which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

If you go on the road, on vacation with a caravan or car and you want to know which is the best portable car refrigerator . We have some opinions about top models. We recommend this portable car cooler ECG AC 3020 30L . It is a model at a good price, cheap and offers the best value for money. The most frequently asked question is which is the best portable refrigerated box for the car, how much does a car refrigerated box consume or if there are car and gas refrigerated boxes.

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

The best portable car refrigerated boxes – TOP 10 new models

I made an article that explains how to choose the best model of portable car refrigerator. Such a refrigerated box with power supply is equipped with a fan. Sometimes you can also find car refrigerated boxes with compressor and freon. Some run on refrigerated gas. The car refrigerated boxes are connected to the car's cigarette lighter and run on 12v or 24 volts. Some of them can also go to 220v with the help of an adapter. We come with recommendations so you can choose cheap or professional car refrigerator at very good prices.

Lada car refrigerator ECG AC 3020 of 30 liters

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

We present you a good car refrigerator from ECG. It has both a cooling and a heating function. The energy efficiency class is A ++. It will help you lower the temperature inside by 20 degrees less than the outside temperature. If you want to keep food cooked warm, you can heat it up to 65 degrees.

This portable refrigerator is powered by a 12 V DC lighter. But you can also use it at a 220V socket when you reach your destination. Perfect for picnics, fishing, traveling, grilling, camping or for the cottage. This small refrigerator is portable and does not take up much space in your car. The lid can be locked so that no cold air is lost from it. The ingenious locking system is very durable

24L Teesa professional car refrigerator

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

The portable refrigerated box from Teesa offers you 24 liters that you can use both to cool the products in summer and to heat food and drinks in winter. You can cool the food to a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, or heat them up to 60. The device can be charged at 12V, but also at 220V.

It is a box with low energy consumption and energy efficiency class A +++. It has a special ECO mode created for saving electricity. The housing is perfect for isolating the ambient temperature. In terms of accessories, you have 2 dedicated cables for powering from the socket or from the lighter. On the long road, when traveling and camping you can be sure that your food is safe in the cold or hot, only good to serve.

Portable refrigerator box RAVANSON CS-24S

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

The car refrigerator for camping and traveling is ideal for storing drinks, beer, wine or juices. With this portable car refrigerator you have at your disposal 24 useful liters. It has a very good thermal insulation and can maintain the temperature as needed. The main handle is durable and comfortable to use.

Its power is 45 watts. This model of portable refrigerator can only be powered by a 12 V socket. The power cord is long enough to place the refrigerator in the trunk compartment, if it is equipped with a dedicated socket. Unlike other models of car refrigerated boxes, it comes in black, with gray inserts and orange handle.

Atlantic power supply box Atlantic power supply 12V

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

If you want a cheap car refrigerator, you can opt for one with passive cooling. This means that the refrigerator will use cooling pads that must be placed in the freezer in advance. They will keep the air cool for several hours in a row. The insulation is very good, so the stored products and drinks will stay cold.

It is a refrigerated box suitable in size and needs only a few cooling elements. You get all this at a very good price.

Camada CR 93 portable camping refrigerated box

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

If you want more storage space, the best camping car refrigerator from Camry is the right choice. You have 32 liters in which you can take out both drinks and food. Due to the advanced thermal insulation, stable temperatures can be maintained for a long time. It is a cooling box with ergonomic design and modern look.

It works without any problem from the lighter, but it can work perfectly even at a normal 220 V socket. This model is also equipped with wheels for transport. It will not be difficult to transport the box where you need it. You no longer have to carry her in your arms or carry her in your hand.

Car refrigerator with Dometic CDF36 compressor of 31l

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

This car refrigerator with compressor is part of another category of equipment, at a higher price and completely different performance. This model has a capacity of 31 liters. The temperature range can be between 10 degrees and -15 degrees Celsius.

The control panel on this model is digital, and the front cover is detachable as needed. Although mainly this car refrigerator with compressor can be powered at a 12v or 24v outlet, you can also purchase a transformer that will allow you to charge the refrigerator to an ordinary 220V outlet. It is a premium product that can very quickly lower the temperature inside, and maintain it with a very low power consumption. The compressor will start from time to time to keep the same temperature always.

Dometic-Waeco TropiCool TCX 35 thermoelectric box

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

This thermoelectric box is practically a refrigerated bag or a car refrigerated box that can cool the enclosure up to 18 degrees less than the external environment. With the heating function it can raise the temperature up to 65 degrees. They fit 2 liter bottles without any problems.

The energy class is A +++, and the energy consumption in eco mode is only 6.2 W. The ones from Waeco have managed to make a perfect refrigerated bag for travel and hiking.

The best portable car refrigerator

which is the best portable car refrigerator to buy in europe

There are no people in this country who like to eat a rotten sandwich, along with a hot juice. If you want to go on a picnic, go fishing or travel by car or caravan in the summer, you will have to keep your food cold.

Car refrigerators or portable car refrigerators have solved this problem. They can maintain a constant temperature and cool or heat the products. There are several types of portable refrigerated boxes in Romania, and we will explain in this article what are the main differences between them.

Electric car refrigerator (or thermoelectric box)

The electric car refrigerator or the thermoelectric car refrigerator is a necessary accessory during the cold weather. Summer is the time for vacations, travel and long trips. Whether you go to the sea or the mountains and plan to cover long distances, the car refrigerator is the solution. It will help you keep food fresh and cold. But why choose an electric car refrigerator like a thermoelectric box?

A thermoelectric car refrigerator works on the basis of an element called Peltier. It is essentially a semiconductor board, which on the one hand is heated and on the other cooled. Such an electric portable refrigerator will not freeze the products. What it can do, however, is to reduce the temperature inside the box by about 20 degrees compared to the outside.

Let's say, if you have 30 degrees in the car, inside the car refrigerator, it can go down to 10 degrees. An interesting feature of these models of refrigerated boxes is the fact that in addition to cooling the products, they can heat them as needed.

An electric car refrigerator of this type has in its construction a cooling device, a semiconductor, heat exchanger, thermoelectric segments that are made up of small metal elements through which electricity passes. The aluminum container in which the food is stored will absorb the heat of the products, and the thermal module will collect the heat in the stabilizer. The insulating material keeps the temperature inside constant.

The advantage of these types of car refrigerated boxes is that they do not take up much space, are compact and can be placed in the trunk. They are very quiet and you will hardly hear them while they are on. It is an automated device and does not need maintenance. They have a low acquisition cost and are very robust, they can be transported by car without any problem.

Car refrigerator with compressor (car refrigerator with compressor)

The car refrigerator with compressor is very similar to a household refrigerator. The connecting element between them is the presence of the compressor. But there are some important differences. A portable refrigerator will use a unitary compressor that has been created for use on the go, resistant to shocks or vibrations.

It is very economical in terms of energy consumption and reaches the required temperature much faster compared to other types of car coolers. It is a good solution to keep food cold for longer or even to freeze it. A car refrigerator with a compressor, in addition to generating cold air faster, can keep the temperature cold even 6 hours after the power is turned off.

Most models have a compressor with a thermostat, which gives them high reliability. The temperature control will be done automatically. In addition, these devices also offer protection against overvoltage. The car refrigerator with compressor works quietly, so it will not be annoying while traveling.

As you can see, these car refrigerator models have a compressor, evaporator and condenser for the refrigerant. I use freon gas which is initially compressed in the compressor, then in liquid form is transported to the evaporator. During evaporation it releases a large amount of cold. The gas vapors then condense and reach the compressor again.

This type of equipment weighs more compared to other types of models and is more expensive to purchase. However, they are currently the most powerful and powerful cold food storage devices for your car or truck.

Freon car refrigerator

Freon car refrigerated boxes are found in the market for travel enthusiasts. These are actually the same models with compressor. They have a higher purchase price compared to a thermoelectric or passive model, but offer perhaps the best cooling performance on the market. They use the car's cigarette lighter as a power source and have a relatively low consumption of electricity.

You can use a car refrigerator with freon, but keep in mind that freon is harmful to the environment. Manufacturers opt for it because it is extremely efficient in generating a very low temperature. Several measures are being taken and significant progress is being made to find a replacement for this gas, which is less harmful to the environment, is a more environmentally friendly and eco-friendly solution.

Given the high cost of these models, I can also opt for a used car refrigerator. It is best to opt for options that are still under warranty and in case of a possible problem can go into service at no additional cost.

The user experience is yet another crucial factor that you can look into when buying a decent car refrigerator. Finally, make sure that the refrigerator you want to buy fits your car perfectly and is incredibly easy to drive. Remember that the functions are easy to use and you can learn them quickly.

Passive car refrigerator (freon pillbox)

Usually, the best passive car refrigerator works with freon pills. Such a cooling box uses containers that are purchased separately, are cooled for several hours in the freezer and then placed in the crate.

The biggest advantage of these types of refrigerated boxes is that they have a low acquisition cost. Does not require power or maintenance. You can also use them in the middle of nature where you do not have a current source that generates cold air. Frozen pills are usually able to maintain a low temperature inside for up to 12 hours. Later, you can refreeze them and use them again.

Surely you have seen these blue car refrigerated boxes and white carrying handle. They have no power cords or other accessories. All they need are those pills that you will freeze and put in the box before leaving. It is an extremely reliable car refrigerator bag because it has nothing to break with it.

It will not consume electricity, so it is also very economical. The only disadvantage is that they have a limited cooling capacity and low autonomy. They are perfect for occasional family trips or for a picnic or barbecue.

How to use the best car refrigerator efficiently

Before buying a portable car refrigerator, think about where you will place it so you know how much space you need. You can place it in the front seat if it is free or in the trunk. If you opt for an electric car refrigerator or one with a compressor, see that it is close to a 12V power supply.

Depending on the space available, it will be easier to decide on the volume required. As a good rule, you can make sure that the car refrigerator has 5L of space available per person in the car. Thus, if you travel in 4, a 20L refrigerator would be enough.

The car refrigerator can also use certain transport supports. They immobilize the device and prevent possible damage or accidents while driving. The thermoelectric refrigerator for example is very convenient to use. It can be used in a vertical or horizontal position, it can even be tilted. It is powered by a lighter and has a fairly long cable. The limitation of such a device is that it will cool the enclosure, not freeze it. It will significantly reduce the temperature and keep food cold.

A car refrigerator with compressor is relatively resistant to long journeys. Maybe more pretentious only to vibrations or shocks. It is powered from the 12 volt socket without any problem.

As a general rule, all car coolers must be hermetically sealed to prevent air from escaping. They come equipped with certain mechanisms that ensure a tight swallow. When choosing the location, avoid positioning it in the sun. It will be less efficient and it will be much harder to keep food cold if the sun constantly heats it outside.

Power supply to a good refrigerator

Depending on the type of refrigerator box chosen, the energy source for cooling is different. Passive car refrigerators or refrigerated bags do not need a power source such as a 12V socket. The electric ones on the other hand are based on the cigarette lighter socket and need electricity.

Returning to passive car cases or refrigerated bags, they use cooling pills. They are relatively inexpensive and are suitable for short or long distance travel. They must be frozen for at least 10 hours and placed in the portable refrigerator before departure.

For trips longer than several hours, you can opt for an electric car refrigerator that can be powered from the 12V socket. You connect it to the power supply and it will do its job on its own. You can continue to use such a box when you reach your destination. Most models on the Romanian market are also equipped with an adapter for 220V socket. The car refrigerator with compressor is also powered by the lighter and some options have the same option to be connected to household sockets.

So, depending on the duration of the trips and the distance you want to cover, you can opt for car refrigerated boxes with different power sources. For short trips or trips in the heart of nature, where you do not have a power supply, opt for models that use refrigerated lighters. For camping and long trips, opt for a car refrigerator that has an active cooling source.

The volume in a car refrigerator

The volume for the best car refrigerator should be chosen depending on the needs you have. Our general recommendation is to consider a volume of at least 5 liters for each person traveling. In the market you will find models with a volume from 10 liters, up to 50 liters.

Larger options can be found for dedicated camping solutions. The most popular and common volume range is 20-30 liters. This volume is sufficient for family travel and covers the need for food and beverage storage.

But don't focus on the volume you need. Think about the available space he needs. Among a lot of things, passengers and luggage, you will have to have a space in which to place the car refrigerator. This space can be the trunk, if you have a 12V socket there. The alternative would be the front passenger seat if it is free. Given that the cigarette lighter socket is close, many take the option into account.

In the end, it all depends on the number of people and the type of trips you have. If you go on a picnic, relatively close to home and you don't have a lot of luggage, you can also place a larger version. If you go long distances, for a longer stay, the space will definitely be limited and the best option will be to opt for the best compact portable refrigerator.

Conclusions on how to choose the best portable car refrigerator

If you want a solution for storing food and drinks during your travels, the best option is to opt for a car refrigerator. You will have to choose from a multitude of options. Among the thermoelectric ones with heating and cooling function. The ones with compressor or freon, or why not, the passive ones with cooling pills suitable for short trips.

In this article we tried to offer you a recommendation and opinions on the best purchase you can make. I explained the principle of operation, the differences between those with and without power supply, but also the difference between a good small and a large refrigerated box .

We have presented you some models from the multitude of available manufacturers: Atlantic, ECG, Black & Decker, Crivit, Dometic, Ezetil, Giostyle. MobiCool, Malatec, Peltier, Teesa, Camry or Waeco. If you want them, see Kaufland, eMag, Flanco, Domo, Media Galaxy, Metro, Altex, Carrefour, Selgros. If you want a cheaper one see resealed or search for used on OLX or lajumate.

In Romania you can find them in practically any county: Timisoara, Bacau, Iasi, Oradea, Targu Mures, Brasov, Cluj or Bucharest. Now that you know all these things, you can safely opt for this year's top car refrigerator.

Choosing the best car refrigerator

When you are an enthusiastic traveler and hope to take a walk with friends and family on the weekend, car refrigerated boxes are some of the most valuable items to see in the car. And, although you can depend on regular car refrigerators, you can recommend buying a decent cooler. If you have more bottles of water and carbonated drinks that you are happy to bring.

A light one is a perfect refrigerator for cars, and the right option to have in the car is more ventilation. This makes it an excellent purchase for travelers who spend a significant amount of time in the car and need all the accommodation to load it.

We also mentioned some of the best car refrigerated boxes commercially available in this post, along with their quick descriptions. You will conveniently select the right car refrigerator. Which is available to provide you with extremely cold drinks, browsing over them. And, supporting you for several months will also give you a huge return on investment.

We can also cover the buyer's reference to finding the most decent car refrigerator for them, to find out about the top decision options on the internet. This should help you choose the best quality items and avoid the ones that are not a desired purchase for you.

Whether you have conducted a consumption study so that you can admit to everyone that it is a difficult challenge to select the right car refrigerator. From the collection of different options of items on the market. Alternatively, if you are not aware of the goods and labels, finding the right car refrigerator for you gets much worse.

Things to consider before buying

When you buy the best car refrigerator, perhaps the most significant element you can remember is the ladder. Make sure the right refrigerator model is specially chosen so that it fits your car best without sacrificing space. It is possible to find a suitable partner for the family during sunny summer trips. By selecting the right volume of the car refrigerator and you can comfortably cope with rising temperatures without major problems.

The best brand identity would be another crucial aspect that will make you buy the most powerful car refrigerator for you. People can be confident that they will have improved ventilation, improved functionality and higher performance. Depending on a strong and famous brand for your car refrigerator that you certainly can't get, depending on the lesser known labels.

But we recommend that you do some homework. Rather than buying a car refrigerator that fits in your pocket. Another major point to mention before considering a new car refrigerator is to take a look at the set of benefits offered to customers by the car refrigerator.

Even if providing drivers with frozen drinks is the main use of the car refrigerator. Standard car refrigerators offer customers more valuable functions. Well, if you were looking for a refrigerator that offers more functionality than other comparable models to get the best bang for the dollar spending on a decent product.

How to refuel the car refrigerator

If you bought a car refrigerator powered by a generator, you need to pump it with batteries. But if you did a lot of research on the car refrigerator until you got the right intention to buy. You may know that there are several types of refrigerators on the market that you can use inside the vehicle. If you have a solar powered car refrigerator, the dual battery solution may be good. If you have a 12-volt power consumption of a car refrigerator, then you will need an outlet to power it.

Or if you have a 12v socket near the refrigerator where you will put it in the car, you are good to go. Note that your car's refrigerator only lights up when you press your car's button and when you turn off the car's power, the refrigerator will still turn off.

Before making the final purchase decision, boys often wonder if the car refrigerator increases fuel consumption, and if you bring this, it may be likely for such a long time that you buy the right car refrigerator. If so, then you might know how many types of car refrigerators are on the market right now, and if you choose the alternative of a battery-powered refrigerator, then you don't have to think about the gas mileage of your car. power from the car engine.

On the other hand, the latter choices for car refrigerators that use energy to run a vehicle's engine only work when you start your car. As long as this type of refrigerator requires power from the vehicle's engine, then it is a pretty good bet that the total gas consumption will increase considerably.

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