Studios: United Power Media, Huayi Brothers, Yahuan Media, Beijing United Mighty Movie, Zhejiang Golden Glove Pictures, Dongchuan International Media
Producers: Zheng Xi, Wang Zhong Lei, Guan Ya Di
Director: Gao Qun Shu
Screenplay: Gao Qun Shu, Liu Qiang
Action director: Nicky Li
Cinematography: Du Jie
Art director: Xiao Hai Hang
Composer: An Dong
Soundtrack: Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Release: October 28, 2010
Cast: Duan Yi Hong, Ni Da Hong, Wu Jing, Zhang Li, Xia Yu, Charlie Yeung, Francis Ng, Yu Nan, Ma Su, He Tie Hong, Chi Qiang, Zhang Li Dong, Ma Guo Wei

“I’d call this a spoilers trailer, all these are meant to let you know the characteristics of this film, after viewing the trailer, you may decide if you’d want to step into the cinema. A movie should not rely on witholding the plot to attract the audience, what matters most is presenting a thrilling process, much like The Message, even if you know who the Phantom is, you’d still be interested to watch it.” says director Gao Qun Shu, on his suicidal promotion of Wind Blast…


On a path in Gobi Desert, “Leopard” Xiang Xi (Duan Yi Hong), “Tibetan Mastiff” He Jian Zhong (Ni Da Hong), “Yak” Han Chao Dong (Zhang Li) and “Goatherd” Yang Xiao Ming (Wu Jing) are hot in pursuit of a murder suspect Zhang Ning (Xia Yu) and his girlfriend Sun Jing (Charlie Yeung).

The team of four, known as the Fantastic Four Detectives, originally belonged to the same local police station, but on a mission several years ago, Yang Xiao Ming’s brother died on duty while Xiang Xi was promoted and posted to Hunan; this is the first time the four have ever come together again in years.

A year back, when Zhang Ning fell for lady boss Sun Jing, she spoke half in jest, “Use money to prove your love.” So, Zhang Ning really did it – participating in illegal ring fights, and was conned by a friend of all his earnings, turned into a killer, committed a crime – that’s how hopelessly and foolishly he was in love with her.

For the sake of this silly lad, Sun Jing used her connections to stow him away from South to North, from East to West, and eventually, to the desolate and forlorn Mobei…

To handle this case, Xiang Xi is summoned back to Mobei, returning to the pursuit team Fantastic Four Detectives that he founded – He Jian Zhong, Han Chao Dong, Yang Xiao Ming – to track Zhang Ning. The superintendent has utmost confidence in the Fantastic Four Detectives:

Nicknamed Tibetan Mastiff, He Jian Zhong is seasoned and shrewd, very familiar with every inch of this man-eating land and the rules of survivor, he knows how to resolve a case in the most efficacious means;

Han Chao Dong, better known as Yak, eats and sleeps a lot, his strength is beyond compare, and he is upright and honest;

Yang Xiao Ming is very athletic, and is a very skilful driver, he is otherwise known as Goatherd;

As the captain of this team, Xiang Xi, the Leopard, is astute, intelligent and idealistic, and their spiritual leader. His return signifies, to the other three, the gravity of this mission.

As it turns out, when Zhang Ning accepted his assassination assignment, he secretly took a snapshot of the mastermind, and subsequently, the latter hired bounty killers Mai Gao (Francis Ng) and Ah Nuo (Yu Nan) to this desolate zone, to capture Zhang Ning and destroy the evidence.

Mai Gao is a professional bounty hunter who roams overseas, he is highly experienced, cold-blooded and cruel, this trip back to Mainland will be his last mission, as he intends to retire afterwards. Ah Nuo is a newcomer, but she is tough, mean, merciless and brutal, and unlike Mai Gao who doesn’t kill indiscriminately or the innocents, she is bloodthirsty and shows little regards or respect for life.

Given their experiences and expertise, the Fantastic Four Detectives manage locate Zhang Ning and Sun Jing’s whereabouts in no time. Zhang Ning, after being arrested by the four cops, tries to negotiate with them: he would hand over the photo on the condition that his conceived girlfriend Sun Jing be set free.

Meanwhile, the two professional assassins Mai Gao and Ah Nuo, arrive on the scene, fully prepared and heavily armed.

In the clash between the two forces that ensue, Zhang Ning and the photograph become the goal of their struggle.

In the makeshift tent at an abandoned mine, Zhang Ning is successfully captured and taken away by Mai Gao and Ah Nuo in their sneak attack.

Despite being given all kinds of harsh tortures, Zhang Ning would not yield. He indicates that he would only cooperate with Mai Gao if he rescues Sun Jing from the hands of the police. Moved by his love, Mai Gao relents.

At a brigand’s hideout, empty town, abandoned police outpost, the Fantastic Four Detectives and the two professional hired guns are locked in a life-and-death battle. Owing to differing viewpoints, conflicts arise between Mai Gao and Ah Nuo. And owing to that case years ago, there exist resentment, tension, unease and schism between the four cops, but at the critical juncture, they stand together without hesitation.

After a gruelling battle, He Jian Zhong is severely wounded, while Han Chao Dong and Sun Jing kick the bucket.

In the decrepit building, Xiang Xi, who has no more extra rounds to lose, proposes having a duel with Mai Gao. Mai Gao, who has also nearly expended all his ammunitions, concurs. At the other corner, Yang Xiao Ming and Ah Nuo are confronting each other. Two loud bangs of the gunshots, Mai Gao and Ah Nuo’s eyes remain shut eternally.

On the road, a retinue of police cars are flying by. Zhang Ning, who has lost Sun Jing, sits in the prisoner van, filled with anguish and confusion, eventually, he decides to hand over the photograph of the mastermind to Xiang Xi.

In an ambulance, Yang Xiao Ming and He Jian Zhong wink and smile at each other.

The vehicles gradually vanish from this Gobi Desert…

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