Being an action film, you would find it easier compared to the other cast members in Wind Blast? Did you have anything to share on the set, in doing action, or any input on the choreography?
Wu Jing:
 Only making some suggestions, I’ve done more action films than the others, and I don’t wish to see any one hurt. So, I would relate my experiences to them, like how to protect themselves when shooting action, for some of the stuntmen aren’t as experienced as me.

Filming in such a harsh condition in the desert, when going all out for your own ideals, and career, should you get injured, you are not only letting yourself down, but would also be impeding everyone, and the production. So, being more experienced, I would talk a little more, do a little more, it won’t wear me out, that’s how I felt.

Just now, Duan Yi Hong said that you were a psychological counsellor, were you responsible for calming everyone, boosting their morale?
Wu Jing:
 Actually, Duan Yi Hong and I were staging a crosstalk, it won’t work with me alone, there had to be praises and criticisms. In such harsh conditions, happy or not, it’s still a day, so by taking the initiative to welcome the challenge, the effects would be better. As an actor, you have the responsibility to motivate everyone, get them in the mood, you may say that it’s a form of counselling, for I understand actions very well.

As Duan Yi Hong was lacking experience in handling action, sometimes, knowing that he was rather nervous at times, sometimes I would push him, or when he gained pride in it, I would pull him up further. It’s keeping a relaxing atmosphere, so that everyone could be cheerful and safe, and the results would be better.

Anything that drew you to your character Goatherd?Wu Jing: Character development, he was a young lad, who is easily agitated, is impetuous and frank, if he couldn’t accept something, he would voice it out. In our real lives, there is bound to be something you couldn’t accept, when your goals, ideals couldn’t be attained, or when what you’ve earned does not equate to the amount of effort you put in, you would feel grievance or couldn’t accept it.

This is the reason behind his impetuous temperament, it’s after encountering setbacks and failures that he becomes more mature, and starts taking up responsibilities as a policeman, it’s a process of growing up.

Which scene left you with the deepest impression?
Wu Jing:
 Feigning death, there was this scene in which I got up the rooftop and onto the city wall, one hand was holding the gun, ready to pull the trigger, the other a grenade, but I fell down, and pretended to be dead. I tried it twice, I didn’t feel it was safe, for it was very high, while I was wearing very thick clothing, it was very cold, and the remote control in my hand mustn’t be seen.


Had to land on the ground, fell down, after doing it two times, the brothers on top were very cold. I talked to Nicky Li, let’s do it, really couldn’t manage it well, and nearly fell to death, couldn’t even move my finger to open fire, it was really unforgettable. You’re not only accountable to yourself, but the whole production.

Was this shot on the second day?
Wu Jing:
 No, the first day.

Did filming go on smoothly?
Wu Jing:
 I landed outside the mattress, but was fine.

Any injuries?
Wu Jing:
 More or less some, the bumps and knocks.

Are the car stunts flashy?
Wu Jing:
 Just toying around, not much impression. Would want to play around some more if I’ve got more chances.

You did everything personally?
Wu Jing:
 The part with the truck crashing right into the jeep wasn’t I. Part of it was an editing measure. But the one with the jeep overturning was I.

You had quite a bit of drama scenes?
Wu Jing:
 There are drama scenes in every show.

There are more drama scenes here?
Wu Jing:
 More or less the same.

Ever thought of focusing on the drama roles?
Wu Jing:
 I’ve always been working on it, working diligently. Sometimes, when I was with Ni Da Hong, I would seek his advice. And even when doing other works, I would also call him to consult him. I believe one should never stop learning, he has much more experiences in life than me, learn from him, adopt and become part of me. There is this saying, what others know, you must know, what others don’t know, you have to know as well, this is the strongest.

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