properly and avoid unnecessary energy consumption, install the No Frost refrigerator-freezer away from heat sources. Therefore, do not place it in the sun, behind a window or near the radiator, and provide a minimum space away from the oven and hob to prevent optimal operation and consumption due to inadequate temperatures.

A peculiarity that can be found in the new refrigerators, which produce ice and cold water, is the need to connect to the water network. But most often a simple water supply (in addition to the electrical connection) is sufficient.


To facilitate the removal of dirt and efficient and comfortable cleaning of dishes, try to place garbage, sink and dishwasher in the same area.

where we place  in the kitchen the most useful  appliances

And ideally, you can also place there the cupboard for storing dishes, glasses and cutlery, next to the dishwasher, to store them easily once washed, without having to travel too much with them.

Small appliances

Corners are always a source of challenge in a kitchen plan. How to optimize them so as not to lose space? You will avoid putting the sink there, but on the other hand, it is a perfect place for a small appliance: food processor, bread maker, blender or juicer.

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