whirlpool acmt 6332/ix/3 review and usage advices


Model equipped with a hob with four large burners and six predefined heating levels.

Oven with titanium inner shell and hydrolytic cleaning function, with hot steam.

For baking you have 11 work programs, easy to use.

The hob is equipped with electric ignition and safety valve, for comfortable and safe use.


As is the case with most gas-fired hob models, the residual heat indicator is missing from the list of functions offered. Although less necessary than in the case of ceramic hobs, where the heating area maintains its temperature for longer, it is a useful detail for houses with small children.



Whirpool ACMT 6332 / IX is a mixed modelstove with electric oven and gas hob. It provides you with four burners designed to be able to comfortably place pots with a diameter between 10 and 26 cm, with a power of 1kW, 1.9kW and 3.3kW respectively. The heating zones are controlled by means of a mechanical panel which includes, for each of them, six predefined temperature levels.

So it is no longer necessary to ask yourself how many degrees you have to expose the rice for a delicate boil, the vegetable stews for deep cooking or the chicken or fish steak, for a crispy and delicious crust. Find the directions directly on the buttons.

whirlpool acmt 6332/ix/3 review and usage advices

Among the advantages offered by the 59-liter oven are the titanium coating, which covers and protects the interior, and the hydrolytic cleaning system, with hot steam, which helps you more easily remove grease stains and food debris.

The steam is released at 100oC for 20 minutes, enough action to soften the dry or burnt particles on the trays, grill and walls, which can then be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Like the hob, the oven is designed to offer an intuitive use, allowing the preparation of perfect recipes, without the need to be a professional chef. Includes 11 work programs, including defrosting, gratin, quick baking, grill, fluffy pizza and appetizing topping.

With its help you can prepare well-raised cakes, steaks in flavored sauce or bread, in a simple and effective way. You can also use the integrated timer, so you don’t have to constantly monitor the condition of the dishes inside.

In order not to worry about matches or gas refill of the igniter, this model of stove is provided with electric ignition, available for each burner and triggered from its control button.

In addition to the functions that ensure comfort and ease of use, the hob is also equipped with a safety valve, which stops the gas supply, if it detects accidental leaks or if the flame went out by mistake and the eye remained open.


It is a variant of a stove that offers you a useful combination of gas hob and electric oven. It balances a low consumption with enough power for a variety of preparations and the precise control of the oven, specific to the variants with power supply. It is part of the category of affordable options, with a resistant stainless steel exterior and numerous functions meant to transform cooking into an easy and pleasant process.


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