why bread machine is dry

The bread machine saves you a lot of time, because it performs all the steps automatically. When you use it, you do not make a mess in the kitchen and thus you do not have to wash many dishes, and the final product is much healthier than the one made in bakeries. On the other hand, the appliance is voluminous and takes up a lot of space, and the bread obtained will not have a crispy crust, because the baking is not done by steaming.

A bread machine is quite expensive, so you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using it before making a purchase. To help you make the best decision, we present some pros and cons.

Pro arguments


You need a lot of time to make homemade bread. First you measure the ingredients and mix them in a well-established order, then you start the kneading process, and at the end you leave it to rise and bake it. If you dream of waking up every morning with the smell of fresh bread, but you don't want to wake up with the night in your head and start kneading, opt for a bread machine.

why bread machine is dry

This can be provided with a timer that allows you to set the device to start automatically. Calculate the time so that when you wake up the preparation is ready. Therefore, with the help of such a device it is much more convenient to make bread, because all you have to do is put the ingredients inside and set the appliance correctly, and he takes care of the completion of the activity.

Some machines are equipped with vending machines for nuts, fruits, seeds or other additives that you want to put in the dough. In addition to the basic ingredients, you have special spaces for additional ones, and thanks to the timer, the latter are put in the dough at the right time, without you having to supervise the whole process of making bread.

You don't mess in the kitchen

Bread preparation is a demanding activity that can take a long time. After you have prepared the dough, it would be ideal to relax until the product is baked, but this is not the case. While the bread is in the oven, start cleaning in the kitchen, because you have a lot of dirty dishes left, and the flour powder is scattered everywhere.

Putting the bread machine into action makes the whole process easier. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the bowl inside, set the device and the timer, and then release it. The kitchen will remain clean and you will not have to dirty a lot of dishes, and during the preparation you can relax, spending time with your family.

The device can also help you when you have a busy daily schedule, as you can set the start time of the preparation and the time to add the auxiliary ingredients, and when you get home you will find the bread ready.

It is a much healthier food

The bread existing in the supermarket or at the bakeries also contains various flavor enhancers or additives that have the role of improving the appearance and increasing the shelf life of the finished product. When you make bread at home, it is healthier, because you can choose what ingredients you put in the composition.

why bread machine is dry

In addition to flour, yeast and water, you can also add olives, peppers, potatoes or other ingredients you like, so you can customize the finished product. Also, those who suffer from gluten intolerance can choose another type of flour, instead of wheat, to avoid worsening symptoms. In addition to all this, you can also adjust the amount of salt or sugar, so that the end result is to your taste.

You spend less

Any store or bakery adds to the price of the bread, so that it also earns something, for each piece sold. This is a disadvantage for the buyer, especially when buying a larger quantity per day. If you choose to prepare this basic food at home, using a bread machine, you will find a lower expense over time.

In addition to the initial investment in purchasing the appliance (which pays off over time), you only need to consider the cost of the ingredients you use. You can also adjust the amount you prepare, so that you always have fresh bread on the table and don't waste it. Instead, for the one you bought you can't take only half or a quarter of bread, but you have to take the whole piece, even if you don't need it.

Arguments against

It takes up space and is difficult to handle

A bread machine is bulky, that's why it's hard to find a place for it, especially in a small kitchen. They are designed to knead 500g-1000g of flour, plus other ingredients, so they can not have a more compact design. Due to the fact that almost all the components are metallic and the engine is powerful, in order to be able to knead, the weight of the device is high and can be difficult to handle, when you want to move it elsewhere.

why bread machine is dry

Sometimes you have to monitor the whole process

Some bread makers are not equipped with a stopwatch, but you have to set the parameters of each stage. This is a disadvantage, especially when you are away from home all the time. One of the best bread machines , for people who want to do several activities at the same time, is the one with timer.

It allows the programming of each stage, including the introduction of auxiliary ingredients in the composition, so you no longer have to follow the whole process. However, to avoid any danger, it would be good to be around when the device is working, even if it is fully automatic.

The bread will not have a crust

No matter how hard you try, you can't get a crispy crust of bread, because the baking is not done by steaming, but like in a pan. If you still want to get a result like the one from the bakery, you could use the machine for mixing, kneading and growing, and then model it and bake it in the electric oven. But that would mean using the bread machine only partially and consuming extra electricity.

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